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Trave & Tours - Atartica

  2. INTRODUCTION TO ANTARTICA >Antarctica is often considered the ultimate travel destination for travellers. Many consider an Antarctic tour as exploring the last frontier. Travel to the end of the earth and explore the vast wilderness of the great white continent on one of our many incredible Antarctic Expeditions. >Antarctica is the fifth largest, coldest and driest continent on Earth. Not only are travellers given the opportunity to observe the abundance of wildlife it has to offer from the comfort of their expedition vessel, but also to gain inspirational insights from a dedicated and knowledgeable crew.
  3. A Brief History Of Antarctic Exploration
  4. • Antarctica may only be the fifth largest continent, but in many other ways it is ahead of the pack. It is the driest, coldest and windiest continent, and it also has the highest average elevation. It is the only continent with no permanent residents and it is home to 90% of the world’s ice and 70% of global fresh water reserves.
  5. Ernest Shackleton
  6. • It was not until the early 1900s that Antarctica would really seize the headlines. In 1901 Britons Robert Scott and Ernest Shackleton attempted to reach the South Pole on the Discovery Expedition. This first sortie served mainly to show them how little they knew about Antarctic exploration, and the fact that they were able to reach 82°S had far more to do with their guts and endurance than it had to do with their preparation or expertise. In 1909 Shackleton tried again on the Nimrod Expedition and he and three companions got as far as 88°S – only 112 miles from the pole and far further South than anyone else had ever gotten.
  7. “Three explorers and heroes of the Edwardian”
  8. What’s the best time for Antartica Travel? • This is the time to see Antarctica at its most undisturbed. At this time of the year the landscape is abundant with pack ice and pristine icebergs. It is also generally colder and as the season goes on, the landing areas become impacted and muddy. Wildlife is not as plentiful, as whales have only just started to arrive, but it is a good time to see the penguins mating. By the end of November the nests are full of eggs and are beginning to hatch.
  9. November to early December: • Mid December to January: Late December and January offer around 20 hours of daylight and are usually Antarctica’s warmest months. Wildlife is at its most abundant as whales arrive in great numbers and penguin chicks are hatching. Receding pack ice may open new channels for exploration.
  10. • February to March: At this time, beautiful Antarctica sunrises and sunsets create stunning photo opportunities. It is also the best time to spot whales. Penguin chicks become more active and predator activity is more common.
  11. Get Ready to Explore!
  12. • Antarctica: the great white continent and one of the last true wilderness areas on earth – largely unchanged since the early explorers. It’s home to the world’s greatest concentration of wildlife, where penguins, seals and whales are the only permanent residents.
  13. Antarctica Food – 3 things on the Menu in Antarctica
  14. Bannock
  15. Chocolate
  16. Less Fresh Fruit and Vegetables