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DUYIN EHUMI — NEWS STORIES                                                                    Page 2CHRISTMAS GIFT 2011For...
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DUYIN EHUMI — NEWS STORIES                                                                     Page 4A SECOND TO NONE EXPE...
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DUYIN EHUMI — NEWS STORIES                                                                      Page 6REPORT ON BEEKEEPING...
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DUYIN EHUMI — NEWS STORIES                                                                               Page 8SNAIL FARMI...
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DUYIN EHUMI — NEWS STORIES                                                                       Page 10REPORT FROM THE IK...
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Community Newsletter January 2011

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Community Newsletter January 2011

  1. 1. DUYIN EHUMI — NEWS STORIES Volume: 6 Issue: 1 January 2011 IKO ESAI COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER RHOKO CAMP SCHOOL VISITSCERCOPAN has always heldoutreach and education workclose to the heart ofoperations as the mosteffective means to spread themessage regarding theimportance of conservationto communities surroundingCross River National Park(CRNP).As part of this work we haveover the years invitedstudents from schools in Agoi Students from Owai School Students from Iko Esai SchoolIbami, Iko Ekperem, Iko Esaiand Owai to visit our forestconservation site; Rhokocamp. Recently we have beenable fund this activity withthe generous assistance ofthe International Union forthe Conservation of Nature(IUCN) and the InternationalPrimate Society (IPS).Students spend the daylearning about forest andprimate conservation fromour staff at CERCOPAN andhave the opportunity to viewmangabey monkeys in their Students from Agoi Unity School Students from Iko Ekperem Schoolnatural habitat. Inside this issue: Christmas Gift 2011 Page 2 Poultry Farming in Agoi Ibami Page 7 The CCDC; A Conceotual Approach Page 2 Snail Farming in Agoi Ibami Page 8 Hunter’s Association Visits to Rhoko Camp Page 3 Iko Esai Community Secondary School Page 8 A Second to None Experience of Cocoa Training Page 4 The Progress of Cocoa Farming in Iko Esai Page 9 CActivities of the CCDC Project Committee Page 5 A Report on the CCDC Surveillance Committee Page 10 Report on Beekeeping in Iko Esai Page 6 BNRCC Livelihood Projects in Agoi Ibami Page 11 Peace and Security in Ayo Communities Page 7
  2. 2. DUYIN EHUMI — NEWS STORIES Page 2CHRISTMAS GIFT 2011For many years now volunteers ( I ko Esai people’s hospitality and a year now and they haveCERCOPAN has been giving a Community Conservation and support for the conservation helped to make our Englishgift at Christmas time to the Development Committee; and development work that Community Conservationhouseholds, chiefs and CCDC) in Iko Esai village as a CERCOPAN does in the area. Manager (Rachel Heming- way) feel very welcome. This year we started giving out the yearly thank you gift When we call on the village of rice and salt to our host to assist us with community community Iko Esai in Janu- projects people are all very ary 2011. willing to pitch in and lend a hand with the project man- agement and collection of Without the support of Iko materials for the work. Esai people our work would not be possible as most of our staff and volunteers CERCOPAN plans to continue come from the village. In the tradition of thanking the addition the community has village, the chiefs, and the been home to one of our CCDC for many years to international volunteers for come. Mike Ekpe with the Christmas Gift THE CCDC; A CONCEPTUAL APPROACH By Jerry Okon; Secretary The CCDC is the Iko Esai organisation was elected community’s high standards Community Conservation from the community in for project work and and Development September 2009 and aims to transparency. The new body Committee, a body set up by put in place an effective has already completed two the community in system of checks and applications for external partnership with CERCOPAN balances between the power funding for the betterment in line with the Millennium of the Chief’s, the youth and of Iko Esai’s physical Development Goals (MDGs) CERCOPAN in addition to infrastructure and has of education, conservation, transparently and efficiently worked hard to form project natural resource managing the money paid by implementation committees development and CERCOPAN quarterly to to ensure the work is management and female CCDC for village works. completed. empowerment. Jerry Okon The CCDC was reconstituted CCDC Secretary The newly constituted as the former body had executive committee failed to satisfy the
