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The Power Of Groundbreaking Social Technologies<br />1<br />Charlene Li<br />Altimeter Group<br />Twitter: @charleneli<br ...
2<br />
OUT ofCONTROL?<br />© 2011 Altimeter Group<br />
4<br />© 2011 Altimeter Group<br />
5<br />© 2011 Altimeter Group<br />
It’s time to move past experiments<br />6<br />
It’s about RELATIONSHIPS<br />© 2011 Altimeter Group<br />
8<br />Agenda<br />Strategy<br />Lead<br />Prepare<br />
9<br />Agenda<br />Strategy<br />Lead<br />Prepare<br />
Strategy Process Stages<br />10<br />
Strategy Process Stages<br />11<br />Set context <br /><ul><li>Determine key objectives
Level of strategy (corporate, biz unit, brand)
Identify key metrics
Assess readiness</li></li></ul><li>Align social with key strategic goals<br />12<br />Examine your 2011 goals<br />Pick on...
Objectives differ by level<br />13<br />
Ask the Right Questions about Value  <br />14<br />“We tend to overvalue the things we can measure, and undervalue the thi...
Use appropriate metrics at each level<br />15<br />Business metrics: revenue, CSAT, reputation.<br />Social media analytic...
Highlight where you are strong, where you need to develop.<br />Don’t create strategies that you can’t execute.<br />Demon...
Customer Profile
Market Analysis
Organizational Model
Education</li></li></ul><li>Benchmarking Social Readiness (Before)<br />17<br />December 2009<br />
Benchmarking Social Readiness (After)<br />18<br />April 2010<br />
Strategy Process Stages - Discovery<br />19<br />Collect and prioritize strategic options<br /><ul><li>Metrics-based value...
Prioritize against objectives</li></li></ul><li>Evaluate each initiative<br />20<br />
Define Your Strategy With Objectives<br />21<br />
How does social media matter to B2B?<br />Chief stakeholders may not be using social media.<br /><ul><li>But lieutenants w...
Search results impact</li></li></ul><li>Why care about social technologies?<br /><ul><li>62% read user ratings/reviews for...
62% visit company profiles on social media sites
55% visit company blogs
51% participate in online business communities or forums
49% ask questions on Q&A sites
29% use Twitter to find or request business-related information </li></ul>Source: 2009 Business Social Media ...
People in B2B use social media for work<br />24<br />Source: 2009 Business Social Media Benchmarking Study(n=...
25<br />Agenda<br />Strategy<br />Learn<br />Dialog<br />Support<br />Innovate<br />Lead<br />Prepare<br />
Track brand mentions with basic tools<br />26<br />What would happen if every employee could learn from customers?<br />
Integrate monitoring with workflow<br />27<br />Other providers<br />Alterian<br />BrandsEye<br />Buzzmetrics Cymfony<br /...
Go beyond basic monitoring to analytics<br />28<br />Make course corrections nearly real-time.<br />Use predictive analyti...
Shoppers want to be “known”<br />29<br />I walk into the store<br />Store knows it’s me<br />Give me offers<br />And plans...
Community insight platforms<br />30<br /><ul><li>Communispace and Passenger offer online focus groups solutions.</li></li>...
Go beyond traditional data to understand your customers<br />32<br />Demographic<br />Geographic<br />Psychographic<br />B...
Where are your customers online?<br />What social information or people do your customers rely on?<br />What is your custo...
Engagement Pyramid<br />34<br />
Engagement Pyramid - Watching<br />35<br />Watch videos<br />Read blog posts<br />Listen to podcasts<br />Read tweets<br /...
Engagement Pyramid - Sharing<br />36<br />Share a link<br />Share photos<br />Share videos<br />Write a status update<br /...
Engagement Pyramid - Commenting<br />37<br />Comment on a blog<br />Write a review<br />Rate a product<br />Participate in...
