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  2. Crime Index & Safety Index of Davao * According to NUNBEO.COM, the world's largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide, DAVAO is one and only metropolitan city in the Philippines which is comparable with other world’s safest cities.
  3. The same 911 service as America’s and Canada’s! By dialing 911, residents needing assistance can immediately summon responders to the scene of emergency ! The Central 911 was officially launched in September 2002 to address emergency calls for criminal incidents needing police assistance and now it also caters to emergency medical services, urban search and rescue operations, fire auxiliary services, and K-9 units. Davao’s 911 service simplified the emergency process by integrating all the government’s emergency response resources (ambulance, rescue technicians, firefighters, K-9, and the police) into one. Central 911 (Central Communications and Emergency Response Center)
  4. A Filipino holding a cigarette while walking past a child? You cannot see the guy like him in Davao city! Davao’s original Comprehensive Anti-Smoking Ordinance which was enacted in 2002 has been implemented until now. Davao was named the 1st 100% smoke-free metropolitan in Asean country by the Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance in 2013. The case study for Davao ciry’s smoke-free agendas was published by WHO. ( If you really need to smoke, you will have to do it in your place of residence or a designated smoking area. Davao’s 7 Eleven doesn’t sell cigarettes! Anti Smoking Ordinance
  5. Speeding, overtaking, and racing have been rarely seen on the streets of Davao since drivers in Davao can only go as fast as 30 kph downtown, and a maximum of 60 kph in the city borders because of the speed limit ordinance. About 20 percent decrease in the minor road accidents and 60 percent decrease in fatal road accidents was reported a year after the implementation of the ordinance, and the city has been much safer now. In Davao city, taxi drivers are prohibited from doing contract fares. Instead, fares are based on meters which gives passengers more security. Drivers who violate this are to be penalized with fines amounting to P5,000. In fact, the city is know for having the friendliest, most honest, and most courteous taxi drivers and Davao City’s government and local police awarded 19 taxi drivers for returning valuable items left behind by their passengers. Speed Limit Ordinance / Honest Taxi drivers
  6. The curfew in selling and serving alcoholic beverages (from 1:00 AM to 8:00 AM) took effect in 2013. This ordinance was designed to reduce accidents and crimes caused by alcohol intoxication. As a result, the ordinance has reduced the number of drunkards walking in the streets in the wee hours, which is why walking in Davao city streets at night is significantly safer than in other cities! Firecracker is totally banned in Davao. So you can enjoy safe New year’s Eve, or have a good night sleep instead, not being disturbed by the noise like firecracker. Here in Davao, you can join the annual Davao Torotot Festival, with the sound of hundreds of blazing trumpets being a worthy successor of firecrackers. Liquor Restriction / Firecracker Ban
  7. package 1: Php100 inclusive of the entrance fee and boat far​​e​ (normal price: Php130)​ ​​ package 2: 150 peso inclusive of the entrance fee, boat fare, water slide and welcome drink (normal price: Php280) package 3: 250 peso inclusive of the entrance fee, boat fare, water slide, welcome drink and meal (normal price: Php430) WHAT’S FUN IN DAVAO? BLUEJAZBEACH RESORT AND WATERPARK (082) 302 8411
  8. WHAT’S FUN IN DAVAO? How to get there? Walk to The Waterfront Insular Hotel. Shuttle boat will pick you up in the boat dock near Waterfront’s pirate bar. Exclusive shuttle boat that will take you to the Resort which is available from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m, everyday. Prior reservations are required! (082) 303 0235 Rates Day tour (until 5pm) - Php 250.00 per head Your group will be required to get a hut. Hut - Php 500.00 for a group of 7 or less Boat ride - Php 200.00 for a group of 10 or less (one-way) CHEMA’S BY THE SEA
  9. WHAT’S FUN IN DAVAO? (082) 234 – 6415 / (082) 234 – 3377 BY THE SEA BALI-BALI BEACH RESORT How to get there? Take a cab to Davao Boat Club Marina, Lanang Aplaya (It will take you 7~8 minutes and cost you Php 60 ~ 70.) and then take a private boat provided by Bali-Bali. Morning boat transfers Bali Bali to Marina 8:00 am Marina to Bali 8:30 am Rates DAY TOUR (Check in – 8:00 am / Check out – 3:00 pm) Php 1,200.00/person Inclusive of Free Lunch, Welcome Drink, and Boat Transfer For a group of 6 free Villa (subject to availability) Water Sports Activities Jetski: Php 4,500.00/hour (Minimum of 1 hour) Banana Boat (Minimum of 5 Persons each ride): Php 275.00/person/15minutes; or Php 550.00/person/30 minutes Island Hopping Package Php 5,500.00/4 hours Departs from Bali Bali on or before 7:00 am Bali Bali to Malipano Island / Pearl Farm to Maxima Body Massage BALI SIGNATURE MASSAGE: Php 500.00/60 minutes FOOT MASSAGE: Php 300.00/30 minutes Afternoon boat transfers Bali Bali to Marina 4:00 pm Marina to Bali Bali 4:30 pm
