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Phonethics - digital Campaigns & Creatives

The Journey of Phonethics from 2006 to 2013. Starting from short videos, social media campaigns, original content for distribution on mobile phones spanning the expansion of services to media buying, technology solutions and compleet digital footprint creation and management.

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Phonethics - digital Campaigns & Creatives

  1. 1. Copyright © 2013 Phonethics Hi, We’re Phonethics
  2. 2. I’m Saurabh, Chief Storyteller Copyright © 2013 Phonethics
  3. 3. Here’s the Phonethics story –
  4. 4. • A 23 minute movie about urban alienation • India’s First Ever Movie to be released on Mobiles. • Screened at Atlanta, Palm Beach and Ontario Film Festivals
  5. 5. Set-up in 2006 with a vision to work with technologies and creative practices that amplify Communication • Mentored by Prof Dipak C. Jain, Dean, Kellogg School of Business • Founded by Saurabh Gupta
  6. 6. Our mission is to • Create original Short Form Entertainment and Information series • For distribution on portable devices Portable Content = Pocket content
  7. 7. “Content” is Information.. designed for easy and enjoyable consumption that represents a meaningful and substantive value to the end user.
  8. 8. Pocket Content - India Best way to reach the Indian Pocket = portable device = Mobile phone + other devices
  9. 9. • Our products are guaranteed to be - • Unique • Affordable • Useful As well as • Entertaining with an Emotional Quotient
  10. 10. Phonethics Pocket Content • Pocket Content = Multiple categories= Themes = Characters • Theme-based characters for over 50 themes covering - – Entertainment – Social sector – Health care – Travel – Education/Learning • Video clips (10secs – 4 minutes) • Re-purposed content - Comic strips, sponsored production • Mobile content - wallpapers, Gifs, MMS, Video Ringtones
  11. 11. Distribution using • Social Media Networks • Partner sites network • Mobile tribes (bluetooth, SMS, GPRS)
  12. 12. BHAKT HARVAKT The Bruce Springsteen of Bhajans and aartis. Walk through any bylane, maidan or park during festival time and chances are you‟ll find a singer much like „Bhakt Harvakt‟ marshalling his rag - tag orchestra and entertaining an entire crowd of believers.
  13. 13. Ms MADHURI From childbirth to marriage, nothing is really complete without her raunchy moves and silly but effusive wishes. This character is easily identifiable by anybody who has shelled out money to the groups of transvestites that land up on every auspicious occasion in India, clapping with open hands and threatening to do the Full Monty at the drop of a …hundred rupee note!
  14. 14. INDYEAH SINGH From coolie to cool dude, his avatars are representative of the changing India. His jokes and silly antics are meant to bring a smile to your face but watch out for the interesting factoid he‟s got about India. Funny yet informative, this series marries animation and Video in a unique manner to deliver power packed edutainment.
  15. 15. Content series – (Entertainment) (30 – 60 seconds) • Indiyeah Singh [Video + Animation] The ultimate patriot, A whacky sardarji and his animated counterpart bring you facts about India and give a new meaning to the words „Jai hind‟. * Premiering shortly on a leading news channel • Arz Kiya Hai [Animation] Two animated characters „Mia Fekoo‟ and „Furmaoo Jaan‟ recite contemporary as well as classical Urdu/Hindi poetry. • ET in the Ceety [Video + Animation] ET lands in Delhi and is subjected to the trials and tribulations of an ordinary citizen‟s life. FROM THE CONTENT LIBRARY:
  16. 16. MMS Gallery – short M – greetings, 5-10secs, >100kb
  17. 17. MMS Gallery – short M – greetings, 5-10secs, >100kb
  18. 18. Current Products under development – (Entertainment) (3-5 minutes) • OOma [Video] A detective with a difference, OOma (Uma) solves mysteries using her intelligence, experience and of course oomph!! A unique concept, this will be the first of its kind in the interactive content category. • Blind date [Video] A mobile journal of a single working woman in the city looking for friendship, love and companion-ship. • Car se pyaar [Animation] A love story between a city slicker car and a rough and tough bike.
