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  1. 1. 2 . On the 7th January1979,Cambodia underVietnamese was occupation and ruled by the "Cambodian PeopleParty," lead by Hun Sen,Chea Sim and Heng Samrinuntil 1989. During this period of time, hundreds thousands peoplehave been condemned of of to deathand been forcedto work hardin thejungle, without food and medicine. Many were killed by land mines and malaria; that was the implementation the deadly K5 of Vietnamese plan from 1982to 1988.SomeVietnamese soldiersdid not withdraw from Cambodia;they camouflaged themselves civilians and infiltrated the Cambodian as People Partyup to presenttime. 1 In 1993, there was a historic election preparedby UNTAC. In that election the FLINCIPECwere victoriousbut the "Cambodian PeopleParty," rejectedthe resultsof the electiononly allowingthe FTINCINPEC share to powerwith them.On the 5th and 6th of July 1997,the Cambodian PeopleParty stageda bloody coup to take control of the government, causingthe deathof 300 democrats.The electionwas not free, unfair and riggedelections continue this day.The majority of Khmer citizensdid not agree till with the election;they protested against CPPparty in 1998but they were severely the cracked down on. Somewerekilled andsomewent missing. 4 . On the 30e March 1997, a grenadeattack by a group supportedby Hun Sens bodyguards, killed sixteenpeopleand injured a further one hundred.Sincethe time of this incident,the government neverfound and caughtthe criminalsso they could be has tried and sentenced accordingly. 5 . Many members the opposition of party were imprisoned and killed for working for their have also beenjailed and murderedfor freely party. Union Leadersand Journalists expressing speaking against government. dictatorregimes"authorities" and out the The suspiciouslyneverarrested perpetrators. the 6 . On the 20thJune2006,Hun Sensauthorities by PoliceChief Hok Longdy shot and led killed l0 prisoners onepoliceman Battambang and in prison. 7 . On the 22ndNovember2010,around400 peoplewerekilled on Koh Pich Bridge but the authoritiesclosedthe caseimmediately and did not allow further investigations find to the true cause of the tragedy. Instead,the dictator regime turned to threatening and arrestingwhoeverdaredto mentionthe incident. 8 . The Cambodian peopleare sufferingwith food poisoningat differentplacesacrossthe country,andworkersin variousfactories aroundCambodia havebeenpoisoned also,but thereis no investisation. 9. Land evictionand landgrabbinghavespread across country,deprivingvictims of the the basic bare essentials food and shelter.If the peoplethat live on the land did not of complywith the orders leave, "authorities" to the beatand shotthem. 10.The dictator authoritieshave arrestedand imprisoned innocent people along with Buddhistmonkscharging themfor distributingleafletswithout concrete evidence.We would alsocall to your attention continuous the violationsof the ParisPeaceTreatyof 1991by Vietnamandpresent dictatorial government by Hun Sen. Cambodian led Temporary Degnebakken DK-3390, Headquarter K.N.L.F: of 92, Hundested,DenmarkTel:(+45) ll3 447 (+66) 256 (+66) 283 orE-mail: 266 9: 860 784; 880 089; Website: