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Accidental Architecture 0.9

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Accidental Architecture 0.9

  1. 1. Dell Management Infrastructure <tag /> < innovation /> Mark Cathcart, Director of Systems Engineering, Dell 26th August, 2009, v0.9
  2. 2. 2 • Not judgmental, or critical, (often) exactly what was needed at the time. • Typically occurs overtime; Starts with no long term plan; Reactive rather than proactive • Silo’d implementations; always find a way to add function • Expensive, (often) throw away code; expensive to develop; expensive to test; expensive to sustain • In order to grow software sustainably, Dell needs an Intentional Architecture Accidental architecture
  3. 3. Accidental architecture • “Every interesting software-intensive system has an architecture. While some of these architectures are intentional, most appear to be accidental.” • “An intentional architecture is explicitly identified and then implemented; “ • “An accidental architecture emerges from the multitude of individual design decisions that occur during development” • “An accidental architecture is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as the decisions that make up that architecture are made manifest(*) “ – Essential ones are made visible as soon as they are instituted – Allowed to remain visible throughout the meaningful life of that system. • “Accidental architectures are not evil things; “ – they are inevitable in the growth of systems. – It's only when we begin to turn these accidental architectures into intentional ones that we advance our understanding of software architecture. Grady Booch, Founder Rational Software, IBM Fellow - 2006 *A public declaration of principles and intentions, often political in nature 3
  4. 4. Introduction • Myers-Briggs type INTP – Introversion, iNtuition, Thinking, Perception • What to expect? – Enjoys spending long periods of time on own – Working through problems and forming solutions – Impatient with bureaucracy, rigid hierarchies – Prefers to work with others as equals • How? – Understand topic by articulating principles – Demonstrate remarkable skill by explaining complex ideas to others in simple terms, esp. in writing – May seem oblivious, aloof or even rebellious • In fact listening and understanding… – Quick wit, esp. with language; defuse tension through comical observation and reference 4
  5. 5. What if…. (Dell) • We had a simple, single, consistent set of interfaces which could be adapted across numerous server generations? • Had common, comprehensive standards for interfacing to and integrating with our products • That could evolve in a platform neutral, OS and product independent way? • That minimized development, test, sustaining costs by using shared services and interfaces? • That allowed us to add new features with a minimum of infrastructure work? • Yet still allowed Dell to gain more control, more Intellectual Property and profit from it’s management infrastructure ?
  6. 6. What if…. (customer) • You could configure all servers, storage, networking equipment at order and install time based on the workloads you want to run? • You had access to all of the certified configuration information and could easily associate that with your infrastructure from any server? • Health, faults, and alerts were delivered to you anywhere you would like with RSS? • A chronological log of information of all changes in the infrastructure was available anywhere? • Patches and software updates were delivered to you asynchronously as they became available? • You had a management infrastructure that was common across and between your infrastructure, and independent of implementation • You could quickly and easily build management views to provide a simplified view across different services you provide using industry standards tools and open API’s…
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  12. 12. Dell Management Infrastructure 25 User Interaction Software, Driver, update Configuration, Lifecycle Event & Power Mgmnt Logs and Reporting Debug and Recovery Billing, Metering Licensed feature enablement Distributed, Cloud enabled Enterprise Management Development Tools Identity, Security Management