  19. 19. Mungle – Animated Series Billoo decides to chuck his life as a cable guy in the heartless city and move to the jungle for some peace and quiet.. amongst his own ‘people’.. …but ends up bringing a little bit of the city with him! In the form of the Mobile Phone, making it The Mobile Jungle or ‘MUNGLE’ The story traces Billoo’s journey as he brings the mobile phone to the jungle, Becomes an ‘internationally wanted’ Mobile Expert and goes from being an outsider to Hero to Villain..
  20. 20. Distributed using GPRS..
  21. 21. ..and bluetooth
  22. 22. Dedicated channel on R World
  23. 23. INdiYeAH SinGH INdiYeAH SinGH – The biggest Patriot ever, an agent of change. India’s First Ever Multi-platform, Multi-Media and Multi-medium character debuts on Star NewsDescriptor : He is a funny guy full of facts connected with India, told in a fun format. He generally precedes any information with a topical joke.
  24. 24. INdiYeAH SinGH will appear on Star News 18 times a day, every day of the week for 3 months. The duration of each episode is for 60 seconds and will be a part of Star News Programming Content.
  25. 25. FilmCrew A Digital Media Workshop
  26. 26. Genesis • Saregama HMV launched a new album „The -Underground‟ • Competition for Film Schools to prepare the music videos for the album. • Inquiry from R. N. Podar School to conduct digital media workshop. So, the inception of FilmCrew - A Vocational Course on Film Making and Audio – Visual Production for students of RN Podar School. Focus • Briefing on facets of Film Making as well as „On the Job‟ training in the form of producing MUSIC VIDEOS for PROFESSIONAL BANDS.
  27. 27. Underground project Students learnt the basics of new media and went on to DIRECT, SHOOT and PRODUCE the 5 music videos themselves. • Documentary filmmaker and Ex – BBC director SumitOsmondShaw Radio Mirchi veteren Siddhartha Ace Photographer Ajay Hirani FTII Pune Grad – Cinematographer ShantiBhushan & New media Evangelist ParmeshShahani Project: 5 bands - 5 music videos • Grand Finale: Honorary MP Priya Dutt distributed proficiency certificates to students. • The Making of Music Videos
  28. 28. Mobile Filmmaking Workshop (Kamla Nehru College, Delhi University) • Background Phonethics conducted a one-day workshop as part of the Journalism Festival, on the „Aesthetics of Mobile-Filmmaking‟. • Activity - Rigorous theory session to understand the opportunities and challenges of shooting films using the mobile phone - Created one-minute films that were showcased at the Inter-College Festival in Delhi University.
  29. 29. Clay 2 Play Claymation Workshop • Presently conducting 15 session (3 month) long workshop with students at R.N. Podar School. • Broader aspects of the workshop: – Learning – Creation – Publishing & distribution (Social Media) • Key Subjects: design characters, create environment, story board, Shooting, post production & Releasing
  30. 30. Visual Alphabets
  31. 31. VA • Disparate pieces of communication – Media, Advertising, Product info, Internet – blogs, videos, product review, peer groups = confused consumer • Provide a focal point to all communication – a visual icon to navigate the info jungle
  32. 32. Use Characters to… Create Awareness Generate Traffic Create Dialogue Interactivity
  33. 33. Characters on Social Media • Characters are versatile • Characters are idea for Social Media • Characters can have: – A Face on Facebook – Content on Youtube – Interactive Content – Make Friends – Generate Dialogue on Networks and Forums – Drive Traffic to site
  34. 34. Brand – Champion Chaalbaaz No. 1 (Reality Show based on the International Format Prankstar Objective – To promote the show online, showcasing various pranks played by contestants Solution – A blog hosted by a Naughty Mian Fekoo, who narrates the best pranks ever played, showcases videos and gave tips to users. Great Pranks from the show often features as PART OF CONTENT on the blog Result – The blog received 40000 views over the month, being promoted across social media
  35. 35.
  36. 36.
  37. 37. Facebook
  38. 38. Orkut
  39. 39. Twitter
  40. 40. Brand – Sumo Grande Objective – To create awareness & consumer interaction around the launch of the Tata Sumo Grande in the online space. As a new variant in UV category, the USPs of the vehicle needed enunciation Solution – Character Arun Kumar, pen name for an Ex-Writer for Auto Mag – Top Gear Result – Branding activity morphed into a conversion tool as 2 cars were bought & blog received 48000 views in 30 days!!
