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Martin Telekom Presentation

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Martin Telekom
Satellite Internet Services
Satellite Telephony
Network and Data Security
Machine to Machine Communication

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Martin Telekom Presentation

  1. 1. C Tech Bilisim (Development) Martin Telekom (Operation) • Martin Telekom provides end to end value added broadband telecommunication solutions with owned Licenses from Informations and Communications Technologies Authorities
  2. 2. Human Capital Founded : 2007 Location : Teknopark İstanbul- Pendik/ İstanbul Human Capital: 20 + Areas: • Telecomunication • Network Security and Management • Satellite Internet Services • Broadcasting Technologies COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  3. 3. Human Capital 7% 8% Business Development and 25% 32% 5% Primary School High School Associate Degree Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree PhD Degree COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE 8% 19% Marketing Software Systems Electronic Systems Quality and Test Administrative Others 2% 7% 5% 56% 25%
  4. 4. Areas Satellite Internet Broadcasting Technologies Machine to Machine Communicatio Secure Network Technologies Security Applications Scada Systems Communications VoIP Applications
  5. 5. Ka-Band Satellite Internet Services ClickNET is a service and sales partner with Yahsat both Turkey and international markets.
  6. 6. Martin Telekom is awarded most value added innovative partner title by Yahsat in 2014
  7. 7. Integrated Telco Solutions with Ka Band Service Solutions: • VoIP • RoIP • FemtoCell • Autonomous Cellular Mobile Network • Uplink: Modeo Encoder • VPN • Traffic Aggregation and Balancing • Small Command Control Vehicle : All in One
  8. 8. Solutions: VoIP • Voice over IP for saving money and increasing efficiency. • Location free • Cheap and efective • Assigning a unique phone number like 08504802545 0850480CLIK • Low bandwidth usage with G.729A/B codec
  9. 9. Solutions: RoIP • RoIP (Radio over Internet Protocol) supports the radio extension over intermediate links e.g. satellite or Internet. • Devices can be used as standalone media gateways converting audio radio signals to IP SIP, RTP Unicast or RTP Multicast. Usage Areas : Construction Marine Security Police First Responders Broadcasters Aid agencies Oil and Gas Mining Military Multi-radio sites Road and Rail
  10. 10. Solutions: FemtoCell • is a small, low-power cellular base station, typically designed for use in a home or small business • the attractions of a femtocell are improvements to both coverage and capacity indoor or outdoor • We used the YahClick service as a backhaul with AVEA’ core network. The features of the SmartFemto: o Femto + Satellite Internet o 16 Simultaneous Users o Femto-to-Femto Handover
  11. 11. Solutions: Autonomous Cellular Mobile Network • is a lightweight, ruggedized, portable communications system that meets a wide range of civilian, government and military needs for simultaneous voice, data and ISR communications.
  12. 12. Solutions: Uplink – MODEO ENCODER
  13. 13. Solutions: Uplink – MODEO ENCODER MODEO ENCODER (MLE-100) • is a general purpose video encoder that can be used for Electronic News Gathering applications, security market or any video encoding and transmissions. • is optimized for Ka Band service with adaptive encoding rates.
  14. 14. Solutions: TELECOMUNICATION - VPN For Security application Fast and Secure VPN • Virtual private networks require a high-bandwidth, low-latency network • Bandwidth is ok. • On the hand satellite internet suffers high latencies due to the long distance. • So, VPN must be optimized for latency. • All data is encrypted so nobody can track you.
  15. 15. bandwidth robustness and network survivability. • In some situations, users might be required really wide bandwidth and uninterrupted internet service. • automatically shares Internet traffic across wired, wireless & satellite links. • This increases connection stability, reliability and makes maximum use of all available bandwidth. Solutions: TELECOMUNICATION - Traffic Aggregation and Balancing WiFi Bonded Internet Satellite 3G
  16. 16. Solutions: Small Command Control Vehicle-All in One • For using in all any crisis event or mobile applications; we have designed a small all in one car with: o Auto pointing antenna o Security cameras o Video Encoder o Femtocell o VoIP o Load Balancer
  17. 17. Solutions: Small Command Control Vehicle-All in One