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Tuesday Meeting Powerpoint 05 21 2019

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Tuesday Meeting Powerpoint 05 21 2019

  1. 1. LEO CLUB MEETING By: Cara and Wei Bin
  2. 2. Upcoming events
  3. 3. School Leaving Ceremony SeniorConsultant:CaraandMohammed Chairs:Alexi,Digi,Cherry,Christeena When:Thursday,May23,3:30PM-9:00PM Volunteers: Vincent,Sheree,Patrick,Christeena,Megan,Cherry,Jane,Kison, Mohammed,Denisse,Xzyanah,Ruby,Aleksandra Rehearsals:Wed,May22nd.Lunchto D Block 8 Volunteers:Aleksandra,Alexi,Digi,Cherry,Christeena,Cara,Sheree,Vincent, Mohammed
  4. 4. Grad Ceremony Rehearsal SeniorConsultant:CaraandMohammed Chairs:Digi,Cherry,Christeena& Alexi When:Wednesday,May22nd When:BlockC & D (leavingduringlunch,sobringyourown food) What:OrganizingandhelpingMs.Fujiki We needmorevolunteers( +3 chairs)
  5. 5. V.I.C.F. KeyVolunteers:Ian,JustinM., Umamah,Irene,Abbie,Jaiden,Alexei, Hannah Where:GranvilleIsland Date:May27th- June2nd. Tosignuponline:Go to andclickVolunteer.Scrolldownandunder “JoinTheTeam,” clicktheVolunteerRegistrationForm.
  6. 6. Maywood Carnival SeniorConsultants:AlexeiandAndy Chair:Aleksandra,Karmanpreet,JustinV. When:Friday,May24th,5pm - 9pm What:Interactwithkidsin MaywoodCommunityschoolnear Metrotown!
  7. 7. Volunteers:Umamah,Patrick,Tooba,Seok, Mae,Alexi,JustinM., Alexei,Digi,Andy,Jane,Mehar,Cara,Elisha,Mo, Sampson,Michelle, Leanna,Angela,Kison,Sheree,Meagan,Raine,Christeena,Cherry, Rabee,Madison,Gabreal(?),Xzyanah, VictorY.,Julian,Vincent, Silvia(32/35) Volunteers:
  8. 8. DouglasRoadSchoolCarnival Chair:Alexei When:Friday,May31st,3pm - 6pm What:InteractwithkidsatDouglasRoadElementary Volunteers(15-20):Andy,Sheree,Jane,Jessa,Digi,Patrick,Christeena,
  9. 9. Run for H2O SeniorConsultant:Mae Chairs:Elisha& Michelle When:Earlyinthemorning Saturday,June15, 2019 Therewill bean orientation What:Everyyear,therun raisesmoneyfor waterfor Guatemala. Volunteerattherun and supportHOPE!
  10. 10. Volunteers: Aleksandra,Alexi,Digi,Angela,Irene(?),Meagan?,Raine,Christeena, Sheree,Tia,Ruby,Denisse, Silvia(BETHEREBY 7:30) Runners:Sampson,Alexei,First,Wayne,Cara,Patrick Reminder:Whenyou registeras a volunteer,go on to the website: OrientationDates:Wednesday,May 29,7-8:30 pmandSunday,June3, 7-8: 30 pm at Lord'sLoveChurch645 47 AveE, Vancouver
  11. 11. MulticulturalCeLEObration SeniorConsultants:IreneandElisha SeniorChairs:Karmanpreet,Leanna,Alexei JuniorChairs:Sheree andLoraine When:Friday,June7th,2019 Time:3:30 - 8:30(Startsat 6:00 PM) - Atrium Thisevent isexactlyliketheThanksgivingDinnerbutwe do not providethefood,those whoareattendingwillbringtheirown. EXECSareexpectedto ATTEND+ BRINGTHEIROWN DISH
  12. 12. Ms.Amy’sRetirementParty Chairs: Umamah, Muhammed and Kison Date: Thursday, June 13th (After-school to 6pm) ● Performer 1 ● Performer 2 Foods: Jessa, Sheree, Alexi, Meagan and Christeena Volunteers: ALL EXECS
  13. 13. TeacherLuncheon Senior Consultants: Presidents of the Past Senior Chairs: Presidents of the Future Junior Chairs: Vice- Presidents of the Future When: Friday, June 21st, 2019 Time: 8:00 - sometime in the afternoon tba Committees Foods: Alexi, Jessa Gift Ideas: Mugs, bath bombs, chocolates, old yearbooks, candles, Decorations: Cherry, Digi, Andy
  14. 14. Sponsor/Teacher Comments:
  15. 15. Sign up sheets School Leaving Ceremony / rehearsal Douglas Road School Carnival /Run for H2O Maywood Carnival Multicultural CeLEObration Ms. Amy’s Retirement Party Teacher Luncheon