  3. 3. Page 3 VOLUME: 6 ISSUE: 1 HUNTER’S ASSOCIATION VISITS TO RHOKO CAMP By Rachel Hemingway; CERCOPAN CommunityOver the past few months Mangabeys in our forest This outreach work is vital to continue to hunt primatesthe outreach work of enclosure and hear a talk on the success of forest and to keep them as petsCERCOPAN in the villages the importance of forest conservation as it allows the despite the danger of diseasesurrounding Cross River conservation and people who depend on the being transferred fromNational Park has gathered endangered species forest and its resources to monkey to person. Monkeysmomentum with visits to our protection from our appreciate the importance of do not make good pets andRhoko forest site from four Community Education and sustainable resource should be left undisturbed incommunities; Iko Esai, Iko Liaison Officer Mike Ekpe, a exploitation and the their forest home.Ekperem, Owai and Agoi resident of Iko Esai precarious position ofIbami. CERCOPAN invited the community and Ayitu endangered species,chief’s, women leaders, and Obeten, a resident from Agoi particularly primates, in Crosshunters from the surrounding and one of our Research River National Park.communities to visit the Assistants at Rhoko. Un fo rt u na t ely peo p le Iko Ekperem hunters after Rhoko visit Agoi Ibami hunters at Rhoko Owai hunters at Rhoko Iko Esai hunters at Rhoko
  4. 4. DUYIN EHUMI — NEWS STORIES Page 4A SECOND TO NONE EXPERIENCE OF COCOATRAINING IN IKOMBy Arong Akan Oyak CERCOPAN, a Non- approach toward the socio- compared to 2009 is also a Governmental Organisation economic wellbeing of Iko Esai result of the efforts of the (NGO), was founded in 1995 community, most recently by facilitator who received and in Cross River State; it is a securing a grant from Building passed on the excellent non-profit organisation Nigeria’s Response to Climate training. If this upward trend dedicated to conserving Change (BNRCC) to assist local in production is maintained, Nigerian primates through farmers to adapt to climate Iko Esai community will rainforest conservation, change impacts. Esai’s Cocoa become the leading producers ‘If the upward community education, farmers have benefitted from of cocoa in the state by 2020. trend in cocoa primate rehabilitation, and training on improved methods production is research. The organisation and modern techniques; this offers sanctuary to orphaned was achieved by sponsoring A focus on cocoa production maintained Iko Esai monkeys that have been the myself (a graduate of forestry will minimise the rate of community will victim of hunting and habitat and wildlife management) to poaching, logging and forest become the leading loss. CERCOPAN offers the attend a workshop in Ikom on encroachment into our forest producers of cocoa chance for rehabilitation by cocoa farming in May 2010. ecosystem and preserve the providing an environment beauty of our naturally in the state by that mimics the natural endowed fauna and flora. 2020’ habitat. The long term goal is The laudable experiences and for the reintroduction of these achievements gained so far monkeys to a protected forest are second to none and I commend CERCOPAN who area. cannot be over-emphasised as have found a solution for the new skills, techniques and environmental sustainability. methods are employed on our CERCOPAN has also always farms. The increase in coco maintained a pro-active production in 2010 asArong Akan OyakCocoa Training Facilitator Training in the field
  5. 5. Page 5 VOLUME: 6 ISSUE: 1 ACTIVITIES OF THE CCDC PROJECT COMMITTEE By Rasman Sunnytex D E Aidams; Secretary; Project CommitteeThe Project Committee (PC) operandi of the members reproduction rate willwas set up by the Community directly involved in these increase and before you canConservation and projects say Jack Robinson, Iko EsaiDevelopment Committee will boast a large piggery. The 3. To guard against(CCDC) chaired by Mr Stanley public is therefore advised to misappropriation of fundsObo. The PC is duly purchase live pigs from the derived from these projectsrecognised by CERCOPAN and farm for their needs in future.is headed by Mr Peter Arong 4. To flush out persons with Beekeeping has been inAidam, I am the Secretary questionable characters who existence since 2008, nineand there are eight other may damage the reputation hives were originallymembers. The aims of the PC of the projects constructed and placedare to assist in the 5. To ensure any funds around the community. Foursupervision and