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Three Minute Book Pitch

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Three Minute Book Pitch

  1. 1. 3 Minute Pitch
  2. 2. laundry book
  3. 3. laundry book clothes m anage me nt
  4. 4. clothes management washing drying ironing folding storing
  5. 5. sections 4 major sections Washing and Drying Ironing and Folding MaintenanceCommon Mishaps and Tips
  6. 6. purpose and tonecomprehensive textbook of laundry facts and tips self-explanatory, easy and accessbile how-to book/dictionary
  7. 7. target audience 18 - 30 years oldanyone who’s moving out
  8. 8. general specs9” x 11.75” or 5.5” x 8.5” 60-70 pagesstitch with signatures
  9. 9. paper specs waterproof paper or washable materialspaper types and transparency (mylar, velum, acetate)
  10. 10. graphicsa old approach with a new twist combination of illustration and photography two colour/spot colour
  11. 11. design considerationsfold out posters of wash symbols poster with stain removing tipsstrong, saturated, virbant colours to keep appeal white on mylar as “keeping things clean”