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Tourism Organizations

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An introduction to tourism organization in the global arena, Asia-pacific Region area and in the Philippines. Created for to augment the lecture for the students of Lyceum of the Philippines - Cavite Campus for the subject Principles of Tourism II.

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Tourism Organizations

  2. 2. OBJECTIVES  Identify and classify different local and international tourism organizations  Discuss each organization's function in the tourism industry  Discuss the relationships of tourism organizations
  3. 3. Since tourism is a diverse industry made up of many different segments, there is a need to interrelate and share information. This has led to the establishment of several public and private organizations at the international, regional national and even local levels Aside from the suppliers of services and facilities to tourists, there are also several tourism organizations that play significant roles in the tourism industry. These organizations influence and contribute to the smooth running of the tourism industry.
  4. 4. CLASSIFICATION OF TOURISM ORGANIZATION  National  Regional  International
  5. 5. CLASSIFICATION OF TOURISM ORGANIZATION  National  Regional  International
  7. 7. UNWTO or UNITED NATIONS WORLD TOURISM ORGANIZATION  Has 156 member countries and headquarters is located in Madrid, Spain  The Secretariat is led by Secretary-General Taleb Rifai of Jordan  Intergovernmental technical body which deals with all aspects of tourism.
  8. 8.  Market research and statistics is its most significant contribution.  Provides an international forum where tourism officials can discuss problems and exchange their ideas.  Only organization whose activities covers all sectors of tourism on a world-wide basis.
  9. 9.  Ministers of Tourism call for intra-governmental coordination to address visas and air connectivity held 08 Nov 2012.  UNWTO calls for support to the Philippines held 12 Nov 2013
  10. 10. ICAO or INTERNATIONAL CIVIL AVIATION ORGANIZATION  Adapts international standards and to recommend practices for regulating air navigations.  Encourage the improvement of the art of aircraft design and operation for peaceful purposes.
  11. 11. IATA or INTERNATIONAL AIR TRANSPORT ASSOCIATION  Aims to promote safe, regular and economical air transport, faster air commerce and study problems connected with the industry.  Involves standardizing of tickets, prices, airline air way bills, baggage checks and other documents
  12. 12. WORLD TRAVEL & TOURISM COUNCIL  The only global forum whose members are the top decision makers in the travel and tourism industry.  The 150 members are the CEO, President or Chairman of - airlines, airports, hotels, cruise lines, travel agencies, tour operators and travel technology suppliers  The only body representing the private sector in all parts of the industry worldwide.
  13. 13. WTTC campaigns on three strategic priorities which it has identified as impeding the successful development of Travel & Tourism now and in the future – Freedom to Travel; Policies for Growth; and Tourism for Tomorrow. The WTTC retains a professional staff in its London office, under the leadership of President & CEO, David Scowsill. This organisation is headed by a board of executive directors, who have responsibility for guiding the work of the Council in the fulfillment of its mission. The World Travel & Tourism Council is a not-for-profit organisation, registered as a UK company limited by guarantee.
  14. 14. D.O. – Development Organizations • The World Bank (US) • OPEC Fund for International Development (Austria) • Asian Development Bank (Philippines) • Islamic Development Bank (Saudi Arabia)
  16. 16. OECD or ORGANIZATION of ECONOMIC COOPERATION and DEVELOPMENT  Designed to achieve the highest sustainable economic growth and employment and raise standards of living of member countries  Country Assistance Program Evaluation 26194 June 2008 Philippines Country Assistance Program Evaluation: Increasing Strategic Focus for Better Results
  17. 17. PATA or PACIFIC ASIA TRAVEL ASSOCIATION  Develops, promotes and facilitates travel in the Pacific Areas  Early leader in recognizing the need for environmental ethics  Initiated the PATA Code for Environmental Tourism
  18. 18. CTA or Caribbean Tourism Association/Organization  Encourages and Assists in the development of tourism throughout the Caribbean Area
  19. 19. APEC or ASIA – PACIFIC ECONOMIC COOPERATION  Aims to establish coordination of national economies for the benefit of countries in the Asia-Pacific region  Permanent Secretariat is located in Singapore., which serves as the coordinating body and central repository for all APEC documents