management embezzled by members are hives have been harvested Rasman Aidamsof projects initiated by returned to the groups with a total of 18 litres of Secretary ProjectCERCOPAN that are designed involved honey sold to the public. Committeeto improve the lives of people CERCOPAN is constructing tenin Iko Esai including pig 6. To liaise with CERCOPAN additional hives and trainingfarming, beekeeping and the on workshop organisation more women on how toabattoir established by and attendance nurse bees to generate smallCERCOPAN. The PC is 7. To generate initiatives to income for their families. ‘The aims of the PC areinvolved to assist CERCOPANwith the management of attract more income for the to assist in thethese projects and to reduce projects Appreciation supervision andstress. management of My regards go to Mr Richard Projects projects’ Carroll, the outgoing RhokoObjectives: The abattoir has been fully Camp manager as well as Ms completed and the business Tanya for their efforts in1. To create sustainability, is starting to generate profit starting the beekeepingcorrect management and for the members. The cold project and laying the work conservation to otherfurther development of these room has been furnished with for further work. I also give people and to futureprojects a generator a deep freeze thanks and commendation to generations.2. To ensure that community and all other necessary items Miss Rachel who undertookbeneficiaries are controlled to for the business to function to revive the beekeeping and Thank you CERCOPAN forcare and protect the effectively. The cold room open the other works; she choosing Iko Esaiproceeds of the project in started operation on the 3rd has really shown the love she Community today,affiliation with CERCOPAN. November and since then the has for this community. tomorrow and forever. need for people to travel out Let me now express my My profound gratitude or go hunting to get meat has feelings to especially goes to Almighty God forFunctions: been reduced. granting us the appreciate CERCOPAN, the1. To disseminate awareness The pig farm started with 3 only NGO that has promoted opportunities needed forregarding the need to adult pigs, the number has the image of Iko Esai in this report to become aembrace conservation to the since grown to 9 adults and 3 Nigeria, Africa and the world reality.entire community babies. One pig has been sold at large. The people of Iko to date to generate income Esai are always ready to2. To monitor the modus spread the importance of Thank you and God Bless for the group, soon the
  6. 6. DUYIN EHUMI — NEWS STORIES Page 6REPORT ON BEEKEEPING IN IKO ESAIBy Joy Arong Ekpe Appreciation Conclusions We appreciate DIN who Beekeeping was introduced in introduced the beekeeping in Nigeria to boost the rural Iko Esai at the request of economy. As a result we have CERCOPAN to help the women the knowledge of beekeeping earn a living. We say may God and would like the government bless them and grant them a to become involved to further long and prosperous life in financially empower the Jesus name Amen community to enable the activity to expand.Joy Arong EkpeThe beekeeping beekeepers are as follows:association was established 1. Checking on the hivesby Development in Nigeria for honey and bee health(DIN) in 2008 and given thename Esai Selected 2. Preparing hives withWomen Association beeswax(ESWA). The groupconsisted of 20 members; 3. Maintaining the areathe chairwoman was Elder around the beehivesGrace Owai. 4. Harvesting and selling the honeyAims Treating a hive with beeswaxThe aims of the association Achievementsare: The group has been able to1. Preservation of honey harvest much honey frombees and the sustainable the hives which has beenextraction of honey sold for a profit of 9000 Naira.2. The creation ofemployment opportunitiesfor women Problems Faced:3. The protection and The hives are prone toconservation of wild bees spoiling from antand honey infestations and can be4. To generate income for damaged by treesthe group and community Human empowerment was lacking to properly maintain the hivesFunctions: The smoker spoiled andThe main functions of has not yet been repaired. Esai women attending a workshop on beekeeping
