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Visual Plastics is a 100% Australian owned business with over 20 years experience in the plastic industry. Visual Plastics, we are dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. With total commitment to the client, our company can assist in the design through to completion. With experience in many facets of plastic fabrication including Acrylic (Perspex), polycarbonate (sometimes known as Lexan), Polypropylene, PVC and polyethylene we can provide many solutions to your needs.

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  2. 2.  Acrylic plastic or perhaps typically called Perspex is a very versatile plastic that is created into a wide variety of items that we employ in daily life. Quality acrylic sheets are available in various degrees of thickness and can be cut and also formed into any shape you would like. While acrylic is a type of plastic, it has attributes that make it stay ahead of other sorts of plastic merchandise. The qualities that is present in acrylic plastic cause it to much more helpful compared to other types of plastic products available. Acrylic or Perspex was first made in 1936. It was presented on the market in the exact same year as well. It was primarily used in making signage as well as display racks in shops and commercial establishments. It was also designed to be the much safer option to glass. However, in the World War 2, it was used as canopies and windows for submarines, vessels and vehicles. After that, high quality Perspex has been employed in various markets for a variety of functions as well as purposes.
  3. 3.  COMMON Qualities OF PERSPEX * DURABLE-due to its chemical composition, acrylic plastic is a very sturdy product. If you unintentionally drop, strike or perhaps step on it, it wont shatter but rather breaks up in to huge rubbles. * Harmless-you are less likely to get cut or perhaps injured with the shards coming from an acrylic plastic in contrast to glass. Taking care of the broken pieces of Perspex is not hard and wont create a risk for you or to anyone in your house or perhaps workplace. * VERSATILE--acrylic plastic is versatile and can be cut and shaped using a variety of strategies. You could cut, drill, heat, mould, spray paint and do just about anything to it. Its also for sale in many different colors to pick from! * Weather Resistant-clear acrylic sheets are resistant to different types of temperatures which explains why theyre ideal not just for use inside yet outside the house as well! They can tolerate prolonged sun exposure and also withstand water. Besides being weather proof, its UV resistant and color-fade resistant as well.
  4. 4.  Besides the previously mentioned attributes, clear Perspex sheets also are immune to several inorganic substances like acids. Yet, keep it from organic substance such as gasoline or perhaps alcohol as it can get damaged because of those.
  5. 5.  Uses Of PERSPEX Because of the significant qualities of Perspex, it is hardly any surprise that it is used for a number of applications not only for companies but also for residences. Acrylic plastic is often converted to doors and windows being that they are a great option to glass. It could also be created as a divider for office spaces within huge companies. For homes, acrylic plastic is useful as household furniture. You can find a great deal of pieces of furniture produced from acrylic plastic these days. Seats, tables as well as flower vases are examples of furniture pieces made out of acrylic. In case youre interested in buying high quality Perspex products check out the local Perspex supplier or try shopping online instead. Youll find a variety of products that will surely be of use for you.