  41. 41. Virals Hindustan Times NIITDHL
  42. 42. 2008 creative content for brands
  43. 43. Brand – WIN WIN Offer on the Mumbai HT Objective – Make people read HT & search for Hidden Clues in the newspaper & send an SMS to win a car every week. Targeting Mumbai city Solution – Mumbai‟s Bindass Attitude was best reflected in characters „Bhai & Sirkit‟ in an animated viral Result – The viral received 25000 views in just the first 2 weeks of the campaign CASE STUDY: HINDUSTAN TIMES
  44. 44. Lead Generation Godrej Hi- Care Itz Cash Cards VLCC
  45. 45. Digital Poster Leads Generated from Here!!! CASE STUDY: GODREJ HiCARE
  46. 46. Christians in India - Times of India Social networking site for Christians in India
  47. 47. Christians in India - Times of India Social networking site for Christians in India
  48. 48. CASE STUDY: ZEE Cinema Website: Home Page
  49. 49. CASE STUDY: ZEE Cinema Application
  50. 50. CASE STUDY: ZEE Cinema Application
  51. 51. Website Development Tata Indica Microsite e - Comic Book Tata Indica Website 3D Experience Zee Cinema
  52. 52. Tata Motors - Indica Vista Unique online destination & 3d interactive model of the car
  53. 53. Tata Motors (Indica Vista) Comics, Apps & more
  54. 54. CASE STUDY: TATA MOTORS (Facebook Application)
  55. 55. 2008 - 2009
  56. 56. A literature festival website that was build to host the program information and enable registrations
  57. 57. Lavasa Women’s Drive A voting application based website for users to get their seats reserved at the most awaited drive in Mumbai
  58. 58. Garnier – Take Care Take Charge
  59. 59. Nissan Micra Website Product website build during the launch of Micra
  60. 60. Pre-loader
  61. 61. Pre-loader
  62. 62. Home Page
  63. 63. Features –POSE FOR MICRA
  64. 64. Pose for Micra
  65. 65. Gallery
  66. 66. Latest News
  67. 67. Dealer Locator
  68. 68. Launched Nissan Micra – 2010 Awarded by Indian PR Association for best use of social media in PR
  69. 69. Audra Business Solutions Online presence for Autocop solution division
  70. 70. An ecommerce enabled website build for the distributors and buyers of autocop products
  71. 71. AUTOCOP
  72. 72. AUTOCOP
  73. 73. Nissan Micra – Lead Management System LMS – Tracks Campaign across websites
  74. 74. Product website build during the launch of Skoda Yeti in the month of November
  75. 75. Product website build during the launch of Skoda Yeti in the month of November
  76. 76. Micro site for Nissan 370Z sports car
  77. 77. Kingfisher widget Branded widget for users to embed on their blogs/websites
  78. 78. A mobile video delivery product from Phonethics
  79. 79. Raffles Design International Concept: A Face book Application to be used by students to upload/share/rate.
  80. 80. Simplify the online tea buying process to a more clutter-free user interface. Challenge
  81. 81. Buying tea is now possible right from the Home Page in a few clicks.
  82. 82. Online Purchase of Tea-Sets with a wide variety to choose from.
  83. 83. Purchase of tea-related gift items on the website is possible
  84. 84. Virtual gallery consisting of pictures from Assam tea gardens.
