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Accessing - APUS

Information on you to access your account for APUS courses.

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Accessing - APUS

  1. 1. AccessingTurnitin.comEnglish 101 – Christopher Hall Section: ENGL101 S
  2. 2. General Access Getting set up as an APUS student S
  3. 3. General Access• Go to and click on “Create Account” in the top right corner of the screen.
  4. 4. General Access• If you have an existing account, enter in your email and password. If not, select “student” account.
  5. 5. General Access• For the class information, enter the general course ID and password for APUS, so that you will have a general account that establishes you as an APUS student. (access information to my course in one of the next steps) The class ID and enrollment password is available on the course website.
  6. 6. General Access• Once you have registered, you should see a screen like this for a “Home” page.
  7. 7. General Access• Do not use the “Student_Use_Account” to submit a paper, because it will cause your submission to the class to turn up as a 100% match. This could delay grading.
  8. 8. AccessingENGL 101Getting Access to ENGL101 S
  9. 9. Accessing ENLG101• To enroll in Mr. Hall’s English 101 course, you will need to follow these steps from your “Home” page… • CLICK ON “Enroll in a Class”
  10. 10. Accessing ENLG101• Enter the following course ID and password: • Course ID: • Password:
  11. 11. Accessing ENLG101• You should now see the following items on your “Home” page…You can always submit a paper more than once if you redraft prior to the duedate. Do not be afraid to submit a paper to get a report as part of your draftingphase to ensure you are properly using your sources.
  12. 12. Accessing ENLG101• When you click on “ENGL 101 A011 Spr12,” you should see this screen…Notice that the due dates are clearly posted. You will need to click “Submit” toupload your paper. You will be provided a copy of the originality report that isalso made available to me.
  13. 13. And that is it!Should you have any questions, concerns, ordifficulties, please do not hesitate to contact me.I will be checking to ensure that everyone isregistered for the course on TURNITIN.comover the next two weeks, and I will contact you ifyou are not registered.Best,Christopher Hall