Engagement Pyramid - Producing<br />38<br />Write a blog<br />Create videos or podcasts<br />Tweet for an audience<br />
Engagement Pyramid - Curating<br />39<br />Moderate a wiki or discussion forum<br />Curate a Facebook fan page<br />
Engagement Pyramid Data<br />40<br />Source: Global Wave Index Wave 2,, January 2010<br />
Conduct research to identify the social behaviors of your target customer<br />Also identify:<br />Where are they online: ...
Listen and learn from your customers. <br />Start with basic monitoring tools, but quickly evolve them.<br />Invest in ana...
43<br />Agenda<br />Strategy<br />Learn<br />Dialog<br />Support<br />Innovate<br />Lead<br />Prepare<br />
Conversations, not messages<br />Human, not corporate<br />Continuous, not episodic<br />The New Normal<br />44<br />
Blogs establish thought leadership<br />45<br />CEO Richard Edelman has been blogging consistently since September 2004.<b...
The Central Bank of Brazil shares articles on twitter<br />46<br />
Pantene Argentina listens to the crowd, connects with the individual<br />47<br />
Ford targets an influencer, reaches half of Argentina’s Twitter audience<br />48<br />
Encourage commenting to get into the Facebook news feed<br />49<br />
B2B can also use Facebook<br />50<br /><ul><li>Develop relationships with job candidates, prospects, and current employees
Insert your content into newsfeed of fans
B2B is really people to people</li></li></ul><li>51<br />Also encourage dialog inside the company<br />
ISS connects distributed work-force with social-powered intranet<br />52<br />“Everyone feels more connected. Socialtext i...
Premier Farnell supports engineers with community, and employees with “OurTube”<br />53<br />
Give out Flip cameras/smartphones<br />Set up an internal “OurTube”<br />Transcribe conversations into emails and posts<br...
Tivo joined an existing community<br />55<br />
56<br />Advocacy – A five-phase approach<br />
Tesco engages influencer blogs<br />57<br />Blog post series highlights & drives traffic to blogs by Influencers. Twitter ...
Visa’s online video campaign increase card payments 19%<br />58<br />
Have an authentic conversation with your customers that they want to have.<br />Engage across and through social communiti...
It’s about RELATIONSHIPS<br />© 2011 Altimeter Group<br />
61<br />Agenda<br />Strategy<br />Learn<br />Dialog<br />Support<br />Innovate<br />Lead<br />Prepare<br />
Telmex provides customer support on Twitter<br />62<br />
Ritz-Carlton managers monitor Twitter for real-time service<br />63<br />Property manager helped unhappy honeymooners<br />
DellOutlet supports sales with Twitter<br />64<br />
Movistar’s ‘Social Media Agents’ advance customer support on Twitter<br />65<br />Moviestar has specific social media guid...
Brazilian politicians provide campaign support via Twitter<br />66<br />
67<br />Question & Answer sites provide opportunity for support<br />
Q&A encourages dialog too<br />68<br />
iRobot ties discussion boards into customers support<br />69<br />iRobot escalates unanswered questions into support cente... Service Cloud ties social channels back to customer data<br />70<br />
Solarwinds’ community is strategic<br />71<br />
Retailer Best Buy has 2,500 employees providing support via Twitter<br />72<br />
Real-time isn’t fast enough.<br />Integrate “social” support into your support infrastructure.<br />Scaling support to mee...
74<br />Agenda<br />Strategy<br />Learn<br />Dialog<br />Support<br />Innovate<br />Lead<br />Prepare<br />
Participate in crowdsourcing to understand how it works.<br />Create a culture of sharing and collaboration within the com...
P&G uses reviews to improve products<br />76<br />
GE asked for ideas from around the globe<br />77<br />
Starbucks involves 50 people around the organization in innovation<br />78<br />Over 100 ideas have been implemented<br />
P&G goes outside for innovation<br />79<br />P&G made outside-in innovation a priority<br />
P&G developed technology from diaper research<br />Reached out to competitor Clorox to form a new joint venture<br />Helpe...
