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Chuinti13 acs-register

Register of territorial intelligence research actions in the service cloud
Zoltan WILHELM; Peter, ACS; Csilla, FILO; C. BERES; Peter UHERKOVITS

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Chuinti13 acs-register

  1. 1. INTI Conference Huelva 2013 21st-22nd November Social Innovation and new ways of governance for the socioecological transition Register of territorial intelligence research actions in the service cloud Zoltan WILHELM; Peter, ACS; Csilla, FILO; Csaba Zoltan, BERES; Peter UHERKOVITS 2013.11 Huelva (Spain)
  2. 2. SROP-4.2.2.C-11/1/KONV – 2012 – 0005 Well-being in infocommunication society International workshop Jól-lét az információs társadalomban TÁMOP-4.2.2.C-11/1/KONV-2012-0005
  3. 3. The most important components • INTIsc Core application with administrative forms – User database with group information • The INTIsc login – The VHO/IdP based on INTIsc user database – The discovery service with federated organizations – System integration interface and documentation • A sample application
  4. 4. External Identity Providers by ? Login INTISC.ORG Participant, reserarch and service register Service … INTISC Identity Provider Discovery Serve by SOCTIRA by UFC ePragma … TIPRON
  5. 5. How services will be in the cloud? 3 Steps: INTI – Service provider (Agreement) • Implementation of SAML authentication in the service • Register the service in the cloud
  6. 6. How to login? Simple: INTISC.ORG – Login…
  7. 7. No username and password input Simple button only Never write your password into foreign application You may login via any organization connected to federation SAML authentication is safe
  8. 8. Discovery service. Where are you from? After pressing the login button… mulilingual Federation members
  9. 9. The login windows Your organization’s idp INTIsc vho’s idp Never type your password into another window Password recovery support
  10. 10. How to join? • Registering institutions (INTI) • Invite key users (INTI) • Registration of invited users (Participants) • INTI – Service provider (Bilateral agreement)
  11. 11. Group administration form Function title Main menu user Context menu online sponsors IForm
  12. 12. Main workflow diagram Administrator login „Invite a person” form E-mail to invited person User login E-mail with password Confirmation form Login form at IdP INTIsc functions… Discovery form • Select INTIsc
  13. 13. User invitation form
  14. 14. Invitation letter Dear Test Elek [], Péter Uherkovich invites You to INTISC! This is an invitation letter, for registration and participation in INTISC (International Network of Territorial Intelligence Service Cloud). TISC is an electronic catalogue of institutions, organizations and people involved. Via INTISC you will be able to access further services in near future. The data you provide in the registration process (except authentication data) will be only available for participants. To register fill the form and setup your password by click on the link The link above is valid trough 10/12/2013. The invitor wrote the following personal message: join to us This e-mail was sent by the system, don't reply it. If you don't want to participate, you should just not to click on the link. Sincerely - The INTISC Operation Group -
  15. 15. Confirmation form
  16. 16. Password letter Dear Test Elek, You have successfully registered in the INTISC (International Network of Territorial Intelligence Service Cloud) Your login id is: Your password is: kEFRsDAC If you want to login INTISC just click here: You may change your password or e-mail address later. Sincerely -- INTISC Operation Group --
  17. 17. Password recovery support
  18. 18. Example application TIPRON Territorial Intelligence Project Navigator Based on the INTISC authentication • Multi-user, data/document compositor, editor V0.1 (One of tools supporting further collaboration in future projects.) Currently:
  19. 19. Further information INTISC: • • • Other connected resources (OPEN Standard of the authentication system): • • • •
  20. 20. Thank you! SROP-4.2.2.C-11/1/KONV – 2012 – 0005 Well-being in info-communication society SROP-4.2.2.C-11/1/KONV