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Digital Marketing Lecture - MBA Program

This is part of a lecture that I have conducted with a couple different MBA programs in the LA area.

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Digital Marketing Lecture - MBA Program

  1. 1. Agenda: • Digital Integrated Marketing Plan • Channels, Funnel and Spend MUCKERLAB Ecommerce & Digital Marketing • SERP Strategies • Position, Video, Timing • Analytics • Real Estate, Search, Success • Tools and Resources • Free & Cheap
  2. 2. Integrated Digital Marketing Plan Channel Strategy Focus & Tactics Next Step Timing Paid Search & PLA Transactional marketing. Bottom of the sales funnel engagement. Setup Complete Launch Marketplaces Transactional marketing. Bottom of the sales funnel engagement. Marketplace approval and catalog testing Amazon, Ebay & Early Adopters Email Transactional and Awareness campaigns to facilitate current and future sales. 200K emails acquired Fast Follow SEO Strategy Transactional marketing. SEM results will lead us to the correct strategy. Collect data. Ongoing Video Ads Awareness campaigns. Top of the sales funnel engagement. SEO/SERP Trap door. Scripts, product and production time 2014 Social Listen and engage consumers looking for floor liners or unhappy with what they have. Cybersquatting 2014 Display Ads & Remarketing Awareness campaigns. Top of the sales funnel engagement. Product digital asset creation 2014 Comparison Shopping Transactional & Awareness marketing. Bottom of the sales funnel engagement. Catalog testing 2014 Product digital asset creation and publisher recruitment 2014 Affiliate Program Transactional and Awareness campaigns to facilitate current and future sales.
  3. 3. Awareness & Interest Interest & Purchase Intent SEO Display Ads Comparison Shopping Engines Video & Video Ads Email Marketplaces Affiliate Marketing Purchase Paid Search Awareness Social Sales Funnel Sales Channels
  4. 4. CAMPAIGN TIMING Digital Marketing Spend – Non PPP Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 45% 40% $687,500 55% $982,502 50% 30% $62,500 5% $162,501 $375,000 30% $395,001 $125,000 10% $135,000 PPC Paid Search and PLA $70,000 35% $100,000 50% Email $20,000 10% CSE $10,000 5% Display and Video Budget $225,000 10% 5% 20% $200,000 $500,000 $500,000 $1,250,000 $2,450,000 Marketplaces $50,000 $100,000 $100,000 $250,000 $500,000 Affiliate $10,000 $20,000 $10,000 $50,000 $90,000 PPP Strategic SEO Social Total Spend Primary Campaigns $50,000 $50,000 $100,000 $10,000 $20,000 $40,000 $30,000 $100,000 $320,000 $640,000 $700,000 $1,580,000 $3,240,000
  5. 5. Paid Search Example Truck or Car Mats Floorliners • High Search Volume • Less Qualified Traffic • Low Conversion • Good Search Volume • Some Qualified Traffic • Average Conversion Truck or Chevy Floorliners • Low Search Volume • Qualified Traffic • Good Conversion Chevy Silverado Floorliners • Little or No Search Volume • Very Qualified Traffic • Excellent Conversion Awareness Awareness & Interest Interest & Purchase Intent Purchase
  6. 6. SERP Paid and Organic Mix Paid: Text Ad PLA Organic: Page URL Images Video Thumb **Multiple Layouts
  7. 7. Paid Search - Relevancy • • • Higher CTR Higher Placement by Google Lower CPC
  8. 8. Paid Search – Keyword Insertion Keyword Wildcards om/adwords/answer/24 54041?hl=en&from=749 96&rd=1
  9. 9. SERP – Google+ Google+ Don’t forget it.
  10. 10. SERP PPC – Position 1-3 vs. 4-6 $10,000 Budget Test – Consumer Electronics 1-3 4-6 CTR 1.89% 0.53% CPC $1.33 $0.93 Visitors 7,519 10,753 Conv. Rate 2.21% 1.58% Purchases 166 170 AOV Revenue $287.23 $47,680 $263.00 $44,710 Test Targeting Position 4-6 = Cost / Revenue > Traffic / Awareness
