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RAMp up your LiveStreams: Data to improve live video content

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RAMp up your LiveStreams: Data to improve live video content

  2. 2. Who I am: Susan Moeller Business Development Manager at BuzzSumo Helping marketers access and use data @susancmoeller
  3. 3. Create Better Content We help content marketers improve their content through research, amplification and monitoring.
  4. 4. Research. Amplify. Monitor
  5. 5. WHO I AM: CHAD ABBOTT.  digital marketer with experience running a successful social agency  background in live video technology  CEO at Abbson Live, a livestream video partner/vendor  @chadabbott 
  6. 6. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN TODAY.  what type of benefits and return you can expect on your livestream investment  how to get started livestreaming quickly  how to select a platform  how to maximize audience engagement  how to capture people who watch your livestream and turn them into leads  how to use BuzzSumo’s data tools to create powerful livestream content
  7. 7. WHO WE ARE: ABBSON LIVE.  livestreaming partner/vendor  live video production from people who love content marketing  broadcast-quality HD streaming video, complete with professional switching and beautiful in-stream graphics and CTAs  a plan to distribute the video content in a way that offers maximum impact for the brand, all based on our years of digital marketing experience
  8. 8. WHAT IS LIVESTREAMING, ANYWAY?  a livestream is just like a live TV show, except it’s broadcast over the internet instead of through your cable TV provider  livestreams can be on virtually any topic, take place on virtually any platform, and have varying KPIs  some livestreams are 30 seconds long and some are 30 days long  even this webinar is a form of livestreaming
  9. 9. IN FACT.  webinars are killing it these days. have you noticed how many you get invited to?  there’s a reason for that--webinars are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to prove the concept of live video marketing  expand the scope to include viral live video platforms like Periscope, formal broadcasting platforms like, and on-demand content like HBO Go, and you’ll quickly realize the universality of livestreaming today
  10. 10. PROOF OF CONCEPT.  did you watch Apple’s latest product launch? chances are at least one person in your office was talking about it live  GE did live drone tours of its facilities around the country exclusively on Periscope this year and got massive social engagement  thousands of people pay MLB $20/month to get access to baseball games above and beyond what they can watch on cable  As Rand Paul pointed out, even politicians need to make use of “dumbass” livestreaming to stay relevant today
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  13. 13. WHY YOU SHOULD LIVESTREAM.  so everyone’s doing it--why should you?  are you interested in…  more fans online?  more engagement with your audience?  more sales?  if so, livestreaming is the fastest way to get there  here’s why:
  14. 14. 1. LEAD GENERATION & NEW FANS  if you’re interested in generating leads, live video is extremely powerful  you can:  capture emails during registration  gate the player with a social interaction (like, follow, subscribe)  require social components (share the link to get bonus resources)  tag viewers with remarketing pixels  convert existing leads using high quality content and in- video CTAs
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  16. 16. 2. CONTENT MARKETING  to develop brand authority and generate traffic based on content, livestream it  by starting with a high-quality livestream, you can:  create blog posts promoting livestream  engage users during broadcast  share the full broadcast as exclusive gated video content afterward  write a series of blog posts using the video content summary  create long video clips to drive YouTube engagement  create shorter clips for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter video
  17. 17. 3. AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT & CONVERSIONS  nothing is more social than live content, and you can leverage that potential  encourage your viewers to share the love  use a social platform like Periscope  embed social streams on your broadcast landing pages  engage viewers during the broadcast by tweeting at them  take questions over social using a hashtag  use contests and giveaways that only live users are eligible for, but require a social action  you should also charge for premium livestream content, like conferences
  18. 18. SO LET’S DO IT.  so you want to try livestreaming. where do you start?  you’ll need three things:  a platform to broadcast on  equipment with which to broadcast  an audience  but before you start shopping, we need to define your goals  your goals will determine other decisions you make
  19. 19. CHOOSING A PLATFORM.  there are dozens of livestream platforms that exist  Ustream   YouTube Live/Google+ Hangouts On Air   Periscope  Meerkat  Facebook Mentions  Blab  DIY Platforms  Webinar Tools (GoToWebinar)
  20. 20. CHOOSING YOUR GEAR.  depending on the platform you choose, you’ll need some basics:  camera(s)  microphone(s)  broadcasting solution  if you choose a simple platform like Periscope, all of these equipment requirements are satisfied by your iPhone!  if you choose a more complex platform with advanced features, you may need to work with a vendor to make sure everything is on point
  22. 22. GETTING PEOPLE TO WATCH.  so you have a broadcast set up, you have your broadcasting equipment, now what?  if you have an existing social audience, you’ll have an easy time getting them to tune in—just give them plenty of notice, 3 compelling reasons to watch, and make sure to let them know the content is exclusive  if you don’t have a big audience, call on partners to help--reach out to influencers in the relevant space, invite more people to join the livestream, utilize targeted Facebook advertising, and offer to partner with larger organizations (i.e. broadcast your stream on someone
  23. 23. MAXIMIZE YOUR TIME.  one of the biggest ways you can see the value in livestreaming is considering ways you are already investing your time and energy which could be have an expanded impact with a live video component  product launches  twitter chats  youtube videos  interviews for white papers or blog posts  conferences and events  even daily tasks that are the “bread and butter” of your brand
  24. 24. INTEGRATE WITH YOUR CONTENT STRATEGY.  consider livestreaming to be one of the most powerful tools in your content marketing strategy, but not a strategy unto itself  you still need a powerful vision for branding yourself online, and then you can consider how to realize it with live video  live video will energize your strategy by providing more content per hour spent working on it than any other form of content marketing  why not give it a try?
