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Influencer outreach for slideshare

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The Hows and Whys of Influencer Marketing

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Influencer outreach for slideshare

  1. 1. Influencer Outreach Subscriber Series
  2. 2. Create Better Content At BuzzSumo we help content marketers improve their content through research, amplification and monitoring.
  3. 3. RAM Our Research, Amplify & Monitor Process
  4. 4. Influencer & Outreach Marketing
  5. 5. Susan Moeller Business Development Manager @susancmoeller @buzzsumo
  6. 6. What is Influencer Outreach? Grown up version of asking your friends to do something because all of the cool kids are doing it!
  7. 7. Influencer marketing is working with influencers to help spread the word about • Your brand • Your product • Your content • Your service
  8. 8. Many types, many goals • Asking bloggers to write about your product • Teaming up on content pieces to share with different audience • Celebrity endorsements for products • Customer testimonials
  9. 9. High Klout Influencers test drive for Cadillac
  10. 10. writes about Aldi grocery chain
  11. 11. #SoftSide of Life Downy leverages beautiful laundry on Instagram
  12. 12. Customer testimonials
  13. 13. Why do it? • Demonstrate thought leadership • Increase sales • Grow your brand • Increase market share
  14. 14. Why do it? • From Social Times, May 2015 – Results of recent influencer marketing studies show: – Marketing-induced consumer-to-consumer word of mouth generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising. (McKinsey) – Customers who were acquired through word-of-mouth have a 37 percent higher retention rate. (McKinsey) – Marketers felt the biggest issue is scale with 59 percent intending to increase their influencer marketing budgets. (Tidal Labs) • From RhythmOne 1H Influencer Marketing Benchmark Report: – On average, marketers who implemented an Influencer Marketing program in 1H 2015 received $9.60 in earned media value (EMV) for every $1.00 of paid media spend. This represents an increase of 1.4x over our CY 2014 average EMV of $6.85.
  15. 15. Influencer outreach is important for marketing: “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is–it is what consumers tell each other it is.” – Scott Cook, the founder and CEO of Intuit
  16. 16. • “Creating Great content is not the finish line. It’s the starting line…content marketing must also include community, distribution, and promotion.” – Mark Schaefer, The Content Code Influencer Amplification is essential in Content Marketing
  17. 17. Our research on 100m articles showed: • Getting even 1 influencer to share your content has a multiplier effect on overall shares • Getting 5 influencers to share your content quadruples your overall shares
  18. 18. 1 influencer* share=31.8% more shares overall 3 influencer shares=double overall shares 5 influencer shares=quadruple overall shares *Influencer=Average retweets over 2 (more on that later)
  19. 19. Typical Outreach Process • Find good quality, relevant content that has been shared heavily • Find the creators of the content and the sites that they’ve posted on • Find who shares specific content • Research authors and sharers to find out how authoritative they are • Find influencers in your topic area • Filter by relevant factors (e.g., site authority, number of followers, engagement rate) • Add key people to an outreach list • Reach out and build relationships with them. Follow them, share their content • Work with them to create quality content assets including interviews • Utilise their distribution routes and contacts to build links and social signals to the assets
  20. 20. How BuzzSumo Can Help • Find content that is heavily shared • Identify the authors and their other most shared content • Find the people that share and amplify popular content • Find authoritative and well shared sites in the niche for your content • Find influencers in your topic area and filter by location, reach, authority and engagement • See the content they share • Follow and engage with influencers
  21. 21. How do you define influencer? • Several metrics that boil down to: • Audience size: How many people are listening to them? • Audience responsiveness: Do people act on their recommendations? Are they a good fit for your content or product? • Subject area • Interest in content besides their own
  22. 22. Find Influencers whose Audiences Overlap with Yours
  23. 23. Find authors of heavily shared content in your topic area:
  24. 24. Look for publishers of heavily shared content in your topic area:
  25. 25. Find Influencers By Topic
  26. 26. Find Influencers by company
  27. 27. Find people who shared content that overlaps with your content
  28. 28. Find people who shared content from Industry leading domains
  29. 29. Find influencers who shared competitor content Competitor A OR Competitor B
  30. 30. Find influencers in a specific location
