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Six Things All Dentists in San Pedro Want Us To Know, PART 2

In this two-part article series, we shall be discussing six things or facts that every dentist would like us to understand about our mouths and about oral healthcare.

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Six Things All Dentists in San Pedro Want Us To Know, PART 2

  1. 1. Six Things All Dentists in San Pedro Want Us To Know, PART 2 Welcome to the second installment of this two-part article series on all the information tidbits every dentist in San Pedro CA would like their patients to know and appreciate. Previously, in the first installment of the series, we covered the following three items: # 1: Baby bottle decay is a real problem, and yet parents don‟t seem to be listening to the warnings of their dentists. # 2: Xylitol chewing gum is great for oral health, so chew away! # 3: Don‟t get mouth or tongue piercings, because they can do irreparable damage to your teeth and they can cause devastating infection. Let‟s take a look at the final three items… Item # 4: Avoid garlic before an appointment, please! If you‟ve got a dental appointment lined up for the day, it‟s good social etiquette to avoid any stinky, pungent foods that tend to linger on the breath: raw onions and garlic are prime suspects. Also, give your teeth a good brush and floss before your appointment. While San Pedro dentists are used to the good, the bad and the ugly, you should try to spare them as much discomfort as possible. Your dentist will appreciate it. Item # 5: Bleeding gums are not normal and they’re not okay.
  2. 2. “If you were in the shower and your skin started to bleed where you‟d scrubbed it, you wouldn‟t consider that to be okay at all,” says a dentist in San Pedro CA. “The same applies to your gums. They shouldn‟t bleed when they‟re brushed or flossed. The only reason they do is either because you‟re being too aggressive with your brushing, or they‟re unhealthy. Most often, it‟s the latter reason. “Gums that tear and bleed easily are a symptom of gum disease and bacterial infection, so you should visit your dentist for a proper dental cleaning and check-up and you should start to take greater care of your teeth. Floss everyday (not once in a blue moon) and brush for two minutes, twice a day.” Item # 6: There’s no such thing as “soft teeth,” only neglect. “We get a lot of patients who blame their terrible oral health and hygiene on their genes and on this strange condition called „soft teeth‟ – “I have my mother‟s soft teeth,” says a San Pedro dentist. “There is no such thing as „soft teeth‟ and especially nothing that you inherit through your genes. Tooth decay and gum disease are caused by poor oral hygiene and by bad lifestyle habits, such as smoking, excessive drinking and a diet too high in sugar. If you don‟t brush and floss daily and if you don‟t see your dentist and oral hygienist twice a year, then you leave your teeth terribly vulnerable to tooth decay. It‟s too easy to blame bad dental health on genetics and while there are some genetic diseases and conditions that can leave you at a greater risk of tooth decay, damage to your teeth can easily be managed with the right lifestyle habits. Make sure you take proper care of your pearly whites, because your smile is one of your most important physical assets. It‟s also your primary mode of communication and digestion! Regret is not something you want to experience where the health of your teeth are concerned.