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BuzzSumo Overview

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Learn more about the world's most loved content marketing tool with this overview of features.

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BuzzSumo Overview

  1. 1. BuzzSumo identifies and tracks the most engaging content on the internet. BuzzSumo Overview
  2. 2. Helps you create better content through research, amplification and monitoring Why BuzzSumo? 1. Research: see the most shared content for a topic or domain, today’s trending content, competitor content, formats gaining most traction, most asked questions on a topic, etc. 2. Amplification: see the top influencers and authors for any topic, who is sharing and linking to content, who is sharing your content and/or your competitors’ content. 3. Monitoring: get real time alerts and daily digests when new content on a topic is published, when your brand is mentioned, when competitors publish new content, or when someone links to your site or competitor sites.
  3. 3. Content Research • Most Shared Content • Trending Content • Content Analysis • Facebook Analyzer • Question Analyzer The Product Influencer Analysis • Bios • ut • ed ntent Monitoring • Brand etit Alerts • Link Alerts • Keyword Alerts Projects • Influence ut e c i t • ed ntent
  4. 4. • Search by topic or by domain. • Sort by shares on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Pinterest. • Filter the results by published date, content type, word count, and much more. • See who is sharing content and linking to it. • Find popular formats and headlines. • Analyze competitor content. Content Research Most Shared
  5. 5. • View content that is currently resonating online. • Create trending feeds for any topic or domain. • See stories published less than an hour ago that are starting to trend. • Share dashboard with anyone, no login required. • Integrate with other platforms using RSS feeds. Content Research Today’s Trending Content
  6. 6. • Discover the most engaging posts on any topic on FB public pages. • Filter by time or content type. • Analyze Facebook pages, see the posts that gain most engagement. • Analyze results to see the most popular type, time to post, etc. • View the most successful Facebook live videos. Content Research Facebook Analyzer
  7. 7. • Discover questions being asked across thousands of forums related to a topic or a brand. • Use it for long-tail keyword research. • Build your authority as an expert on a topic. Find and answer questions. • Useful for content research and content ideas. Content Research Question Analyzer
  8. 8. • Gain instant and actionable insights about content for a topic or domain. • See publication frequency, share averages, and most popular formats. • Measure the performance of long form content, best day to publish, and the top networks to drive shares. • Export to PDF for easy & efficient client reporting. Content Research Content Analysis
  9. 9. • Quickly compare the content performance of two blogs or domains. • View charts that illuminate shares by network, content type, & more. • Export to PDF for easy & efficient client reporting. Content Research Content Analysis - Domain and Competitor Comparison
  10. 10. • Find influential Twitter influencers who help amplify content on any topic. • View the latest links they share, analyze the topics they engage with. • Search for influencers who have linked their Instagram account. Influencers Bio Search
  11. 11. • See people who have shared content on a topic • ri r r r p i r . Influencers Content Shared Searches
  12. 12. Monitoring Alerts Create alerts for brands, topics, keywords, domains and backlinks. Get notified as soon as new content published across the web matches your alerts. Get alerts in real time or as a daily email.
  13. 13. Monitoring Alerts Brand and Competitor Alerts
  14. 14. Monitoring Alerts Keyword Alerts
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  17. 17. • Exclusive feature only for our Enterprise subscribers. • See the most shared content for a topic or domain published within the past 5 years. • Analyze the content landscape & understand how it has changed over time. Five Year Filter
  18. 18. Chrome Extension • Get content intelligence right in your browser. • 20,000 Active Weekly Users.
  19. 19. Trusted Source of Data and Analysis
  20. 20. Sample Client List Marketing Agencies iProspect, Ogilvy, DigitasLBi, iCrossing Brands Microsoft, Expedia, LinkedIn, IBM Publishers Trinity Mirror, BuzzFeed, News International, Daily Telegraph
  21. 21. What Our Users Say
  22. 22. Plan Key Features Pricing Pro e Comprehensive research for small teams. Key Features • Projects, Content Analysis & Trends • 1 year historical data • Monitoring Alerts • Influencer Bio Search • 24 hour Trending Filters Monthly - $99/month Annual - $948/year Plus e Extended coverage for driving more insights into user engagement. Key Features • Everything in Pro including: • Question Analyzer (e.g. Quora, Reddit, Amazon, etc.) • Top Author Reports Monthly - $179/month Annual - $1668/year Large e Powerful analysis for teams and brands needing broader coverage. Key Features: • Everything in Pro and Plus, including: • Facebook Analyzer • 2 years historical data • Advanced Influencer Search by Content • Advanced Trending Filters (up to 1 hour) Monthly - $299/month Annual - $2868/year Enterprise e nd u Customizable plans for large teams looking for maximum coverage. Key Features • Everything in Pro, Plus, and Large, including: • 5 years of historical data • Dedicated Customer Success Management • Custom Alerts, Feeds, Users, Projects Annual - $5988/year and up
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