  31. 31. Find Influencers by Type
  32. 32. Ways To find Influencers whose content overlaps with yours: Find authors of content that is heavily shared Find Influencers by topic area Find Influencers by company Find Influencers who shared content that overlaps with your content Find Influencers who shared content from industry-leading domains Find Influencers who shared competitor content Find Influencers by location Find Influencers by type
  33. 33. • Are they interested in content other than theirs?
  34. 34. Find Responsive Influencers Do they: Respon d to tweets? Retweet content from other sources?
  35. 35. Find Influencers who share other people’s content
  36. 36. Find Authoritative Influencers • Are these influencers respected in their field? • Does an audience act on the information the influencer presents
  37. 37. Find Influencers by page or domain authority
  38. 38. Find Influencers by Audience Size
  39. 39. Identify influencers whose audience responds to them
  40. 40. Remember: Bigger isn’t always better. “True influence drives action, not just awareness.” -Jay Baer
  41. 41. Why average retweets is important Your goal is for the influencers’ audience to react. Not just nod and smile.
  42. 42. Use BuzzSumo With BuzzStream Create a prospecting list with BuzzStream
  43. 43. Use BuzzSumo With BuzzStream Click ‘start prospecting’
  44. 44. Use BuzzSumo With BuzzStream
  45. 45. Use BuzzSumo With BuzzStream
  46. 46. You have a list of Influencers. Now what?
  47. 47. Export your lists
  48. 48. Spreadsheet tips: • Eliminate anyone with less than 2 average retweets • Combine lists with influencers for the same topic (ie List of sharers for individual articles) • Eliminate duplicates • Eliminate anyone with reply and retweet ratios less than 20% • Eliminate non-English accounts • Eliminate any strays that just seem odd for your topic
  49. 49. Build strong partnerships • Ideally, you will begin to build relationships with influencers before you ask for their help. • Social is social: Give a lot to others, don’t just ask others to give to you.
  50. 50. How to Reach Influencers • Tweet and share their content • Mention them when you share their content • Comment on their blogs • Seek introduction through a connection • Ask to interview them for your website • Ask them to write a guest post for your site • Collaborate on content As Matthew Barby says the first thing that you need to establish when approaching an influencer is consider their incentive.
  51. 51. What you can offer • A link to the influencer’s personal site within each post, valuable if you have a high authority or highly ranked site • A recommendation for their services on your website • Free or discounted use of your services • Offer to share other content from the influencer to your mailing lists and social following • Money – Payment by shares achieved say
  52. 52. Don’t forget the basics!
  53. 53. Follow
  54. 54. Add them to a Twitter List
  55. 55. Build Twitter Ad Lists • Twitter now allows marketers to promote ads to audiences based on either email addresses from their own CRM system or lists of twitter IDs • Target people that share your content • Target influencers in a topic area • Export list from BuzzSumo and filter/refine
  56. 56. Get To Know Them • What do they share
  57. 57. Get To Know Them • What do they share
  58. 58. Set up an alert for them • Use an author alert Be the first to share their content.
  59. 59. Find link opportunities • See who is linking to competitor content
  60. 60. What about Money? • Should influencers be paid?
  61. 61. What are the legal or ethical issues for influencer marketing?
  62. 62. Know the legal issues • The FTC governs marketing in the US: – If you write about how much you like something you bought on your own and you’re not being rewarded, you don’t have to worry. However, if you’re doing it as part of a sponsored campaign or you’re being compensated – for example, getting a discount on a future purchase or being entered into a sweepstakes for a significant prize – then a disclosure is appropriate. *We are not lawyers. Consult a legal professional.
  63. 63. Know the ethical issues: provides great insights: From the world of Journalism seek truth act independently minimize harm be accountable
  64. 64. Content Marketing Code of Ethics “Content marketing should seek to adhere to stricter standards of reporting than traditional journalism, due to it’s different legal position and increased commercial motivations. Content marketers should take care to disclose the sponsorship and intent of their work.” s/
  65. 65. Avoid: • Deception – Hiring people to write fake reviews – Contracting people for fake likes, comments, retweets – Not disclosing affiliate links
  66. 66. Recommended Resources Legal issues: FTC endorsement guides: endorsement-guides-what-people-are-asking#social FTC advertising guides: com-disclosures-information-about-online-advertising.pdf Content Marketing Code of ethics from Contently:
  67. 67. Thank You Questions? @susancmoeller