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Taunya English, Health and the Built Environment Webinar Slides

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Taunya English, Health and the Built Environment Webinar Slides

  1. 1. Reporting on the Built Environment and Health Taunya English, WHYY Radio
  2. 2. Beyond the doctor’s office
  3. 3. Beyond the doctor’s office
  4. 4. Oh, the places you’ll go Credit and apologies to Dr. Seuss
  5. 5. Kick-off questions Studies Question the Pairing of Food Deserts and Obesity - New York Times, April 2012 Will Philadelphia’s experiment in eradicating ‘food deserts’ work? - Washington Post, June 2012 Hunger experts, meeting in Phila., stew over ‘food deserts’ - Philadelphia Inquirer, Sept. 2011 Kids buy cheap snacks at the corner store - WHYY, October 2009
  6. 6. Kick-off questions “It's opener, out there, in the wide, open air.”– Dr. Seuss
  7. 7. New “health care” sounds Knock at the door Mass Transit Public Housing
  8. 8. Understanding the sector A different kind of practitioner  City and transit planners  Social workers  Population health scholars  Housing advocates
  9. 9. Understanding the sector
  10. 10. Understanding the sector
  11. 11. Understanding the sector
  12. 12. Understanding the sector
  13. 13. Understanding the sector Courtesy Jennifer Culhane, MPH, PHD – Drexel University
  14. 14. Naming the series
  15. 15. Understanding maps Tools of the trade  GIS  Neighborhood data sets • Crime stats • Air quality reports • Birth, death records • School attendance, delinquency • Noise complaints • Vacant lots, abandoned buildings
  16. 16. Understanding maps Esri Health GIS Conference Institute on GIS and Public Health
  17. 17. Understanding maps Institute on GIS and Public Health Amy Hillier, PennDesign
  18. 18. What I learned from Charlie Branas, Cartographic Modeling Lab Maps can be misleading
  19. 19. What I learned from Dennis Culhane, Cartographic Modeling Lab Neighborhood effects physical distancesocial distance
  20. 20. The series What matters in a neighborhood?  Walkability • The WISH Study Walkability’s Impact on Senior Health • NIH funded • Philadelphia Corp. for Aging
  21. 21. Walkability “Broken sidewalks, streetlights that change to fast for an older adult to get across … bus stops where there’s no place to sit down. Neighborhoods that are nice and kempt and lovely but it’s blocks and blocks to get to a grocery or a market.” - researcher Allen Glicksman
  22. 22. Walkability
  23. 23. Walkability
  24. 24. The series What matters in a neighborhood?  Home • Multi-family smoking policies • Mold, water damage • Dust mites, roaches, pests • Crowded living conditions • Proximity to traffic, car pollution
  25. 25. Home
  26. 26. Home
  27. 27. Home "If you are talking about some of the poorer patients, you can't just pick yourself up and leave. You are where you are, and if you have neighbors on both sides, who might not keep up their home-- and you do--you are impacted by them.” - pediatrician Hal Byke
  28. 28. The series What matters in a neighborhood?  Mass transit  Parks, places to play  Bike lanes But, what’s enough?  HIA – Health Impact Assessment
  29. 29. Mass transit Proposal: Spend $400M to extend subway (and get workers out of their cars)
  30. 30. Mass transit
  31. 31. Mass transit
  32. 32. Mass transit • Three pix from video footage glaxo, urban, young workers
  33. 33. Detours, dead ends “Sadly, it's true that Bang-ups and Hang-ups can happen to you.” – Dr. Seuss
  34. 34. Detours, dead ends Goal: Launch a new conversation about the power of place and the influence of neighborhood on health. #builtenvironment #hia #placehealth “Creating a nonorganic hashtag may be the hardest thing ever.” -- Don Henry, WHYY Director of Digital News
  35. 35. Does it work? Taunya: A: “We don’t know yet.” A: “Stay tuned.” A: “Experts are tracking … ” A: “Evidence is mounting.” Detours, dead ends