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Infographic: A Anatomy of A DDoS Attack

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DDoS attacks are one of the greatest threats that companies face and can lead to financial losses and damage to customer relationships. The infographic also looks at the costs of attacks both in financial terms and in disruption to the business.

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Infographic: A Anatomy of A DDoS Attack

  1. 1. THE ANATOMY OF A DDOS ATTACK A distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack is a constantly evolving menace that threatens online businesses with downed websites, financial losses, and damaged client relationships. I‘ all. .='t-. LI y i; "'>'. ‘lI a ‘/ lIZli'Tl . -er rr ire . ~ hiiii Fl‘. ever l«. ri14.-ring. Tl-IE CYBER CRIMINALS THE ARMS DEALER MO(DDoS) OPERANDI In order to protect yourself from DDOS attacks, you need to understand the underlying ecosystem and your -_ organizations plate in it. Mtitks Recruits 187308 home: '_-I THE VICTIMS While high profile data breaches make headlines on a practically daily basis. the truth is that anyone with a public Web presence is a potential target. Large Mid-Sized Small Corporations Corporations Businesses Political Controversial Online Entities Leaders Personalities E. 4' iii. :|i. i:, :il_ . jl, ' . ‘l’i' fl ‘ ; VIM mm“ V. ‘ THE ARMS DEALERS who creates the botnets, and how do they do it? who They Are What They Do , , . . | the Kit Make; , aigsceres-Em. -Lidly toollrits that make botnets 3 11“ gander ’ : JrS‘§SbI'. I'I‘: tIeWr: fE lots to build botnets for herders I the got He. -49¢ > Controls botnets via remote <orrirnend-end- control servers The goo! “ > Sells botnets and toohrits under the guise of server stressers THE CYBER CRIMINALS who buys these weapons, and why might they attack you? The Hacktivist The lntimidator The Harasser . / 0 Ti: l‘ -iii : iiiiz l‘. lll ii: ;-: i|ili- if”. T: .- Illll - i: r‘ llll‘ ll r. -r -. gi. ‘i'/ :“i‘l’liTii‘<i’il' . . “ ‘ [| |?lE'Tl"3 Ell Ell, -‘, al1l3rJl. lI3"Ei The Extortionist The Hired Gun The Script Kiddie -'l‘: - " . .-1ii'_v TL; ll 1<r- .2 | iui‘«_Lj Fi. .i ll 5' I‘ ll Ii‘ I’ . .-i Linigiw ii I‘: '. ‘1e':1,I bra, ; to their : -Eerz. CYBERCRIME AND THE BOTTOM LINE According to a .701‘: Ponemon study, DDOS attarks are the M type of cyberattack on large corporations—and are more costly than you might think, 1-5 1 .9 attacks r’<. .'rv‘{1Q: ‘ Qiiiilml . '.~l ‘' l', ‘If"i". :1r. A ° ‘rill - '. “ - . . 5 1 O [: r-r 'r’irri[1.'iri-, r‘ Ir” -'. v"i"I. -3‘ CC'FV‘D3"lII: '5 have l‘Xi)tf'Il‘IlLl‘. LI .1 0 U3‘-n‘, '~. ., i‘. ‘,. it, k m 3 H‘ 4 '. 'lir~r. lil. 'i' I. -' THE COST OF UNLAWFUL ENTRY l'l‘i: '3'4'L'rr_Ig_L' Li_'-'; l 1:; ri_'sr_‘i| ‘.'i: L. [I E: :_i E. all. -.1 L-. lb $408,292 $21,155 ~'«. >:-i aye i: i:: -2'. :il 5 i ‘. ‘Li‘>f‘l . «". '.ai: < per _1av g 19.3 days -‘wei 3,1»? [i"| i.2 ti; '>: «3i: i|‘. -;- .3 L‘-L'Ii: i’; i 9115:- W'iai's t‘/ I'. Il'; C, C'E‘lJ3 alist-. '_-. l"iJ: lLl aiilii e v_irgsiiiLn: 'l Ll'l: , not ]ll‘~‘. l Ii d». =r. .artm>. =n7=. '. ."I‘ i. .i; .;i-iii Areas Most Financially Impacted by a DDOS Attack Il i1l, '.JI.1 *. lII t'i‘_-. ' 35% QB-_ig>O §.1|r~-L Srrurity (Li-itnmrr Public lr-p_. i| Other Service Relations THE UNSEEN COSTS DDOS attacks can have long term consequences beyond the financial impact Consequences of a Cyberattack It can talie years for companies to recover. both iirianclally and in terms of lost tru: -I . Had to replace hardware or software Business disruption — Found malware installed on their network E ° 35% M 50% Information loss Experienced loss of customer trust 0 21% - 43% Revenue I055 Acknowledged theft of customer data , 5% MM 33% om‘-r Suffered intellectual property loss M 19% DDOS attacks come in many shapes and sizes and are nearly impossible to prevent on your own. Learn more about protecting yourself from DDOS attacks at SOURCES . i.b. iiiJk I'npl ‘. |"I‘U’Il‘ i_i l i. 14:: . ; i'>’: tj'_i, l_I INCAPSULA lacebooincom/ Iricupsula 3 IMPERVA twitter com/ lncapsulagcurn