  7. 7. Page 7 VOLUME: 6 ISSUE: 1 PEACE AND SECURITY IN AYO COMMUNITIES By His Royal Majesty Attah Ophot Obio A Owai As a result of youth unrest and in an exercise was undertaken in Iko attempt to find a solution to the Ekperem and shall be completed in problems caused to our communities all the Ayo communities including; by such behaviour, the traditional Owai Ifumkpa, Uyanga Okposung, rulers of Ayo Communities came Ikami and Igbofia, Uyanga model together to take an oath of peace Town, Ekpiri Iko, Iwuru Central and and unity. An oath ceremony took Iwuru Otonikapeng. place on the 14th of September in Iko Esai when all the Ayo chiefs moved together in their traditional regalia The same action has been agreed to through the streets announcing the be carried out in neighbouring LGA penalty that shall befall any Biase as the community leaders join offenders who violate the laws of the hands to keep the peace in the area. land. The youth leader of Iko Ekperem also His Royal Majesty Attah Ophot Obio A Owai took the oath and promised to assist the traditional rulers in checking the As promised by oath the same anti-social behaviour of some youths. C POULTRY FARMING IN AGOI IBAMI By Maria Effiong EkpeWomen in Nigeria often struggle Maria Effiong Ekpe of Agoi Ibamifinancially due to customary rules is one of the beneficiaries.governing the control of assets “I wanted to start poultry farmingand means of production. This is as I wanted people to be able toparticularly the case in rural areas buy eggs within the communitywith female headed households; rather than travelling out andwomen do not have the same paying transport to buy themaccess rights to land, means of outside. I’m hoping to increasetransportation or markets. As the number of layers I have so Isuch CERCOPAN is making a can grow my farm and increasestrong effort to target vulnerable the benefit to my family and thewomen and families with a sus- community.tainable livelihoods programmebased in Agoi Ibami and Iko Esaicommunities. Maria Effiong EkpeThe programme has been workingclosely with the women of thesecommunities to identify areaswhere assistance will be mosteffective in enabling women togain some small measure of finan-cial and food security. Chickens provided by the BNRCC Project
  8. 8. DUYIN EHUMI — NEWS STORIES Page 8SNAIL FARMING IN AGOI IBAMICERCOPAN invited Concern and included informationUniversal, an NGO based in on how to breed, manageCalabar to come to Agoi and sell snail meat for theIbami to train a group of best profit.men and women on how tofarm the African Giant snail.Snail farming can be a very Snails can lay up to 1200good source of income that eggs each year and with thedoes not require a lot of proper care all of these eggstime or money and can be can survive to maturity todone on a group or lay eggs themselves, snailindividual basis. meat is very healthy and provides a very good source of protein for all the family. Snail farming workshopNine people attended thisfirst training session and all markets as it is not yet small business will helpplan to start their own small The group members plan to available to buy. Many them to support theirsnail farm with assistance build their own small People enjoy the sweet families and improve theirfrom CERCOPAN. The individual snail houses and meat of snails and the lives.training was very interactive breed snails for sale in local group all believe that this IKO ESAI COMMUNITY SECONDARY Remaining forests and The secondary school and the Esai Executive Forum, led bridge that allows access to for this project by Osam external markets and Moses Eyo, successfully services. The secondary applied to the Cross River school work has been State Social and managed by a local Community Fund for voluntary Project Manager funding to renovate the for this purpose, now the Community Secondary renovations are nearly School in Esai and to build complete, and work is a vital bridge on the road expected to begin on the to Iko Ekperem and the bridge within a few weeks. highway. The CCDC, led by Community involvement Chairman Stanley Obo, has and support has been been working closely with extremely strong with At work on the school the Executive Forum to labour and materials provide the 30% provided by willing Iko Esai has been working their first grant last month to counterpart funding and volunteers. extremely hard as a refurbish the Community organise the community community over the past Secondary School, which has labour. month to the benefit of all been badly in need of repair people living in Iko Esai. The for some time. Hopefully this will prove to indigenous and fully elected be the start of a long and Following a number of Community Conservation productive era for the Iko discussions with key and Development Esai CCDC and Executive The CCDC is financially persons in the community, Committee (CCDC), in Forum. supported by CERCOPAN to the Executive Forum and conjunction with the Esai assist in the development of the CCDC concluded that Executive Forum, have Iko Esai community and the the most pressing areas in received and implemented conservation of the need of attention were the Well Done everybody!!!
