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An Introduction about the unique search engine- ChemEqual

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ChemEqual is a search engine consists of all kinds of Speciality Chemical Products, their equivalents and the worldwide suppliers of those. Discover ChemEqual to get the quotation about your preferred brands and their equivalents.

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An Introduction about the unique search engine- ChemEqual

  1. 1. ChemEqual- An Insight A Search Engine for finding Speciality Chemical Products By Online Promotion Executives
  2. 2. What is ChemEqual ? • An unique Search Engine of Chemical Equivalent Products • A collection of all the Speciality Chemicals to use for various purposes • Find all the global suppliers and the Equivalents across the world • Search Chemicals by their brand names and find generic description • Register yourself as a buyer , supplier or both • Get instant quotation about Chemicals against your enquiry
  3. 3. Why is ChemEqual ? • Find the Chemical Brands as per your requirements • Do not get worried about paying higher for branded Chemicals • Anyone can become a member of ChemEqual for absolutely free • As a registered supplier, list your business and products for free • Get regular updates about the new products via newsletter • Get immediate assistance from the Support team
  4. 4. Types of Speciality Chemicals included in ChemEqual • Acid Corrosion Inhibitors • Antiscalants & Descalants • Disinfectants • Biocides • Coolants and Antifreeze • Polyelectrolytes • Other Speciality Chemicals
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