  25. 25. Jump Right In?!?
  26. 26. “As with anything in marketing, you need to start with a plan…. a well-thought plan helps you stay focused on the right things, which ultimately will save you a ton of time and money. In simpler words: Without a plan, you’re going to fail. The question is: How can I develop a plan?” The Marketer’s Guide To Periscope,
  27. 27. Use data to plan your content: Base your livestream choices on your audience preferences: What resonates with them? What do they like to share? What headlines grab their attention? What trends can you leverage? What works on Facebook?
  28. 28. Use BuzzSumo to identify trending content:
  29. 29. Identify trending content in your field or topic area
  30. 30. Create content that addresses the trends you identify
  31. 31. Identify content that resonates with your audience—headlines, formats, topics
  32. 32. Identify successful live stream content, like webinars, by topic
  33. 33. Identify popular themes, like Zombies, and apply them to your content area.
  34. 34. Video content translates well to LiveStreams. Identify the most successful content at video sites like
  35. 35. Don’t ignore Facebook.
  36. 36. Identify successful Facebook posts by topic; find the most engaging videos.
  37. 37. Use data to amplify your content: Who shares video content on your topic Who links to it? Who creates the best livestream content? Can you collaborate? How can you engage with influencers? What do you have to offer that they might want?
  38. 38. Find the people who shared a specific piece of content
  39. 39. Find the top authors for a subject area: Interview them or collaborate on events; stream them.
  40. 40. Find influencers with an interest in your topic.
  41. 41. Use data to monitor your content: Who shared your content? Who linked to it? What did you learn? How can you improve your next livestream project? What other content formats can you look to?
  42. 42. Use BuzzSumo’s free Chrome Extension to monitor shares and links.
  43. 43. TAKING IT ABOVE AND BEYOND.  the good news is also the bad news: because livestreaming is powerful, cheap, and easy to start, everyone can do it, and most people are  how do you stand out?  you need to differentiate yourself just like you do on YouTube and Instagram: by having amazing content  this means both the content of the content and the presentation of the content  it’s not enough to just do it, you have to do it well
  44. 44. PROFESSIONAL LIVESTREAMS.  as you consider your goals and how they will be met with livestreaming, you may need to consider a livestream partner/vendor  strike a balance between professional and organic: there’s a difference between authentic and crappy  when it comes to paid livestream content, livestream content optimized for conversions or lead generation, or brand recognition livestream content with high visibility, just don’t risk it.  you sometimes need a vendor to make sure all of the technical bases are covered, everything looks beautiful, and you are ready to handle “success”
  45. 45. PROFESSIONAL LIVESTREAM PRODUCTION.  broadcast-quality 1080 HD video streams  multiple HD cameras can capture every angle of the event  a dedicated on-site producer  a dedicated on-site switching engineer  graphics, branding, ads, and CTAs developed and inserted mid-stream
  46. 46. PROFESSIONAL LIVESTREAM DELIVERY.  custom player solutions, working with dozens of livestream service providers and custom software solutions  pay-per-view, social or email engagement gates, or custom landing pages to promote interaction  DVR capabilities so users can pause, rewind, or catch up, and players can auto-select video quality based on connection speed for users  full archived video of live broadcasts delivered after the event for content marketing
  47. 47. CHAD G. ABBOTT, CEO.   315.456.9390 (c)  @chadabbott  SPECIAL DISCOUNT: 20% off your first professionally produced livestream with Abbson Live by mentioning this presentation to your account rep.
  48. 48. Who I am: Susan Moeller Business Development Manager at BuzzSumo Helping marketers access and use data @susancmoeller