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Premium golden circle

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Iceland Intro‘s professional guides have extensive experience of the region. They will share not only the must see sites but local knowledge, great stories and personal recommendations.

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Premium golden circle

  1. 1. Thingvellir: This pivotal landmark connects all the major events in the founding of the Icelandic commonwealth. It’s also considered the best place on earth to view the North Atlantic divergent ridge
  2. 2. Efstidalur farm owned by the same family since 1850 focuses on cattle farming, tourism and horse breeding. Enjoy their tasty farm-to-table food products, the spectacular mountain view and the friendly farm animals.
  3. 3. Geysir: The namesake of the English “geyser”, is actually dormant these days. But its little brother Strokkur remains active and erupts every 3- 4min with spouts as high as 20 meters. Gullfoss: It’s easy to see why was deemed the most beautiful of Iceland’s 3this 0.000 waterfalls.
  4. 4. Kerið: Kerið is a striking crater- lake filled with milky blue- green water amid stark black and deep red slopes. Geologists now believe it to be a collapsed magma chamber at the end of a volcanic eruption that occurred more than 6,000 years ago