  10. How to get there? Maxima has their own ferry plying their only trip going to the resort from Sta. Ana wharf at 9:00am and then 4:00pm going back to Sta. Ana Wharf. Take a cab going to Magsaysay Park where Sta. Ana Wharf is located. The fare costs 150Php round trip. Water Spots Activities Santamal Island Hopping (max 20pax) = P200/pax Kayak boat rental = P400/hour Snorkel and mask rental = P100/hour Surfing board rental = P100/hour Banana Boat rental = P4750/hour Banana Boat 15 mins. = P300/pax Jet ski = P4,000 Scuba Dive Scuba 2 dives (certified diver) = P2,500 Scuba 1 dive (certified diver) = P1,250 Night dive (certified diver) = P1,300 Intro Dive = P850 Tank Rental = P300 WHAT’S FUN IN DAVAO? (082)282-2339 Overnight Adult - P350 Child/Student - P300 Rates Entrance Fee (Discounted rate P200, normal price P300)includes free use of tables and chairs, life jackets, water slides, water blob, canopy walk and diving board. Day Tour Adult - P250 Child/Student - P150
  11. WHAT’S FUN IN DAVAO? How to get there? Go to Sta. Ana wharf near Magsaysay Park. Isla Reta is about 45 minutes by boat from Sta. Ana Wharf. The boat departs as early as 9am and last trip is at 4:30pm from Davao City. The first boat trip from Isla Reta going back to Davao City is at 6:15am and the last trip at 3pm. Boat fare is Php 80 for a one-way ride. (082) 234-7903 Rates Entrance Fee Day tour – Php 100 / head Cottages Picnic Hut – Php 250 / night, Camping Tent – Php 400 / night
  12. WHAT’S FUN IN DAVAO? Rates Day Use (inclusive of Entrance, Lunch and Pool use) Adult Rate- Php 650/pax 7 years and younger Php550/pax Amenities Rates Jetski- Php 4,000 per hour / Php2,500 per 30 min Kayak (Single) – Php 300 per hour / Php 200 per 30 min Kayak (Double) – Php 400 per hour / Php 250 per 30 min Paddler Boat – Php 200 per hour / Php 150 per 30 min Banana Boat Ride(4 pax min) – Php 300 per 30 min Life Vest Rental – Php 150 per day Bicyle – Php 400 per day / Php 150 per hour (082) 305-2774 / (082) 305-4028 How to get there? Take a taxi or jeepney to Sasa wharf and enjoy 10 minute boat ride to Babak wharf. From there you can take a motorcycle to Secdea (30 minutes) or you can book a van with Secdea for your group only. Van Pick-up from Port vice-versa – Php 1,000 per way (to be arranged in advance) Helicopter Transport (3 pax) – Php 26,000 per way (to be arranged in advance)
  13. WHAT’S FUN IN DAVAO? (0999)705-5330 0 Rates Entrance Fee: Adult( Day Tour )- Php 40.00 Kids ( Day Tour )- Php 20.00 Environmental Fee: Php 5.00 Cottage: Open Cottage – Php 500.00 Close Cottage – Php 1000.00 Tables with Chair – Php 150.00 HAGAMIT FALLS How to get there? Option 1: From Magsaysay Park, wait for a bus going to Penaplata or Kaputian (riding Kaputian is much preferred). The bus will also take the barge but busses are given priority over private cars. Around 40-50php per bus ride. Option 2: Ride a motorboat from Sasa Km. 11 ferry boat wharf going to Babak Wharf. Once you reach Samal Island, you can hire a habal-habal to take you directly to Hagimit Falls.
  14. WHAT’S FUN IN DAVAO? (082) 221 7823 PACKAGE 1700 per person Minimum of 5 per trip inclusive of: Transportation (From Crocodile Park to Rafting Area and back) Packed Lunch & Bottled Water Use of Gears & Equipment Raft guide Souvenir Shirt Documentation (2 Disc per group of 6) Bonus Ticket to ZIP CITY, Butterfly House & Tribu K’mindanawan ITINERARY 8:00 am Assembly at Crocodile Park 9:30 am Departure 10:30 am Arrival at Put In area, Tamugan1:00 am Start of Rafting 12:00 nn Lunch 3:00 pm Arrival at Take Out area, Purok 8, Lacson 3:30 pm Departure for Crocodile Park 4:30 pm Arrival at Crocodile Park WHITE WATER RAFTING
  15. WHAT’S FUN IN DAVAO? (0915) 183 9480 OPERATING HOURS Weekdays : 9:30 am ~ 5:30 pm Weekends & Holidays: 9:30 am ~ 8:30 pm Rates Weekdays: P400/2 hours P700/4 hours Weekends & Holidays: P500/2 hours P800/4 hours Helmet, life vest, beginner’s board and instruction are included. How to get there? There is a minibus ride “All Aboard” from Bankerohan Market in Davao City that passes through Mintal where the Park is located. From Mintal, a 5 minute tricycle ride will take you to the Park. Taxi ride from downtown Davao City is readily available, and it usually takes 30 minutes to get to the site.
