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Totalcar Magazine media offer 2013

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Totalcar Magazine media offer 2013

  1. 1. NEW!TOTALCAR MAGAZINE IN ENGLISH Effective from: 01/04/2013
  3. 3. WHAT IS TOTALCAR.HU?  Totalcar is Hungary’s market leader car magazine  The first online magazine to delegate a COTY member (Car of The Year)  From 2000: TV and radio shows, books and newspapers, DVDs, merchandising  30.000 Facebook followers  Journalists known nationwide 3
  4. 4. FACEBOOK TOPLIST B125 law: winner initiation by Totalcar 14.669 The Hungarian used car buyers are fool! 7.008 World’s biggest loser 5.258 Speedcam just rarely makes a mistake (but then ) 4.137Source: Facebook, 2012-02-18 4
  5. 5. TOTALCAR IN NUMBERS 12 years 2.433 new and used car reviews 604 new and used motorbike reviews 20.625 articles, news, publications 175 TV shows 256 radio shows 670 videos 48.613 people’s verdicts of cars 3.539 people”s verdicts of motorcycles Source: Totalcar’s own statistics 5
  6. 6. we represent the success reached in Hungary we bring our know-how abroad
  7. 7.’s reading can be valuable internationally. 3,36% 0,13%*Totalcar: 505.000 RU/month Jalopnik (US): 2 M UV/month Motortrend (US): 1,6 M UV/monthSAMPLE: approx. Car and Driver (US): 1 M UV/month15 M people(native language: SAMPLE: approx. 1,5 MrdHungarian) people (native language: English)* We have analysed the rate of the widest reach Jalopnik and the English speaking population.Source: Ipsos - Gemius SA: gemius/Ipsos Fusion Data, 2012-11 (15+ domestic audience), 7foreign web sites: Quantcast, 2013-01
  9. 9. TOTALCAR MAGAZINE MISSION we write for everyone: from the mechanics with oily nails to the almost professionals internationally acceptable texts (not Hunglish) unique style, which could be popular in the domestic market 9
  10. 10.  Brand new car tests by Car Of The Year (European focus) Involving car stories Horror stories of terrible Eastern-European home tinkerings Technical articles which are not released anywhere (car lights test) TOPICS
  11. 11. WHO WOULD WE LIKE TO REACH?• English speaker foreign people living in Hungary (XPat managers, diplomats, workers, students)• English speaking readers• English speaking Hungarians and their friends living abroad 11
  12. 12. TOTALCAR MAGAZINE IN ENGLISH Proposed start: 01 April 2013 Expected content: ― 6 articles/week ― self-made, English-language videos Structure: 2 columns, clean site, large images, premium advertising spaces Support: ― Totalcar Magazine promobox in cover page ― CEMP RON self-promo banner campaign (10 M AV/month) ―, Totalcar Magazine 12
  13. 13. TOTALCAR MAGAZINE MAIN SPONSOR PACKAGEAppearances include: Totalcar Magazine ― Header sponsorship ― Fix half page (300x600 px) ― 5 sec pre-roll spot before every TCM video Totalcar cover page ― TCM promobox sponsorship CEMP RON ― Sponsor logo appears on the supportive banner campaign elements (10 M AV/month) net-net 900.000 HUF/month net-net 2.500.000 HUF/3 months 13
  14. 14. TOTALCAR MAGAZINE OTHER ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES Creative Net-net price/month Net-net price/3 monthsSuper leaderboard 150.000 HUF 400.000 HUF(970x90 px)Roadblock „A” 165.000 HUF 450.000 HUF(640x360 px)Roadblock „B” 130.000 HUF 360.000 HUF(640x360 px) 14
  15. 15. SAMPLESsuper leaderboard half pageroadblock 15
  16. 16. ABOUT INDEX Leading Hungarian news portal since May 1999 One of the most distinctive online brands Its original style and independent news service has made Index unique in the media market Its constantly refreshed news service on politics, economics, technology, culture and sports attracts 1,2 million visitors a month editorial staff of Index have won several journalistic prizesSource: Ipsos - Gemius SA: gemius/Ipsos Fusion 16Data, 2012-11 (15+ domestic audience)
  17. 17.