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Brand Manage Camp: Winning With Social Media

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Presentation by Charlene Li at Brand Manage Camp 2009 in Las Vegas, October 6, 2009.

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Brand Manage Camp: Winning With Social Media

  1. Creating Winning Social Media Strategies Charlene Li Altimeter Group September 29, 2009 For a copy of slides, send an email to
  2. The state of conversation today
  3. Meet Dave Carroll Source:
  5. Welcome to the Groundswell A power shift, catalyzed by social technologies When people get what they need from each other
  6. Technologies can be confusing Source:
  7. It’s about the relationship
  8. What kind of relationship do you want? Transactional Occasional Impersonal Short-term Passionate Constant Intimate Loyal Focus on relationships, not technologies
  9. Goals define your strategy
  10. Always start with Learn
  11. Learn with monitoring tools
  12. Radian6 enables learning organizations
  13. How Oracle encouraged feedback
  14. Dialog with your community
  15. The Engagement Pyramid
  16. Commenters share an opinion
  17. Coke has a dialog with millions
  18. At Southwest, a planner talks Post received 98 comments over 10 days In the future, everyone is a marketer
  19. Driving sales with Twitter
  20. Help your members support each other
  21. Comcast provides support via Twitter
  22. Goals define your strategy
  23. Starbucks innovates across the organization
  24. Getting started “ We don’t have the time, money, or people.” “ People will abuse it.” “ Our executives/investors are short-term focused.” “ IT/Legal won’t let us.” “ I’m afraid of losing control.” What’s stopping you?
  25. #1 Start small, start now Audience Goal Revolutionary
  26. Deal with different mindsets Find the “moments of truth” and “moments of crisis” for each mindset
  27. #2 Measure the right things Your goals determine your metrics Use the same metrics as your strategic goals
  28. Example “micro” metrics Goal Metric Value Learn # of customer feedback Impact of faster, better insights Dialog # of comments # of referrals Greater loyalty Faster, more closes Help # of issues addressed Increased satisfaction Innovate # of implemented ideas Faster development
  29. Higher order metrics to consider How likely are you to recommend this to someone you know? Net Promoter Score Lifetime revenue Cost of acquisition Cost of retention Customer referral value (CRV) Lifetime Value
  30. #3 Give up the need to be in control Photo: Kantor,
  31. The dangers of not being prepared
  32. No contingency plan in place, and a single response in a month Posted Sept. 4, 2009 No activity since
  33. How to give up control and be in command The Sandbox Covenant
  34. The Red Cross handbook/policies help keep order
  35. Summary <ul><li>Focus on the relationships, not the technologies </li></ul><ul><li>Start by learning from the conversations </li></ul><ul><li>Prepare to let go … </li></ul><ul><ul><li>… of the control you never had </li></ul></ul>
  36. Thank You Charlene Li Altimeter Group [email_address] Twitter: @charleneli For slides, send an email to [email_address] Copyright © 2009 Altimeter Group