  16. WHAT’S FUN IN DAVAO? How to get there? For those who want to commute, you can ride a jeepney bound for Toril. Just tell the jeepney conductor to drop you off at Mercury Drug Store. There are single motorcycles waiting to be hired at P 80 per person to bring you right at the entrance of Eden Nature Park & Resort. If you are coming from the South of Davao jeepneys bound for Toril are available at Claveria Street, Roxas Avenue and Quimpo Bouleva Day Packages Entrance with meals: P550 (Buffet lunch), P220 (Plated snack) Activities GUIDED SHUTTLE TOUR: P120 SKYRIDER: P150 SKYCLCLE: P200 SKYSWING:P300/SOLO, P400/TANDEM HORSEBACK RIDING: P85 KALESA: P150/2 PERSONS, P200/3 PERSONS FISHING: P40 SWIMMING POOL: P80/ADULT, P50/CHILD
  17. WHAT’S FUN IN DAVAO? How to get there? Most convenient way to reach Jack’s Ridge is through a taxi. After taking the cab for 40 minutes (around Php 200), you can get to the Davao’s best restaurant overlooking the scenic expanse of the city. (082) 297 8830
  18. WHAT’S FUN IN DAVAO? Roxas Night Market Roxas Avenue night market is the busiest night market In Davao City. There are rows of stalls of very low priced clothes, shoes and others (most of them are second-hand or fake) and a long array of barbecue stalls. The vendors will open their stalls starting at 6 p.m. The vendors attended a seminar on proper food handling, especially on food safety to keep their food clean and prevent food poisoning. The vendors are also required to wear hairnets to make them neat and clean. The city government of Davao also reminds all vendors to maintain the cleanliness of their surroundings and avoid throwing of garbage in the canal. To get there, Option 1: Jeepney going to Roxas (P10) Option 2: Taxi (P100)
  19. WHAT’S FUN IN DAVAO? DAVAO MUSEUM Address: Zonta Building, 113 Agusan Circle, Insular Village 1, Lanang, Davao City Phone:(082) 233 1734 Hours: Monday to Saturday 9 am to 12nn and 1 pm to 5 pm Entrance fee: P80/adult, P70/children D'Bone Collector Museum Address: San Pedro St, Poblacion District, Davao City Phone: (0921) 480-8920 Hours: Monday – Friday 10 am to 5 pm Saturday 1pm to 5 pm Entrance fee: P80/adult, P70/children
  20. WHAT’S FUN IN DAVAO? Echelon Club Poblacion District, Davao City Acropolis Super Club C. Bangoy St, Poblacion District, Davao City
  21. Laundry shop and coffee house (15 mins on foot) Swimming pool and basketball court (5 mins on foot) surrounding facilitiesE&G nearby
  22. 7 Eleven and supermarket (10 mins on foot)pharmacies(10 mins on foot) surrounding facilitiesE&G nearby
  23. massage shops (10 mins on foot)fast food restaurants (10 mins on foot) surrounding facilitiesE&G nearby
  24. EMPIRE BOXING Gym Location: Nova Tierra Bldg., 2nd floor (10 mins on foot) Operation Hours: 2 pm to 9 pm, Monday to Saturday Rate: Boxing - Php 200 / session Kickboxing – Php 250 / session surrounding facilitiesE&G nearby
  25. BeeFit Gym Location: Modern Times bldg., 3rd floor (20 mins on foot) Operation Hours: 6 am to 9 pm, Monday to Saturday Rate: Php 800 / month • a variety of GX programs •( Zumba Fitness, YOGA and others) surrounding facilitiesE&G nearby
  26. Body Garage Fitness Center Location: Grand Regal Hotel, 5th floor (25 mins on foot / 5 mins by taxi) Operation Hours: 6 am to 9 pm, Monday to Sunday Rate: Php1,220 / month • FREE USE of the SAUNA and SWIMMING POOL • FREE personalized work out program • FREE AREO-KICKBOXING session • FREE BOXING class surrounding facilitiesE&G nearby