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Five Steps of the Production of LED Lighting Products

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Five Steps of the Production of LED Lighting Products

  1. 1. Five Steps of the Production of LED Lighting ProductsEmitting Principle of LEDSince the generation of the outside lighting, the lighting is divided into three periods: the eraof filament lamps (incandescent), the gas bulbs era (Fluorescent), the era of thesemiconductor light-emitting (LED). And we always put attention to the longest history ofincandescent and mainstream LED. Regardless of how the development of the era is, thelighting industrys production processes are surprisingly similar. And there are various kindsof led lights in our daily life, such as LED high bay, led street light and so on. When electrongoes through the layer of semiconductor material and it stimulates semiconductor materialresulting in converting electrical energy into light energy and this is the emitting principle ofled. However, the single semiconductor light-emitting ability is weak, so t a lot of single layermaterials have to be stacked up and pressed into the composite material, and this is epitaxialwafer. So, LED luminous efficiency is determined by the layers pressed into same thickness.The thinner the monolayer material is, the more layers can be superimposed and the higherthe luminous efficiency is. Now the general thickness of each layer is only 2-20 microns,which also determines the epitaxial wafers production is the most difficult part of the entireLED production process.Cutting is the Core of LEDIt is the equivalent of the filament withdrawn from the tungsten material while the difference isthat the epitaxial wafer after cutting is a block-shaped. Due to the special structure ofepitaxial wafers, it is extremely difficult to cut optical core in good shape. It not only requires avacuum environment, but also needs professional cutting machine. Currently there are onlytwo manufacturers in the world having this cutting machine.Put the Core into the LED ChipChip to an LED is as lampholders to bulbs, and it is the power supply part. "Chip" is veryimportant equipment for LED desired effect, because the LED puts very high requirementson current. For example,high bay LED lighting has high demands for the current.Package LED Chips into Luminous BodyLED chip package just like add the lampshade to filament lamp holder to make into light
  2. 2. bulbs. The shape of lampshade may vary depending on the desired, but the packagingtechnology determines the service life of the luminous body.Lighting Applications of LEDJust like the use of incandescent bulbs, according to the different functions and needs, it isassembled into a variety of LED products. For LED lighting, the first three steps of epitaxialwafers, cutting and chip are upstream, the fourth step of the package is the middle reaches,and the fifth step of the application is downstream. We need to use more energy to breakthrough these issues that.www.skyworthlighting.comOur main products included LED highbay lights, LED Canopy lights, LED emergency ceilinglamps, LED street lights, LED tunnel lights and LED panel lights, etc.The article is come from: