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Artificial intelligence from science to fiction marijn markus cwin18-utrecht

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History, effect, projects, authors, impact

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Artificial intelligence from science to fiction marijn markus cwin18-utrecht

  1. 1. Artificial Intelligence From Science to Fiction Capgemini 2018 Marijn Markus
  2. 2. 1952 Turing’s chess algorithm 1964 Asimov’s The Rest of the Robots 1974 1st AI Winter: Hardware 1980 Expert Systems 1984 Gibson’s Neuromancer 1987 2nd AI Winter: Software 1997 Deep Blue wins 2016 AlphaGo wins History “Cyberspace. A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions.”
  3. 3. Now
  4. 4. ‘(Artificial) Intelligence is whatever machines haven’t done yet’ Larry Tesler, 1979 The AI Effect
  5. 5. Buzzword Bingo Data Big Data Automation Data Science Cloud Security Machine Learning Stored in Needed for Used for Aggregates to Results in Risks in Blockchain Distributed data
  6. 6. AI Assisted Auditors Automatically analyze large sets of unstructured documents From rule to exception handling, detect issues employees missed Use machine learning and NLP to model domain expertise Document processing went from 5 minutes to 5 seconds
  7. 7. Backend Elasticsearch Microsoft Language Conversation flow Google Speech User Speech to text Text analysis SearchResponse
  8. 8. Visual recognition of specific features Custom deep learning models beyond standard models Optimized real time detection Achieved 7 frames/second on USB
  9. 9. Automating the inspection of lease car audits Applying unsupervised learning techniques to identify outliers and odd driving behavior within minutes, at scale Carpol Driving Behavior Outlier Detection
  10. 10. Impact with AI Improving retail forecast Optimizing chain efficiency and customer satisfaction for shoe retailer Predicting hotspots Improving the crime anticipation systems for Dutch government Conversational Commerce Research, analysis and testing various chatbot and voice solutions for banks Project Stable Fires Analyzing risk of fire at cattle farms, in cooperation with multiple governments Optimizing replenishment of stores by improving transaction forecast models by 8% at major retailer Automated Reporting Delivered demonstration for automated processing of unstructured reports
  11. 11. What did we just do? 80% Unstructured 20% Structured Name Freq Size Color 1 data 3 20 #00BFFF 2 structured 8 11 #00BFFF 3 relational 12 7 #013ADF
  12. 12. Any questions?