Fiat Mio, the world’s first crowdsourced car<br />81<br />
Mio by the numbers<br />82<br />
ModCloth has customers merchandise new products<br />83<br />
FoodExtraconnects food consumers and food producers through social<br />84<br />
Innovating can come from any customer or employee interaction.<br />Dedicated innovation communities require significant c...
Strategy Process Stages<br />86<br />Strategy statement<br /><ul><li>What you will do
What you won’t do</li></ul>Scenarios development<br /><ul><li>Implementation roadblocks
Company and leadership implications
Risk identification
Build resilience</li></li></ul><li>What’s the Next Big Thing?<br />87<br />
88<br />
89<br />Identify and prioritizing disruptions that matter<br />User Experience<br /><ul><li>Is it easy for people to use?
Does it enable people to connect in new ways?</li></ul>Business Model<br /><ul><li>Does it tap new revenue streams?
Is it done at a lower cost?</li></ul>Ecosystem Value<br /><ul><li>Does it change the flow of value?
Does it shift power from one player to another?</li></li></ul><li>“How personal relationships, individual opinions, powerf...
Likenomics evaluation<br />91<br />User experience impact - moderate<br />People with high social currency will enjoy bene...
92<br />2) Social Search – Beyond Friends to Interests<br />Social sharing rises as a search ranking signal, esp in the en...
Social Search evaluation<br />93<br />User experience impact - Moderate<br />Search becomes more useful, relevant to peopl...
Social monitoring merges with Web analytics<br />HOT: Omniture, Coremetrics/IBM, Webtrends<br />Technology like Hadoop mak...
Big Data evaluation<br />95<br />User experience impact - Low<br />Most users won’t directly experience Big Data.<br />Bus...
96<br />4) Game-ification<br />
TurboTax used “games” to encourage sharing and support<br />97<br />Social design can enter training, collaboration, suppo...
Gamification evaluation<br />98<br />User experience impact – High<br />Experiences get richer, more engaging<br />Busines...
99<br />5) Curation<br />
Curation evaluation<br />100<br />User experience impact – Moderate<br />User authority established from better curation, ...
Summary of disruptions<br />101<br />
It’s about RELATIONSHIPS<br />© 2011 Altimeter Group<br />
103<br />Agenda<br />Strategy<br />Learn<br />Dialog<br />Support<br />Innovate<br />Lead<br />Prepare<br />
OUT ofCONTROL?<br />© 2011 Altimeter Group<br />
105<br />© 2011 Altimeter Group<br />
106<br />© 2011 Altimeter Group<br />
107<br />How to give up control<br />but still be in command<br />© 2011 Altimeter Group<br />
Open Leadership<br />108<br />Having the confidence and humility to give up the need to be in control,<br />while inspirin...
10 elements of openness<br />109<br />
Explaining strategic decisions<br />110<br />Open book management<br />Managing leaks<br />
111<br />Updating with every day stuff<br />
Kohl’s has conversations on Facebook<br />112<br />
Open Mic: When people contribute<br />113<br />
Crowdsourcing new Walkers flavour<br />114<br />
Open platforms make it easy to partner and share<br />115<br />Open architecture<br />Open data access<br />
116<br />Centralized<br />Democratic<br />Distributed<br />Consensus<br />Decision making models<br />
170 employees<br />100 modules with “module owners”<br />One person makes the final decision in each module<br />Social te...
16 Councils, 50 Boards make strategic decisions
Joint leadership of each group</li></li></ul><li>Determine how open you need to be with information to meet your goals<br ...
Complete the Openness Audit<br />119<br />
Traits of Open Leaders<br />120<br />Authenticity<br />Transparency<br />
Transparency as an imperative<br />121<br />
How Best Buy became open and social<br />122<br />
Best Buy’s First Social Media Experts<br />123<br />Steve Bendt & Gary Koelling<br />
The Executive Advocate<br />124<br />Barry Judge CMO of Best Buy<br />
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29% use Twitter to find or request business-related information Source: 2009 Business Social Media Benchmarking Study(n=2,393) 23

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