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M1 MEEF Classroom research

Introduction of classroom research: eliciting and analysing learner language, interlanguage pragmatics

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M1 MEEF Classroom research

  1. 1. Date Classroom observation and research VMAN14 Shona WHYTE October 2015
  2. 2. AudioVMAN121 ✤ audio diaries ✤ digital tools: Google site + SoundCloud ✤ homework
  3. 3. VMAN14 ✤ stage + observation 
 (Laboz, Whyte) ✤ classroom research
 (Whyte) 1. pass or fail 2. preparation …
  4. 4. VMAN14 
 Teaching placement ✤ Rectorat: school, tutor ✤ ESPE: Mme Ceravolo ✤ status as trainee (=stagiaire) ✤ ethics of observing other teachers ✤ opportunities …
  5. 5. VMAN14 
 Classroom research ✤ exploring learner language ✤ interlanguage pragmatics Exploratory talk (effective collaboration in the classroom) Neil Mercer
 https:// thinkingtogether.educ.
  6. 6. Tarone: exploring learner language ✤ narrative task prompt
  7. 7. Requests (Yates) 1. It’d be cool if you could move up one. 2.Get us a pie, mate. 3. If you could just grab a copy of that for a moment. 4.I was wondering if I could have, um, 3 weeks annual leave? 5. Would it be OK if I handed my assignment in next Monday? 6. Could you just pop that up there for me? 7. Do you wanna move over ? a. in a secondary school class b. in a lecturer’s office c. at university d. in a plane, before take-off e. in the audience of a school concert f. in a car park g. in an office h. on a footpath
  8. 8. As you work, explain ✤ why you match each request to each setting ✤ what you think the various speakers’ age, gender, or occupation might be ✤ what the role-relationship between the speaker and the addressee might be ✤ what the speaker wants the addressee to do in each case ✤ how each speaker softens his or her request and why each chooses to do it that way