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Industrial Design Portfolio Basics

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Industrial Design Portfolio Basics

  1. 1. portfolio basics Carly Hagins, adjunct professor Wentworth Institute of Technology
  2. 2. the goal ofmaking a portfoliois landing a job Keeping your audience (potential employers) in mind should guide the design of your portfolio
  3. 3. portfolios are meantto communicate: - skill level - thought process (problem solving skills) - interests If you’re applying to a toy company, there should be some toys in your portfolio
  4. 4. indesign is your friend It’s the easiest. Trust me.
  5. 5. hierarchy of information Prioritize every piece of information on every page. Make sure the most important stuff is what gets seen first. You can make page elements appear more important by making them bigger, bolder, or more opaque.
  6. 6. title page + resume +work + end page =portfolio Just like in real life, it’s nice to introduce yourself. It’s also nice to say thanks. Project intro pages can also be a good way to keep control of rhythm.
  7. 7. you gotta include:name, email, & phonenumber
  8. 8. choose your layoutwisely8.5 x 11 plays well in many situations, but sometimes it’s better to stand out (with large format, square, vertical, etc.)
  9. 9. consider other formats too You may want to share your portfolio on coroflot, Behance, LinkedIn, or a personal website.
  10. 10. people read apage fromtop left to bottom right
  11. 11. matters of font choose 2 Any more than that looks bad & gets distracting mix serif & sans serif It adds interest & readability (and makes it look like you know what you’re doing.) it doesnt have to be huge Consider where your portfolio will be viewed. 12 pt font is very readable on an 8.5 x 11 print-out.
  12. 12. use impactful imagery Friends don’t let friends use Google images.
  13. 13. its OK to have just one thought per slide Like Julia Child said, ‘Don’t crowd the mushrooms!’
  14. 14. distill your work downinto the best content Include just one project that shows your entire process. Then pick-and-choose your favorite sketch page, Key Shot render, etc.
  15. 15. start strong,end strong Impress them enough so they will keep clicking, then leave them with something powerful to remember you by.
  16. 16. be proud of your work Remember that a potential employer might ask you to talk through any of the projects in your portfolio—or all of them.
  17. 17. get as much criticismas possiblePlease proofread. Typos are terrible!Ask friends for advice. Go to portfolio reviews.Improve at every opportunity.
  18. 18. questions?