  9. 9. Page 9 VOLUME: 6 ISSUE: 1 THE PROGRESS OF COCOA FARMING IN IKO ESAI COMMUNITY By Retired Rev Akan Aidan Oyak Chief of Ephem village – Esai Clan Cocoa farming which was The father who plants cocoa designated as ‘busy-body will have income and when farming’ is now one of the he goes away the income is best types of farming yielding left for his children as the the best interest to the cocoa farm can continue to community. Cocoa is not our thrive if given good care. father’s traditional form of Though I eat yam it is a farming, who instead valued difficult crop to inherit, it plantain, yam, and cassava. It goes away when the planter was not conducive to them to goes away, this is not harvest, process, and market applicable to cocoa and palm. Rev. Akan Aidan Oyak cocoa over and above the traditional crops. My greatest joy is that everything has Thank you CERCOPAN forFor the past fifteen years men have since joined after changed as the traditional educating one who can helpcocoa farming was seen as a having good instruction on crops did not bring much many to develop their cocoadifficult task in comparison to how best to manage the income to the family and the farms for a good yield. Maythe cultivation of crops such cocoa farm. small income ceased on the God grease your elbows so asas cassava, yam and plantain death of the father given that to develop CERCOPAN and alland was called ‘ busy-body it is not easy to inherit such that you do to help developfarming’. This was because In addition, CERCOPAN crops. this community.the farmer will rise at 6am to assisted the group with thestart work and continue until registration fee for a cocoa6pm with a short break at co-operative with the locallunch due to the shortage of government which willfarmhands. Cocoa farming enable members to accesswas designated as poor man government subsidies andfarming and because of this loans.many people did not embarkon cocoa. To the best of my knowledge, cocoa production this yearRecently, CERCOPAN has has increased over earlierprovided cocoa training to years to the benefit ofthe farmers of Iko Esai to farmers in Esai. The moreimprove production. Farmers farmers that are providedhave benefitted from with assistance the better theCERCOPAN who trained the harvest and the better thedesignated cocoa farmer sales and profits which will(Arong Akan Oyak) as a culminate in a cocoa boom infacilitator to lecture the other Iko Esai. The training in progressfarmers. Many more young
  10. 10. DUYIN EHUMI — NEWS STORIES Page 10REPORT FROM THE IKO ESAI CCDC SURVEILLANCECOMMITTEEBy Bassey Aidams EyoChairman, CCDC Surveillance CommitteeIn the first place, I give Godperpetual thanks for bringingCERCOPAN to Iko Esai. I defineCERCOPAN as a rain chosen tofall in Iko Esai community anda bridge to progress in this ‘Everybody is nowland. CERCOPAN has been anorganisation that has been beginning toeducating indigenes on the understand theimportance of conservation,and by God’s Grace everybody importance of forestnow is beginning to management’understand the importance offorest management.CERCOPAN has been able tointroduce the Community Bassey Aidams, Chair; CCDC Surveillance CommitteeConservation andDevelopment Committee(CCDC) some years ago topromote development and On the 11th of July 2010, I Owai indigenes. The places in I am appealing on behalf ofconservation within the made my first journey with the forest where significant the committee that we becommunity. With financial five other members to Ebin destruction was discovered provided with uniforms, keysupport from CERCOPAN, the Iyura and Iyuyura, we were the tractor road leading ags, whistles and a smallbody was reconstituted in discovered a large number of to Owai village, Opod amount of money to enable2009 with Mr Stanley Obo traps and disabled over a Iporopod Iyura, Aya Iko Iyura, us to undertake our dutieselected as chairman. Mr Obo hundred of them. Following and Ading Iyura. effectively and toand the