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Maker Boot Camp

  1. Agenda: • Understand what it takes to create and manage a collaborative learning space. • Explore a variety of technologies and tools to help enhance learning. • Learn how Maker Boot Camp was organized and how it continues to excite people of all ages. • Realize the importance of partnering with businesses and other organizations
  2. Prometheus stole fire from the gods to give it to humanity.
  3. Sisyphus was to roll a large rock up a hill, only to watch it come back down over and over again …
  4. Free! .com
  5. Why should we do this in our libraries?
  6. Source:
  7. Read more:
  8. The iLab is now on the …
  9. Read more at:
  10. Got Volunteers?
  11. Sample Web Forms Note: a level 2 Security clearance is required if working with people under 18. 1. 2. 3.
  12. Foster collaboration
  13. Facilitate Discovery
  14. Playtime!
  15. Cultivate imagination
  16. Oculus Rift Development Kit 2
  17. Oculus Rift + Leap Motion Controller
  18. Share experiences … Photo credit: Chris Demmons
  19. DIG 2109 (Digital Imaging Fundamentals) classes visited the lab to learn about 3D printing. They were learning Adobe Illustrator's 3D extruded visuals that week. More and more classes are signing up!
  20. Game Development Workshops
  21. Hmmm … we’ve been offering a lot of educational opportunities, so I wonder if we should brand it?
  22. “The trick is not in knowing the single solution. It’s having lots of different options and solutions to turn to.” We also show real world examples. Circuits are in everything! 3D design anything! Work with robots. Source: Wired Magazine April ,2012, page 22
  24. Want a copy of our grant? Please send an email to and I’ll send you a copy.
  25. Workshops filled very quickly, so we had to create 3 different sessions: 2 for homeschoolers and the other for the public.
  26. Maker Boot Camp workshops • Video Game Design (3 sessions, 4 ½ hours) • 3D Design/Printing (3 sessions, 4 ½ hours) • Fun With Electronics/Circuitry (3 sessions, 4 ½ hours) • Introduction to Robotics (3 sessions, 4 ½ hours) • Virtual Reality (3 sessions, 4 ½ hours) • Video Editing for Film (3 sessions, 4 ½ hours)
  27. Game Development Essentials:
  28. After the gaming lecture, the kids built a video game!
  30. Kids could submit 3D designs to be printed at the workshop. It was very popular, so I had to create a web form to keep up with the demand!
  31. 3D Printing Process 1. Design an object via computer aided design (CAD) or animation modeling software. Not design-oriented? Try Shapeways, Sculpteo or Thingiverse. 2. The software will export the object as an .STL file ("stereolithography" or "Standard Tessellation Language"), which will then be built (printed) layer-by-layer (i.e., Additive Manufacturing). 3. Load the .STL file into the printer. (e.g., via Repetier). 4. Slice (i.e., create layers for the object). Note: Repetier integrates Slic3r into the software. 5. 3D printing materials vary. We use PLA (Polylactic acid) filament. Visit for more information. Source:
  32. You can download your Tinkercad design into Minecraft, 3D print it, upload it to Thingiverse, or order a print.
  33. Matter and Form 3D scanner
  34. Grab a pair! And look at 3D printing in 3D!
  35. Source:
  37. Using an external MIDI controller with littleBits MIDI Out MIDI In
  38. MIDI Out – littleBits becomes the controller In Ableton Live, change All Ins to littleBits KORG W5 MIDI Note: MIDI Out only happens via USB port. MIDI In MIDI Out
  39. + littleBits + Ableton Push + + Ableton Live
  40. Build your own MP3 Speaker Amplifier Instructions at: More examples:
  41. Autodesk's 123D Circuits Simulator
  42. is about $85. Our library is now circulating Arduino and Raspberry Pi kits!
  43. Circulating iLab
  44. Arduino IDE Download:
  45. Learn electronics and programming with LightUp Try it!
  46. Introduction to Robots
  47. Image source:
  48. • Faster and more efficient • Can work in hazardous environments • Do repetitive tasks • More accurate • Don’t complain Why?
  49. Image source:
  50. Image source: da Vinci’s robot, ca. 1495 History of Robots
  51. Programming EV3 software NXT software Download EV3 Software at and then learn to program at!
  52. Visit on your smartphone and move through virtual reality!
  53. Robotic Story Time! Build it!
  54. Cubelets – modular robotics
  55. Coming soon to the Innovation Lab! Ozobots 4M Doodling RobotConstruction Kit
  56. Coming soon to the Innovation Lab! Wedo Construction Kit Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot
  57. Coming soon to the Innovation Lab! HEXBUG VEX IQ Robotics Construction SetLEGO Mindstorms EV3
  58. Coming soon to the Innovation Lab! Makeblock for Arduino Learners (IR Version)Makeblock mBot Wi-Fi version
  59. Being Built Now Meccano
  60. Create a Robot League
  61. Virtual Reality 2015: A Renaissance
  62. Reality - the state or quality of being real.
  63. What is real? Source:
  64. What makes reality real?
  65. Virtual Reality is a realistic simulation of an environment, including 3D graphics, by a computer system using interactive software and hardware.
  67. Images by Chris Demmons and Chad Mairn
  68. Create a Leap Motion + Unity + VR App in 4 Minutes
  69. VR
  70. DIY Hologram
  71. Video Editing, April 2016 We are using one of our Macintosh labs, so students can learn iMovie and Adobe Premiere.
  72. Sample interview questions for documentary film How did you get involved with the Maker Boot Camp? What makes technology exciting? What was your favorite technology to explore at the MBC (Chad's question from previous email)? What would you like to learn more about? (Ditto) Are video games art, are developers artists? Tell us about the differences between teaching this subject at the college level and at MBC. Did you ever imagine that video games you played as a kid would be played by kids in 2015? What makes a video game a classic? What cabinet or early console title has not gotten the recognition it deserves? Source: Chris Demmons, videographer
  73. Sample interview questions for documentary film What do you hope that parents and kids took away from your sessions on video games? How is MBC different from working with the library's other youth programs? Has the MBC changed the way you look at technology? Was there a common theme in the kid's MBC journals? What do you hope that parents and kids got out of MBC? What makes someone a "maker?" Talk about the difference between working with college students, and the kids at MBC. What was your favorite session? Are there any new additions to the lab that you'd like to show us? What are you hoping to do in the Innovation Lab in the future? Source: Chris Demmons, videographer
  74. Maker Boot Camp Celebration/Unconference, May 2016 • Our Maker Boot Camp Documentary film will be premiered. • Participants will have opportunities to present their work. • Community Notebooks will be shared. • Various vendor tables to showcase technologies. • Mini-workshops throughout the day.
  75. Some upcoming workshops … • Beginning Sewing For Cosplay • Photography to Go • Programming 101 • DIY Drone
  76. Other topics? Visit … .net/chadmairn
  77. powered by Will be published in May 2016!
  78. Create partnerships
  79. Read more:
  80. "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." ~ Marcel Proust
  81. Big things can happen in small spaces and with small budgets!
  82. spcilab. .com Connect with the iLab … /groups/spcilab spcilab. .com .com/innovation-lab-makerspace-spc