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Learn Module Updates

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CEO Charlotte Fudge unveils the latest updates to CentralReach's software user interface.

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Learn Module Updates

  1. 1. Webinar: Sneak Peak at Clinical Upgrades Charlotte Fudge • 10.08.2015
  2. 2. Recent Progress New Marketplace 1. 2. Improved seller tools $$$ 3. Automated course reporting for RBT 4. Link for RBT Report Sample VB-MAPP Updates 1. Echoic questions are now automatically scored based on answers in the eesa section 2. Scoring grid colors show up to 4 different administrations 3. VB-Mapp Link
  3. 3. Recent Progress Enhanced Graphing 1. Performance Graphs 2. Download to CSV 3. View Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Averages 4. Graph Examples Link Baseline in Sessions 1. Now collect baseline in sessions 2. Radial Button Link Medications 1. Keep Medication log 2. Health Status Link
  4. 4. What’s coming? Expected delivery Early November What to expect 1.Improved mobile experience 2.Time saving navigation 3.Streamlined goal setup 4.Progress reporting tools
  5. 5. Enhanced Mobile Experience Accomplishment 1 1. Responsive Design Lets Check It Out...
  6. 6. Simpler Creation of Program Books 1. Quicker load times 2. Less clicks to set-up 3. Easy to find navigation tools 4. Goal status icons Let's Create a Goal Book...
  7. 7. Goal and Data Collection Set-Up 1. More intuitive 2. Better matches clinician work
  8. 8. Progress Reporting Tools 1. Cumulative Graphs 2. Performance Graphs 3. Less Clicks for Clinicians Let's Create a Clinical Note...
  9. 9. Want to learn more? Open a Support Ticket or Email Me: 1. Training for Clinical Team 2. VB-MAPP and RBT Sales 3. Becoming a Marketplace Seller