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C7group 2012 Overview & Services

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This is the base overview slide deck for C7group. It includes the core tenants of our business and the services we provide.

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C7group 2012 Overview & Services

  1. 1. Who is C7group?C7group is a consulting and technology services firm that improves business culture and workflow using the social web, mobile and cloud-based technologies. We help organizations better engage, communicate and collaborate with customers p. 2 and employees. © 2012 C7Group | © 2012 C7Group |
  2. 2. We are helping organizationsrealize the potential of theirbusiness from a“customers and people first”perspective. p. 3 © 2012 C7Group |
  3. 3. The growth of the digitally connected business world has placed us in the early stages of a communication revolution not seen since the invent of the printing press.© 2012 C7Group |
  4. 4. Our goal: Help businessesensure a sustainable model forbusiness culture and workstyle p. 5for the social, digital age. © 2012 C7Group |
  5. 5. “C7” is the model for business that enables it to beadaptive, providebetter service andspeed innovation.The “C7” model is founded in a mathematical concept “C7.”
  6. 6. C7groupaddresses clientprojects with anagile, socialbusiness process. We are driven by consistent culture and process improvement for ourselves and our customers.
  7. 7. Engagement Process 1 © 2012 C7Group |
  8. 8. The need for education prior to strategicplanning or tool selection in small to midsizedcompanies is immense.C7group provides Discovery and Education thatranges from introductory tactics and tools to ROIcalculation and opportunity identification. © 2012 C7Group |
  9. 9. “C7’s Alignment Week is a combination of facilitatedlaboratory, workshop and expertise briefing rolled into one.” • Social Media Workshops • Social Business Discovery Day™ • Social Business Alignment Week™ • Ad-hoc Briefings • Assessments © 2012 C7Group |
  10. 10. Get answers to questions like these:• How can you improve customer satisfaction?• How can you provide staff with timely, relevant, and accurate customer and support information?• How can you reduce marketing and support costs?• How can employees engage responsibly?• What changes are necessary?• What kind of talent do we need?
  11. 11. C7group Discovery and Education services pave the way to better decisions regarding the use of social technology and practices.“We learned where to focus and what ROI we might expect from next steps.” Learn Identify Decide © 2012 C7Group |
  12. 12. C7group offers Human Resource and Compliance solutions in Social MediaRisk Management. The C7 Social Media Governance Model empowersemployees while keeping them accountable. Proper employee education, policy and procedure will: • Reduce legal exposure • Prevent brand damage • Lock-down intellectual property • Eliminate productivity loss from social media activity © 2012 C7Group |
  13. 13. C7 Social Media Governance ModelPolicy Procedures Employee• Legal • Crisis Scenario Education• Editorial Testing • Communication• Behavioral • Monitoring • Training • Measurement © 2012 C7Group |
  14. 14. We help you keep up with the moving target of legal and regulatory compliance challenges in finance, insurance, healthcare and employment law.Agencies that are regulating industry usage of social media online include: © 2012 C7Group |
  15. 15. We build Social Business Ecosystems™ thathelp you increase revenue, decrease cost andaccelerate innovation. C7 Social BusinessEcosystems provide business with thetechnology and practices for real-time,asynchronous learning and communication.
  16. 16. Brand Management Service Everywhere Communications Special Events Promotions Social CommerceC7group Social Internal Communication Performance External CommunicationBusiness (Social Business) Results (Social Media) Model Culture Employee Engagement Sales Enablement Knowledge Sharing Customer Service © 2012 C7group |
  17. 17. C7 Social Business Ecosystems:• Help find, share and retain expertise• Break down barriers• Help better understand employees, customers and partners• Improve innovation• Reduce travel
  18. 18. C7 Social Business Ecosystems can include: Strategy, Planning Social Intelligence & Roadmap Social Media Monitoring and Analysis Tools Employee and Social Applications Customer Mobile, Social & Web Communities
  19. 19. C7group will help plan, select the right tools and tactics, activate the solution and train your team. Projects can impact your company culture, change your work-styleand provide better customer communication. Examples of some real results include:
  20. 20. © 2012 C7Group |
  21. 21. C7group brings cost saving, revenue producingtechnology and practices to small and mid-size businesses- previously only available to the enterprise.
  22. 22. “It is not enough tolisten. Businessmust developprocess, culture andworkflow for actingon what it hears.It must do so in a p. 27real-time, publicforum.”Jeff MarminsCEO, C7group © 2012 C7Group |