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The Seven Deadly Sins by Employees

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In case you wish to be considered a perfect employee in your organization, try avoiding these seven deadly sins by Employees.

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The Seven Deadly Sins by Employees

  1. 1. :3‘ D T’ harem‘-= i.o‘. 'r. =.i‘s's :2:
  2. 2. HAVING A SELF ESTEEM AND APPROPRIATE PRIDE BRINGS GOOD FOR YOUR CAREER. But the excess of this only invites harm for your career. Don’t place yourself as an important person over other colleagues. By doing this you may harm your relation with the co| |eagues, boss or even customers.
  3. 3. IF YOU ASPIRE AND EMULATE ONE OF YOUR CO WORKER IN A HEALTHY WAY, THEN GOOD GOING PAL. However incase, this aspiration has started to turn envious, then you too are about to commit one of the seven deadliest sin that an employee can commit. Do not envy, instead focus on cultivating your own USP to make a positive difference.
  4. 4. lllifli FEELING ANGRY OVER A PARTICULAR SITUATION ISN'T A SIN. But when this anger results to harming some other or making the person fall into trouble, then that’s a sin. There are situations at work when you’ll feel angry; learn to curb this anger & transform its energy to create something constructive.
  5. 5. III SLOTH ISN'T THE TIME OFF THAT YOU TAKE TO RECREATE YOUR ENERGY BY STAYING AWAY FROM THE WORK. In fact, it is your lethargic behavior of dragging work that makes you commit sin sloth. when you work in a team, it is your core responsibility to finish off the given tasks so that the overall work doesn’t get affected.
  6. 6. fizzy“ A SHALLOW E SELF CENTERED DESIRE ABOUT SHORT TERM GOALS IS YOUR LUST A SIN THAT WOULD RUIN YOUR CAREER. Here it can be inordinate craving for a colleague, boss or even some client. Be sensible.
  7. 7. BE IT ABOUT BEST OF THE ASSIGNMENT, BIG SALARIES, OR A LEADERSHIP POSITION Never do something unethical or illegal. Anyhow, extra money is the biggest reason behind committing this sin.
  8. 8. «W EXCESS OF ANYTHING IS HARMFUL. Here the excessiveness even relates to your drinking, eating or working behavior. A successful employee is the one who knows how to stay balanced.
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