  12. 12. SERP Video in the SERP Video Sitemaps + In-file Metadata Organic Results by Company: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Amazon Amazon Kraco Ebay Ebay Ebay
  13. 13. ADWORDS Video Ads (Awareness)? Video Ads – YouTube Text SERP - Google CTR = 3.13% CPC = $1.14 Conv. Rate = .04% to .5% CTR = 1.56% CPC = $0.85 Conv. Rate = 2.05% **Video Ad Tests vs. Mature Text Ads
  14. 14. MARKET SHARE Video & Search – 80/20 Rule Its Google
  15. 15. Analytics – 3 Musts 1. Real Estate Analysis – Evaluate the “hot spots” on the site and the subsequent click streams. Are they leading to conversion? If not, test with new content. 2. Search Analysis – Evaluate what people are searching for via the site’s search engine. – No results; Customers are asking you questions – are you answering? – Paid / Organic Search optimization – Search Results Sitemaps 3. Success Profiles – What is it that converting customers share – navigation paths, entry points, page views, etc.?
  16. 16. ANALYTICS Understanding Real Estate
  17. 17. BRYAN EISENBERG Tools – Free and Cheap
  18. 18. RESOURCES Publications - Ecommerce Retail eCommerce and Retail Buyer Personas Notes Internet Retailer Our #1 ecommerce target. Publisher of the Internet Retailer 500 list, Puts on IRCE, IRWD, and other conferences. Blog The Big Kahuna of online retail organizations and online branch of National Retail Federation. Sign up for their newsletters too. Puts on Summit and other conferences. Yes, we're a member. NRF Blog National Retail Federation blog. They're kind of a big multi-channel deal. Stores Flagship publication of the National Retail Federation, publisher of the Stores 100 list. They put on the NRF BIG show and others. is their online branch. Retail Touchpoints Multichannel retail publication Multichannel Merchant Umbrella site for several multichannel retail publications, including Direct (for email and direct marketers). Any of their sites are a T1. Digiday Where digital content and commerce meet. Hey, that sounds like us! Get Elastic Blog by ecommerce provider Elastic Path. Well read and well-subscribed Demandware Blog Blog by one of our favorite partners. We'll guest-post here sometimes. Monetate Blog Blog by another favorite partner, where we occasionally guest-post as well Practical eCommerce Good principles here, but targets mom-and-pop etailers, hence not read by our prospects
  19. 19. RESOURCES Publications - Ecommerce Marketing Marketer, Interactive Marketer, Agency Notes Chief Marketer Well read by both agency and client-side marketers Mediapost High circulation, high credibility. Also publishes OMMA (Online Marketing, Merchandising and Advertising) and puts on OMMA Awards eMarketer eMarketer is the online marketer's #1 source of stat, facts, and infographics. So getting covered here puts us in front of 57.93% of our target prospects. It's kind of like an analyst firm too. Website Magazine Well-read both online and in print. Which is funny when you think about it. Brandweek/Adweek The #1 publication for advertising Clickz Interactive marketing news MarketingSherpa
  20. 20. RESOURCES Publications - Ecommerce Video Online Video, Social, Technical and Specialty Functional Notes Google Alerts Social Mention – Moment Feed – Streaming Media Good to read on the semi-technical side of video, but not influential with buyers. More for video enthusiasts who geek out on codes. Sister publication to Streaming Media. More Marketing-centric but still not widely read by prospects. More appeal to the DIY video crowd. ReelSEO High traffic, but not well read by our prospects (more for DIY-style video marketers). Closely tied to our competitors, but covers us sometimes too. Mobile Commerce Daily Good mobile-focused pub that's covered us sometimes Mobile Marketer Similar to Mobile Commerce Daily Fierce Online Video Primarily covers video for advertising/media