  20. 20. OAS or ORGANIZATION OF AMERICAN STATES  Strengthen relations between American States by providing advisory services and training programs in many fields including tourism  Philippines also is an observer to the Organization of American States.
  21. 21. Asia Pacific CHRIE or better known as APacCHRIE is a Federation of the I-CHRIE. Members of APacCHRIE constitute all countries at the Pacific Rim who must also be a registered member of I-CHRIE. The Geographical boundary of APacCHRIE can be segmentised to 4 areas as following: Area I: East Asia (PRC, Taiwan, Korea & Japan), Area II: Southeast Asia (ASEAN member countries & Indo-China), Area III: Oceania (Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific Islands), Area IV: Indian Sub-continent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka) APacCHRIE chapter was formed in 2002 to promote academic and research exchanges among hospitality, foodservice and tourism educators and industry practitioners in Asia Pacific. Asia-Pacific CHRIE (Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education)
  22. 22. NATIONAL - Philippines  DOT  PCVC - TPB  IA  NPDC  PTA – TIEZA
  23. 23. - Primary government agency charged with the responsibility to formulate tourism policies, plans and projects for the development of tourism as an engine of socioeconomic and cultural growth - Spread the benefits of tourism to a wider segments of the population. - Ensure the safe, convenient and enjoyable stay and travel of the foreign and local tourists in the country.
  24. 24. Tourism Slogans  Visit Philippines  WOW Philippines  Pilipinas Kay Ganda  It's more fun in the Philippines (2012-present) CURRENT SECRETARY OF DOT : Ramon R. Jimenez Jr.
  25. 25. TPB or TOURISM PROMOTIONS BOARD  Formerly known as PCVC or Philippine Convention and Visitor's Corporation  It is an attached agency of DOT which is primarily responsible for implementing an integrated domestic and international promotions and marketing program for the Philippines as a tourism destination as well as for tourism investments
  26. 26. IA or INTRAMUROS ADMINISTRATION  Sponsors, conducts and supports festivals and cultural activities in Intramuros  Give grants, contributions and donations for the restoration, repair and maintenance of historic structures of Intramuros.
  27. 27. NPDC or National Parks Development Committee  Undertake development of new parks  Upgrade and maintain park facilities  Facilitate private sector participation in appropriate aspect of parks development and maintenance
  28. 28. PARKS UNDER NPDC 1 2
  29. 29. TIEZA or TOURISM INFRASTRUCTURE AND ENTERPRISE ZONE AUTHORITY  Formerly known as PTA or Philippine Tourism Authority.  Develop, manage and supervise tourism infrastructure projects in the country ; the primary objective of encouraging investments in TEZ's (Tourism Enterprise Zones).
  30. 30. Principal agency responsible for the timely collection of travel taxes.  (50%) of the proceeds from travel tax collections shall accrue to the TIEZA.  (40%) goes to CHED provided that they shall give priority to tourism - related educational programs and courses.  (10%) share for the National Commission for Culture and the Arts
  32. 32. PTAA or PHILIPPINE TRAVEL AGENCIES ASSOCIATION  Aims to foster unity in the travel industry and to promote the welfare of its members and the travelling public  Uphold dignity and the ethics of the travel and tour businesss.  To cultivate friendly relations between the Philippines and other countries
  33. 33. Pursuit of higher levels of excellence in hospitality education; Keeping abreast with advances in hospitality management and technology; Partnering harmoniously with stakeholders; Commitment to the ideals of the teaching profession; 11/14/12
  34. 34. SUMMARY The International character of modern tourism and the growing international agencies in various fields are shown in the growth of international cooperation and organizations in tourism. Some countries and regions have felt the need to band together to strengthen their respective tourism programs. Countries that are often visited by tourist have established a national tourism office that regulates and promotes tourism activities (DOT).
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An introduction to tourism organization in the global arena, Asia-pacific Region area and in the Philippines. Created for to augment the lecture for the students of Lyceum of the Philippines - Cavite Campus for the subject Principles of Tourism II.


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