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HR Gurus for Q1 2019: The A-Z of Human Resources Experts This Quarter [Infographic]

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We are back with our popular A-Z list of HR Gurus and have a very well-rounded, diverse and inclusive mix of people, expertise and skills to show you!

We showcased some great HR experts across 2018 in our quarterly A-Z lists and also engaged with a number of our readers that highlighted HR expert’s within their own networks who had not appeared on our radar yet. So we are thankful for the feedback and excited to share some new names with you all.

Our multifaceted HR experts include professors, a global inclusion director, diversity specialists, culture transformation advisors, masters of advanced statistics, HR trend hunters, inclusive environment builders and even a stand up comedian who has used stories from his long career in HR as a way to spread humour!

Although our Q1 2019 list of A-Z HR Gurus is heavily UK based, we still have experts from all across the globe; Israel, USA, Macedonia, Russia, Latvia, China, South America, Switzerland and India, all of which collectively bring a strong focus on Diversity and Inclusion.

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