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Likeable Media Blog Highlights, November 2015

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Highlights from the Likeable Media Blog, November 2015.

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Likeable Media Blog Highlights, November 2015

  1. 1. Likeable Media Blog Monthly Highlights November 2015
  2. 2. Native video on Twitter can still be considered "new," and you definitely don't want to fall behind. Your brand may be struggling to produce results that align with recently published statistics of Twitter Video, so what are you doing wrong? Here are some things to avoid... Read More>> By: Mikey Dunn What You’re Doing Wrong With Twitter Video
  3. 3. Are you a culprit of excessive hashtagging or busy Facebook posts? Find out what you’re doing wrong and how you can fix it. Read More>> By: Michelle Greenbaum 5 Simple Copy Mistakes To Avoid On Social Media
  4. 4. Real Time Content: the three big money words right now in marketing. From tweeting a trending hashtag, to commenting on viral stories, to creating custom images relevant to a current trend, incorporating real time content into your social marketing strategy is a great way to increase engagement and make your brand a part of a viral conversation. Read More>> By: Thomas Zukowski Imitation Is Flattery: How 4 Campaigns Got Taken Over By Audiences
  5. 5. I'll make this simple: If you don't shift your social media approach next year, your brand will get left behind. The reason for this thinking is linked to the rapid evolution that occurred over the last 12 months. In 2015, social media marketers saw a lot of changes. Instagram surpassed Twitter as the world’s second-largest social media network. Video became more prominent on almost all platforms. And Snapchat, of course, continued to grow. So what can we learn from this past year as we plan our 2016 social media strategy? What mistakes must brands avoid? Read More>> By: John Kultgen Avoid These Social Media Strategies In 2016
  6. 6. "There are three things which the public will always clamor for, sooner or later: namely, novelty, novelty, novelty." -Thomas Hood. Read More>> By: Charlie Balk 5 Ways To Get Your Brand Noticed
  7. 7. By: Casey Danton By 2016, social media users are expected to cap two billion users. While some networks are blooming in this social revolution, others may not make it to see New Year’s Day. Trends come and go, but you’ll want to keep your eye on these social media predictions for next year. Read More>> 4 Predictions For Social Media In 2016
  8. 8. By: Kelly Byrd No matter where you live, this time of year is about giving thanks and appreciating what we have. As such, most brands will share theme-filled imagery and content, and for some, a glimpse into how they celebrate. Heart-warming content is often successful this time of year, if it's appropriate for your brand. Aside from this, there is much opportunity for awareness, acquisition and, yes, conversion if you truly show gratitude as well. As is often said, "Brands aren’t human, but the people behind them are." This time of year is best to show that humanity. Here are three considerate ways to express appreciation to your crowd this holiday season. Read More>> Giving Thanks: 3 Ways To Show Gratitude To Your Audience
  9. 9. By: Hannah Baker Do you notice how during peak vacation times your newsfeed fills up with pictures of friends’ vacations, weekend getaways, and day trips? There’s a reason: Instagram’s visual format and location tagging feature makes it the perfect platform for showing off travel adventures. In fact, 48% of users rely on Instagram to find a new travel destination, and 35% use it to discover a new place. While this seems like a great foundation for travel brands to build on, it’s not a perfect one. Most users are more likely to trust their friends’ vacation pictures than those from a company. So we’ve provided three tips that may help travel brands connect to their audience authentically. Read More>> 3 Tips For Travel Brands On Instagram
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