  85. 85. User Registration page before purchasing the products
  86. 86. Product segregation further simplified the entire process of purchasing
  87. 87. Pictorial and interactive posts on FB Page
  88. 88. Digital Banners
  89. 89. Digital Banners
  90. 90. Magic Link – Single URL that can be promoted on social media and accessed on mobiles – Optimized experience for the user on PC & mobiles (any screen size) – Detailed reports & tracking – Viral impact - Harness the power of social media and mobile
  91. 91. One link to unite them all.. Deliver Manage Content Viral, TV Commercials, Jingles Contests: 2 way sms, email response, data Distribute Coupons special offers, discounts, group coupons, limited edition trials, loyalty programs etc
  92. 92. Applications of Magic Link • Branding • Lead generation • Brand community creation • Product launches • Customer education • Time bound promos • Branded media channel • Loyalty programs • Consumer Survey & pre-testing of ads / new launches • Brand activation at events
  93. 93. Case Study l : Bajaj Pulsar 135LS • Brand Background: – Brand Pulsar was extending into the 135 cc segment after establishing leadership in 150,180 and 220 CC. • ASK: – Derive higher visibility through the hugely popular „ MTV Pulsar Stunt Maniacs‟ Shaiir N Func Video • Solution: – Send out two product Avs to consumers. • The stunt Maniacs video was sent to a 2.5 Lakh bike enthusiasts. • A specific Product AV was sent to consumers who filled in a lead generation form
  94. 94. Campaign Reporting Module
  95. 95. Campaign Reporting Module
  96. 96. Analytics & Number – Essentials • Bajaj Pulsar 135LS • SMS Message : watch the Pulsar Maniacs doing amazing bike stunts on your mobile. Click here to watch the video now- SMS Distribution 2.5 Lakhs Video Clicks 3317 CTR 1.32%
  97. 97. Case study ll – 5 Star Background: 5 star – „Jo Khaye kho jaye‟ contest at Moodi Festival (IIT Mumbai). Activity involved submission of „kho jaye‟ entries (image/videos) from students through branded bluetooth kiosks across the campus. • Ask: Connect with the participants, and share their entries back with them. Also, enable the participant to share it with his/her friends. • Solution: Participant receives his/her entry in form of MAGICLINK through SMS, which he/she can forward as an SMS or upload on Facebook/twitter.
  98. 98. Campaign Reporting Module
  99. 99. Individual MAGICLINK data
  100. 100. Real Estate App for Customer Delight & Engagement enabling Real Estate Developers to Book Prospects & Earn Referrals by providing a World Class Interactive experience
  101. 101. Content • The need for personalised communication • iKii – a simple, elegant mobile app system • Deploy in 3 simple steps Data & Trends • Consumer Behavior • Projected Growth of Smartphones • How and why businesses are using mobile apps
  102. 102. Consumer •Internet , Newspaper, TV, Social Media, Friends (Word of Mouth), Mobile, Forums, Blogs Company •Website, Brochures, Customer Care + Sales Team Clutter ikey •Single Point Access •Simplified Single Touch Access • Revenue Earner •Consumer Delight • Company – Many Players , Voices, Tools ,Processes • Consumer – Overwhelmed, Over Informed , Lazy • Confusion • Expense • Lost Opportunity The need for personalised communication
  103. 103. iKii – a simple, elegant mobile app system For Consumer • Anywhere, Anytime – always available on your device • Super convenient – browse at leisure, request more info • Hassle free – no need to carry heavy paper brochures • Great experience- – see images, video walkthroughs all in one place • Book appointments • One on One communication from within the app • Stay updated about new developments • Personalized connect • Ownership Info • Easy to Refer to friends For Company • Establish yourself as a thoughtleader in the RE industry • Be among the first RE developers to roll out internationally benchmarked ‘delight management’ system • Provide a great multimedia experience of your property to customers • Use existing marketing material to roll out mobile apps • Easy to update content • Identify & reward best customers • Unify CRM, loyalty, referrals & prospects in a system • Saves time and cost • Analytics • Business Intelligence
  104. 104. Deploy in 3 simple steps • Share branding, logos & project content – Our team will customize iKii interface and your content • Choose specific features within ikii – Add and remove from our suite of features • Choose devices and systems – Need a different configuration for iPad & Android phones? No problem • Distribute app via SMS, Website, App Store, Anything • Collect leads & referrals + Backend to manage content and communication Customize Integrate Choose Distribute Manage Delivery 45 days
  105. 105. Interactive Multimedia Project Information Project Gallery Add tabs Special Features
  106. 106. Personalized Login for home owners Personalized Login Project Status Update Reminders
  107. 107. India‟s Only Digital Agency to be shortlist @Cannes 2012
  108. 108. Creative Agency
  109. 109. Digital Partners
  110. 110. Digital Agency
  111. 111. Nissan Enhanced Ownership Experience [NEON] 2012-2013 Digital Agency
  112. 112. Awards and Recognitions Saurabh Gupta - Founder & CEO ‘Young Communications Entrepreneur - 2009’ Creative Economy – Global Program run by the British Council ‘Best deployment of Social Media for PR’ India PR & Corporate Communications Awards- 2011 Before we begin…