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The Perfect Storm & Your Information Strategy

A paper about Business Information Strategy.

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The Perfect Storm & Your Information Strategy

  1. 1. “The Perfect Storm”Anders Nyström, PrincipalExpert at Information Strategy & BICC
  2. 2. Copyright © Capgemini 2012 –. All Rights ReservedThe globe shrinksA Challenge Right NowThis is basically driven by:1. Travelling and bringing new habits2. Information TechnologyDemanding new business logic• Structures• Business decisions Innovation Marketing New way of working Collaboration and sharing Improvement of business processes Information consolidation Tailored vs. overload• Big Data• Cloud BI• Social BI• Mobile Data• Cost saving• Scalability,• Easy access• Security• Business driversThis has happen the last 20 years and is still progressing!• Technology driversWhat willhappen?The Perfect Storm
  3. 3. Copyright © Capgemini 2012 –. All Rights ReservedUtilizing Information Strategically is an ArtInformation Strategy ScopeKey Information CapabilitiesVision Information TargetsStrategic PlanInformation Focus AreasA critical resource has the followingqualities:•Valuable•Unique•Difficult to imitate•Difficult to substituteThe Information StrategyFrom environment based perspective to resource based perspectiveStrategy is not operational efficiency!
  4. 4. Copyright © Capgemini 2012 –. All Rights ReservedLack of Business ValueBusiness Value can never be visualized when theInformation Strategy is stand-alone or iscompletely missing, and investments are derivedfrom operational issues•Gap between business and information supply•Special interests, silo structure and fragmented budget•Focus on deliverables, not effectsAs-isResource WasteInspired by “Crafting Strategy”, HBR article 1998, Henry Mintzberg
  5. 5. Copyright © Capgemini 2012 –. All Rights ReservedPrioritize The Right ProjectOK, how can a journey actually look like!Information Target is derived from businessobjectives!• Information Target is set according to a businessobjective´s of functions, customers, and partners e g increased revenue with 10 % or increasedmarket share with 10 %.• Key Information Capability is based on the businessmodel. e g cross channel selling, one client engagementview.Inspired by “Crafting Strategy”, HBR article 1998, Henry MintzbergTo-be
  6. 6. Copyright © Capgemini 2012 –. All Rights ReservedA JourneyBI StrategicPlanBaltics system mapSwedish system mapGroup Product Structure- One group product structure and product definition -App 3+ Self Service AnalysisBusiness data layer- Top down, business driven -Clean data- Bottom up, from 18 000 products to 370 -App 1• New Contracts• Selling Units• Distribution Channels• Organisation/Customer Ownership• Daily updatedApp 2+ volumesThe Whole Flow E2E- Includes horizontal and vertical flow -Customer Performance Mgt2007 2008 2009Information Board• Key stakeholders• Joint prioritizationand funding• Design guidelines
  7. 7. Thanks for your attention!Anders Nyström, PrincipalExpert at Information Strategy & BICC