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Event Ticket Booking and Scanning System-3

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Event Ticket Booking and Scanning System-3

  1. 1. { Event Ticket Booking and Scanning System Prepared by: Sheekha Girish(12IT032) Internal Guide: Mr. Sagar Patel External Guide: Mr. Rohan Amin DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Chandubhai S. Patel Institute of Technology At: Changa, Dist. Anand – 388421 December-May, 2016
  2. 2.  This application will be part of the company’s product Evetic is the product where any user can see event listing and go for event details page and book event tickets for their interested event. Introduction:
  3. 3.  Application must be available on android play store.  Application must work for v4.1 OS and greater.  On start of application any user can see events.  Event can be filtered with city and date .  Events can viewed with description available with booking.  Any user can book event ticket.  They will get confirmation of event ticket booking on application only. Objectives:
  4. 4. Pros:  Event display with filter on date, venue, name.  Event ticket scanning from barcode or QR code and validating as valid, reentry and invalid.  Event ticket validation with ticket number.  Booked ticket history and download e-tickets. Cons :  This application will not book event ticket inside application but it will help to search event and help user to book ticket from the web UI.  This application will not store any data of users, all data must store on evetic server only except user session data.  This application will not work on android less than 4.1 and earlier OS. Scope:
  5. 5. Use Case For Evetic
  6. 6. Existing Application:
  7. 7. Evetic Web Application:
  8. 8.  Event listing on home screen.  Event details view and event ticket booking for minimum one person.  Event day event ticket scanning person can login to application and scan ticket to validate it. Functional Requirements:
  9. 9.  Performance  Capacity and Scalability  Maintainability Non Functional Requirements:
  10. 10.  An android phone with v4.1 OS or greater with 512MB RAM.  Size of application would be 16MB. Hardware and Software Requirements:
  11. 11.  An i3 based computer of 1GB RAM to develop application.  An android mobile to test application.  Android studio is required to develop this application. It’s freeware.  The database used is SQLITE . Tools and Technology:
  12. 12.  Valid  Invalid  Re-entry Scanner:
  13. 13. Landing Page
  14. 14.  Week 1 : Introduction to Android  Week 2 : Study Of Android Studio and advanced features.  Week 3 : Introduction to JSON restful web service.  Week 4 : SQLITE DB  Week 5 : Enhancing Application performance.  Week 6: UX and UI layouts  Week 7: Landing Page  Week 8: Landing Page enhancement  Week 9: Admin Login  Week 10 & 11: Enhancement of Login Weekly Reports:
  15. 15.  The New Boston: wl9DGBsvRxJJOzG4r4k_zLKrnxl  Android Programming Succinctly-Ryan Hodson References: