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Museum Texts - inspiration and ideas

A collection of fun, inspiring - and untraditional - ways of writing labels and panels in exhibitions.

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Museum Texts - inspiration and ideas

  1. 1. MUSEUM TEXTING Inspiration and ideas for Charlotte S H Jensen
  2. 2. Show – don´t tell Easy to ”read”, that the neanderthal-woman ate more meat that veggies, used tools etc. Natural History Museum in Basel.
  3. 3. Timetravel Not ekarved text – but interesting. Brings you back to the day and situation you´ll visit in the museum. Kulturen in Lund.
  4. 4. Text can go on most anything ”Advertisement” at a local history fair Statarmuseet in Bara.
  5. 5. If books can talk – can objects? Vintage bookshop in Copenhagen.
  6. 6. Snap-format? Average attention span 2000: 12 sec. Average attention span 2013: 8 sec.
  7. 7. Tags with meaning?
  8. 8. An informal, playful approach The Bookworm This well-read guy has great ancestry. It belonged to Wolf, the great- grandchild of Margrtee Stieff´s sister. He had a teddy-shop in Giengen, home city of Steiff. Teddy Museum, Skagen.
  9. 9. Spørgsmål