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Session 20 kabir bangladesh cc human health

  1. Climate Change, Livelihood, Health…??? Extreme events! SIDR, AILA…The Innocent Victims
  2. Food and Water Security Disaster Malnutrition Illness/Disease Burden Climate Change Vicious linkage of Health with Climate Change Diarrhoea Typhoid, ARI, COPD Dengue, VBD
  3. Sea Level Rise 1 Meter Sea Level Rise
  4. Cost estimation for climate attributable diseases (2010-2021)
  5. A model best practice for LDCs Climate Change and Health Promotion Unit Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
  6. CCHPU Office Location in G-Earth
  7. web site is
  8. We have installed a solar panel at our office roof as a token step of GREEN Initiatives
  9. Conceptual Framework on Impact of Climate Change on Health Eco-system Human Health Health and Nutrition A ) Inadequate food ,unsafe WatSan B) Metabolic disorders C) Malnutrition D) Infection Disease Climate Change Disaster Risk reduction through research and awareness building Climate change adaptive measures Healthy population Capacity building on adaptive measures on Health and Nutrition Innovative and appropriate technology to strengthen community participation Health care providers Local government Community Group (CC) CBO, NGO
  10. The health care network of Bangladesh Domiciliary Workers Outpatient static facility 31-50 bed hospital 50-250 bed hospital Medical college/tertiary hospital Division (6) District (64) Sub-district (482) Union (4,498) Ward (13,394) Villages (87,000) National Super-specialty hospital Level Type of Facility
  11. One pack of ORS…..???? Many Hands….. ?Resilience
  12. Vulnerable people ( climate refugees ) cluster in and around cities of Bangladesh and cause water logging resulting breeding place of mosquitoes and ends up with Dengue, Malaria, Typhoid and Diarrhoeal diseases Migration to city slums
  13. South Asia regional high level meeting: Dhaka Declaration 2010
  14. We need to be prepared for the Health of these people (The area was visited by DG WHO)
  15. Way Forward Coordination Ministry Response Community Group Preparedness Local Government+ Health CBA YOUTH+ School students+ CC+ CBO
  16. Youth Climate Champions The Future
  19. Thank you