executive committee this, the Chiefs involved the differentiate the body fromhave worked hard to develop hunter’s association of Iko normal farmers and hunters.a number of different Esai to join the committee in The surveillance committee The committee members arecommittees under the the forest in order to arrest has been facing challenges very committed to the causeexecutive body; I was chosen the trap setters. Three from hunters and farmers, of conservation and hope toto head the surveillance people were successfully many of whom are not avoid any furthercommittee. arrested and brought before willing to accept advice from encroachment. the Chief’s Council. us as we appear in our farm clothes whilst on duty. Also,The Surveillance Committee is some of the committeecharged with forest In September 2010, we members are unwilling toconservation through going visited Okembe Iyura and co-operate as a result ofout into the forest Ayakor to monitor logging these challenges and havingsurrounding the community activity; we discovered that to make provision forand checking for illegal over 100 mature hardwood themselves while on duty.activities and encroachment trees had been felled byinto the forest.
  11. 11. Page 11 VOLUME: 6 ISSUE: 1 BNRCC LIVELIHOODS PROJECTS IN AGOI IBAMI By Rachel Hemingway; CERCOPAN Community Conservation ManagerClimate Change is the increased changes Climare Change BNRCC) to assist some of Racheland unreliability of the weather that we the most vulnerable people in Agoi Ibamihave been seeing in Nigeria and through- and Iko Esai to cope with the coming Hemingwayout the rest of the world over the past few changes.years. These changes are caused by humanactivities changing the gas mixture in theatmosphere and deforestation on the sur- In Agoi, work has finished now on the con-face of the earth. The effect of these struction of a pig sty for one of the youthchanges is to slowly increase the average groups in preparation for the introductiontemperature of the earth’s surface, which of agricultural pigs for breeding and sale.in turn affects weather patterns and is This project will assist Agoi community in alikely to result in increased suffering and number of ways; reducing the demand forhardship for the poorest people in the bushmeat helps protect the forest ecosys-world as they try to adapt to the changes. tem on which so many depend for their livelihoods. Providing support for vulner- able people to diversify their incomeIn Nigeria we have seen a difference in the streams will enable them to better with-onset of the rainy and dry seasons, more stand climatic shocks such as drought thatextreme hot weather as well as the failure cause crop failure.of Harmattan. CERCOPAN has been work-ing with Building Nigeria’s Response to This group in Agoi are not the only benefi- ciaries of the BNRCC grant for climate change adaptation, a second group has Learning to bake also completed work on their own pig sty with the tireless help of CERCOPAN volun- teer Dallas. Women in Agoi have profited from BNRCC through the introduction of agricultural layers for egg production. Fif- teen ladies expressed an interest in breed- ing layers to increase their income through egg sales within the community, in addi- tion to training women on baking and sell- ing snacks (see separate article). Cocoa Building a pig sty farmers have also received training in im- proving their crop and a final group has received training in how to farm snails. The second completed sty Cocoa training Snail Farming workshop
  12. 12. Duyin Ehumi Photos contributed by staff and volunteers of CERCOPAN …….If you have any comments or questions, please contact us at our office in Iko Esai or at our headquarters in Calabar: 4 Ishie Lane, HEPO Box 826, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria Mobile: +234 (0)706 494 9572 Email: info@CERCOPAN.org Web: www.cercopan.org Blog: http://cercopan.wildlifedirect.org Publication of newsletter sponsored by: