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[Challenge:Future] The Traineeland - an online platform for internships

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[Challenge:Future] The Traineeland - an online platform for internships

  1. 1. The Traineeland Team name: YOUTHPACT! •Alexandra Crineanu •Iulia Baidac •Luisa Bunescu Country: ROMANIA
  2. 2. Experience and facts…Youth unemployment in Romania is a real and seriousproblem, as shown by statistics in the third quarter of2013 - 23%, the lowest rate among EU members inthe same quarter being in Germany - 8.1% As of 2011 the GDP/capita in PPS was 49 in Romania, from the EU countries only Bulgaria ranking below with 46, these figures make of Romania a laggard in terms of welfare Finally, in January 2013 the minimum wage in Romania was set to 157.26 Euro the lowest from all EU Member States; given the amount of the minimum wage in our country, we are being quite often accused of the so-called ”social dumping”
  3. 3. Romania is politically and economically toocentralized around Bucharest fact that lowersthe chances for youngsters residing outsidethe capital city to find work opportunities While Bucharest has become a major outsourcing hub, alone multinational companies cannot absorb all sociology, economics and humanities graduates, many of them ending up receiving social transfers from the state 68.000 young Romanians apply yearly for jobs abroad mainly for Western and Northern European countries such as Norway, Germany, The Netherlands, etc. Their reasons are various: better living standards, great facilities to apply their knowledge and diversified market demand
  4. 4. The reasons of having high unemployment rates lie in the difficult way ofobtaining relevant skills and entry-level work experience due to nepotism,overall weak economic environment and inadequate curricula. Allthese trigger the following: • Lack of practical experience 1. • Lack of pertinent information and coaching throughout educational and learning path 2. • Restrained market demand: there is a mismatch between the demand on the domestic labor 3. market and the youth’s chosen academic track
  5. 5. Solution: First nationwide internship and coaching online platform This will be a platform enabling students and unemployed youth to find  nationwide internships (both paid and unpaid)Our online platform will  information about opportunities for personalapproach two of the most development offered by both private and publicimportant causes of institutionsunemployment in Romania:  international activitieslack of entry-level work We will post existing internships and practicalexperience and lack of activities but we will alsoinformation about formal andnon-formal education contact public and private enterprises toactivities among youth. raise internships around the country act as first recruiter for our partners and as consultants for our unemployed youth connect private and public institutions with young people looking for jobs
  6. 6. More than just a simple online platform..Benefits for employers: The platform will act as first-time recruiter and there will be no costs of preselecting applicants for our partners; therefore this will bring high benefits to private and public institutions willing to offer internships and jobs through our platform The funds for this project will be accessed from institutions willing to support initiatives that fight against unemployment, from donations or other grants but no fees will be imposed to our partners or unemployed youth Our partners will benefit from qualified labor force and also from applicants that best match the requirements of the advertised internships They will have their contribution towards sustainable development of society
  7. 7. More than just a simple online platform..Benefits for unemployed youth: The platform will be an example of addressing nepotism as the selection of applicants will be open and merit based Opportunities for non-formal education such as the Youth in Action program and similar programs will be promoted to our target group which will contribute to personal and professional development We will facilitate the creation of a local networking where affected people can share experience and learn from best practices thus generating a youth driven solution platform There will always be a consultant or coach for every unemployed youngster that will ask for further information about job opportunities, personal or professional development
  8. 8. Planned results and outcomes: The team will spend 20 h/week on the solution and we will reach in thefirst year of implementing the platform approximately 700 - 1000 affectedpeople The platform and the activities to support its existence will becontinued for undefined life span In the first year of implementation we will involve approximately 100-200 unemployed people which means that we will contribute with smallbut consequential steps to lower the unemployment rate We will offer young people choices to find the most suitableinternships, we will raise youngsters’ self esteem by dedicating ourtime to provide coaching and individualized feedback for theirapplication and we will facilitate communication among people withsimilar concerns that could come up with possible solutions to theirissues
  9. 9. References:Youth unemployment: Purchase Parity Standard across EU : wage: 1: http://www.mvymca.orgPicture 2: nrrsl.blogspot.comPicture 3: