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byteLAKE's presentation from Startup Wrocław: meetup #10 - Artificial intelligence

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byteLAKE's presentation from Startup Wrocław: meetup #10 - Artificial intelligence.

AI / Machine Learning case studies where we helped our clients:

 analyze various types of data (text, image, video, time series IoT sensors data etc.) and answer questions like: why something happened? what will likely happen? what can I do to optimize energy, performance, …

 automate data analytics to find patterns, shapes, objects. Some of the cases we’ve been working on are about counting young trees in 4K images taken by drones to assess their survival rate, detecting and counting welds in production parts etc.

 automate various office tasks related to documents workflow, general processing and approvals processes. Think for instance about a software robot that could help you analyze all your e-mails and incoming documents, sort them and distribute to various workflows based on their contents, extract crucial information like dates, requests and eventually present summaries to you and your teams. Sounds interesting? It’s possible!

"Artificial intelligence is now a part of our everyday lives both professional and personal. Global researchers estimate that rapid advances in automation and artificial intelligence will have a significant impact on the way we work and our productivity. To capture value in this growing market, companies are experimenting with different strategies, technologies and opportunities.

During Startup Wrocław: meetup #10 Artificial Inteligence we will focus on current and future impacts of AI. How to prepare to capture value from the oncoming wave of innovation? How to take advantage of AI’s powerful potential? Is AI really disrupting our world?"

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byteLAKE's presentation from Startup Wrocław: meetup #10 - Artificial intelligence

  1. 1. byteLAKE We build Artificial Intelligence powered solutions Cognitive Process Automation (Startup WRO / Meetup AI) Startup Wrocław meetup#10 Artificial intelligence
  2. 2. Who are we? 2 CPU/ GPU/ VPU/ NPU MPI CUDA Open CL/ Open MP Tensor Flow Caffe Open CV Cloud & Data Centers Edge Intelligence Hadoop/ Spark/ … + many more Intel Sony Qualcomm Adidas Tieto HERE Siemens Samsung Vertu ImmobilienScout24 Nokia Benq BrightOne byteLAKE’s Research & Engineering
  3. 3. • complex and non-standard processes automation (i.e. documents processing and analysis, unstructured data analytics) • objects & shapes detection and analysis (i.e. intelligent cameras that monitor quality in production lines, detection of shapes, patterns and anomalies in pictures etc.) • data analytics with artificial intelligence (i.e. finding answers hidden in the data: why something happened? what can possibly happen? what are the trends?) • expert systems to support decisions making (i.e. time series data from industrial sensors, machines monitoring and predictive maintenance etc.) 3 Cognitive Process Automation We build AI enabled RPA Solutions enhancing people’s brainpower
  4. 4. 4 See the video at:
  5. 5. byteLAKE’s AI for ERP systems More at: 7ximproved team performance documents workflow
  6. 6. Monitor tree-planting projects with drones byteLAKE’s software helps monitor freshly planted trees and their survival rate.
  7. 7. Federated Learning Machine Learning Sensor Data Time Local training & inferencing Intelligent Device Aggregating local models (black box) Federated Learning Data Center
  8. 8. Performance: up 12+ times Energy: down 30%+ byteLAKE’s HPC Project Results We are experts in HPC byteLAKE’s software autotuning byteLAKE’s HPC job scheduler Expertise: NVIDIA & Intel tech
  9. 9. We build AI and HPC solutions. Hardware and software. Our team uses AI techniques to enhance people’s brainpower and deliver real value in businesses across various industries and functions. byteLAKE Explore byteLAKE’s AI Workshops AI for Products AI Enabled RPA Cognitive Process Automation Federated Learning Intelligent Devices Computer Vision HPC Helping companies transform for the era of Artificial Intelligence. We are a team of PhD scientists and researchers, programmers, designers and technology enthusiasts.
  10. 10. byteLAKE among top AI companies in Poland! "It contains information on practically all meaningful companies operating in Poland which offer services or products in the field of modern technologies. We believe this map will be necessary to help both domestic and international investors looking for interesting projects in Poland.", Aleksander Kutela, President of Digital Poland Foundation
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