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Get More Done with Less: A Team Approach to Delivering Results for Career Centers and Jobseekers

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Budgets are tight and we are constantly being asked to do more with less. See what happened when RochesterWorks! partnered with Career Navigator to engage dislocated workers. This collaboration served as a win-win for career center staff efficiency, job seeker engagement, and created greater awareness of their services in the community. This session will share how to easily track services and increase outcomes using GPS Teams; strategies for working with hard-to-serve populations with less resources; strategies to increase staff productivity; and using the community to build program awareness.
Presented by Deidre Dutcher, Hannah Morgan and Todd Sloane of RochesterWorks!

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Get More Done with Less: A Team Approach to Delivering Results for Career Centers and Jobseekers

  1. 1. Career © Navigator A Training Program for Job Search Success 585-330-6135 Watch the video at our website:
  2. 2. Who is the ideal Career Navigator© Candidate? Job Seekers who: • Want to find a job quickly or, • Are motivated to look for work. • Have a solid work history or, • Are ready and able to take a job. • Do not need, want or qualify for additional types of training or, • Have completed training. • Professionals, veterans, graduates, career changers, dislocated workers.
  3. 3. Why Career Navigator©? • Referrals + Career Sites* + SoMe Recruiters >50% *Career Sites defined as Company Websites • Mid-sized companies added 2 million workers in the last 2 years. (Businesses with sales between $10 million and a billion dollars annually: factories, construction companies, professional services.)
  4. 4. What is Career Navigator©? Our multi-dimensional approach incorporates • Mechanics – Marketing Plan, Social Media, Networking, Interviewing, STAR Stories, Resume • Practice – Daily presentations, mock interviewing, speed networking, repetition • EQ – Dealing with job loss, managing relationships at home, successfully transitioning into new employment, lifetime career management
  5. 5. • 5 Full Days of Learning – Sets the pace, increases productivity • Proactive vs. Reactive – Marketing Plan vs. Resume – Target Lists
  6. 6. • Participant Centered • Group Dynamics • Skill Building Exercises
  7. 7. • • • • Critically necessary skills and drills Boot camp environment Address the human side of job loss (EQ) Team dynamics create support & confidence
  8. 8. Hannah Morgan
  9. 9. The Results RochesterWorks Summary Report August 2009 through June 2013 1711 Participants Average Age Average Income % Reporting Employment Average Days to Employment Median Days to Employment 51 $58,997 40% 95 73 USDOL Bureau of Labor Statistics (Oct 2013) Average Days to Employment 255 Median Days to Employment 118
  10. 10. GPS Team Certification • Run your own GPS Teams • Use Create multiple groups, specific focus groups • Use our proven process and materials for success • Highly structured Team process creates activity, accountability, motivation, results! • Maintains group cohesiveness. • Over 1,700 LinkedIn CN Group members provide continued support and networking opportunities.
  11. 11. • • • • • • • • • • RochesterWorks Niagara County WorkSourceOne Finger Lakes Works CSS Workforce NY WDI Buffalo-Erie County Dutchess County Veterans Bausch & Lomb Sikorsky
  12. 12. • • • • • Background RW Career Center Benefits Enrollment Process - scalable Search Teams – structure and benefits Self-sustaining model
  13. 13. • • • • Piloted during the WIRED grant Now largely self-sustaining for over four years Funded as a Short-term Prevocational Service Found on ETPL under “Career Navigator”
  14. 14. • Engaging “disconnected” DW’s • Rapid time-to-reemployment (65 days vs. 35+ weeks) • Reduction in exiting while receiving UI #’s • ED by re-employment and appropriate employment of these individuals
  15. 15. • Our goal – reduce barriers to participation, use technology to reduce staffing expense, engage professional DW’s. • Process: Social Media promotion > self-application > Electronic pre-screening > enrollment of prequalified candidates • Other methods...
  16. 16. • • • • • Weekly Accountability Group Cohort Model Staff-directed > Self-directed Cross-referral to other center services Time-to-reemployment 2/3 that of training without Search Teams
  17. 17. • Social Media “Graduate” promotion. • Linked In Group, Facebook, twitter integration. • Cost-benefit: especially as it relates to transferable skills.
  18. 18. • Engagement of professional DW’s • Rapid time to appropriate employment for these individuals • Higher rates of employment for these individuals and the community
  19. 19. • I am leaving out a lot of the details that we have learned through “the school of hard knocks” so… • If you have any questions about implementation at your site, now or after today, please ask! • Todd Sloane, Career Services Advisor, RochesterWorks!,, 585.262.7527
  20. 20. How to Contact Career Navigator© 585-330-6135 Watch the video at our website: