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Top free social media tools Report 2013

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The Top Free Social Media Tools Report explores the most used social media management, monitoring and analytics tools by top agencies, brands, strategists and social media influencers, in the social media and online industry in South Africa.

This is a snapshot of free tools available, compiled by myself and Mike Wronski from Fuseware

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Top free social media tools Report 2013

  1. 1. Written and compiled by Mike Wronski, Fuseware and Cherylann Smith, Global MouseTOP FREE Social Media ToolsReport 2013
  2. 2. IntroductionThe Top Free Social Media Tools Report explores the most used social media management, monitoringand analytics tools by top agencies, brands, strategists and social media influencers, in the social mediaand online industry in South Africa. Some of the tools will help you with planning, posting, listening,or all three.As online usage grows and communities become more important to brands, knowing that Social mediamanagement and monitoring plays a vital role in strategy and managing brand reputation, Socialconversations have become more important and being able to filter through the noise can be a challenge.For brands, understanding the impact of social media and managing conversations in real time is gettingharder.Monitoring and listening to the online conversations and buzz is key not just for creating content, but alsofor managing the community. Having the right tools allows the community manager to monitor and engagein relevant conversations and join existing conversations.We have unpacked a number of free tools available in the market, by having conversations with leaders inthe industry. The following tools are just some of those available for free and are highly essential to gettingday-to-day community management right. - Cherylann SmithTOP FREE Social Media Tools Report 201301Page
  3. 3. TOP FREE Social Media Tools Report 201302PageContributorsMike StopforthCEO of Cerebra@mikestopforthDavid AlvesSocial media account manager at Social@Ogilvy@Green_GuerrillaAki AnastasiouColumnist, talk show host & radio presenter at 702@AkiAnastasiouFred RoedCEO at World Wide Creative@Fred_RoedJodene ShaerSocial media publicist & owner of Lifeology@jodenecozaMike SharmanCEO at Retroviral@mikesharmanMichal WronskiManaging director at Fuseware@mikewronskiGemma WilkeCommunity manager at Native@NativeZahira KharsanyHead of content & community at Cerebra@zkSheena GatesGroup social media manager at Tsogo Sun@SheBeeGeeCherylann SmithHead of digital at Global Mouse@mylifescapeAngus RobinsonMobile, content & community Director at Native@angusrobinsonGarth RhodaSales Director at Habari Media@garthrhodaMelissa GrieselContent strategist and community management@DJMelitia
  4. 4. tool]TOP FREE Social Media Tools Report 201303PageSocial media toolsclick iconsto navigate
  5. 5. TOP FREE Social Media Tools Report allows you to track your most successful content. It shows the number of peoplewho have clicked on one of your likes. I like that you can customise these shortened likesto make them specific to your brand. It also documents which platform the click is comingfrom as well as which country your content is well received in.“I use bitly to shorten and track links.” - Fred RoedGarth Rhoda,uses Brandometer to index on influencers“A tool I use to monitor who is within my personal network or that of a client. It helpsme analyse the following and sort both Twitter and Facebook communities intodozens of orders, including least active, most followed, etc.” -Jodene Shaer“SA Influencers can be easily tracked down based on their industryand network, its a great reference tool for quickly targeting high profileonline South Africans” Mike’s free and automated click-through tracking really helps for decoding broader clicktrends across social media” Mike Wronski
  6. 6. TOP FREE Social Media Tools Report 201308PageObviously no social media managerwould be able to do their job without thefree analytics tool Facebook suppliesfor Pages. I use insights to calculateengagement and consumption of brandconversation, which all goes intoan overall AVE I’ve put togetherinternally at Tsogo Sun.Sheena Gates“On mobile I use the Facebook Pages app -it allows for more flexibility.”  Aki AnastasiouFacebook insights allow you to trackyour page’s process from one monthto the next. It is the most thorough wayto report on your Facebook pages andgives you all the stats you need as wellas graphs.Gemma Wilke“This is the simplest tool for me to use and it givesme all of the details I need to compile an effectivereport for a client” Jodene ShaerFacebook insights is also used by Fred Roed, Mike Sharman and Mike Wronskias part of their tool set for community management.You cannot improve what you cannotmeasure and keeping track of yourcampaigns performance and monitoringresults, creating reports and analysis isimportant. Facebook Insights is key butyou will require a good understandingof which metrics you should be focusingyour efforts on based on your overallobjectives.Cherylann Smith
  7. 7. TOP FREE Social Media Tools Report 201309PageSince the loss of Google Reader, Ihave been experimenting with Feedly.Great RSS reader, if you’re still intousing RSS feeds. I for one still do. Alsoit pulls in your current Reader lists, somoving over was easy.Zahira Kharsany also used by Fred Roed“Helps me analysea client’s account soI know when to cleanout the following.”Jodene ShaerMike SharmanInformation aggregation displayedin a beautiful magazine layout allowsme to consume breaking news, tech,social and sport stories while waiting formeetings. Flipboard makes news sexy.I’m addicted to knowing stuff beforeanyone else and this aids me in thisconquest
  8. 8. TOP FREE Social Media Tools Report 201310PageFeedspot is a new RSS reader application that curates content based on current andGoogle Reader selections.“Very cool if you’re looking to remain relevant.” - David Alves“I use Klout to check for people whom I am meeting, on key leverage points for them”Garth Rhoda“Not the be all and end all of measuring influence, but Klout scores do give a goodidea of how globally influential one is on social media” Mike WronskiWhen planning your content calendar, it’s important that it’seasy to share with the team and even with your clients. Googledocs facilitates easy and efficient sharing of documents andspreadsheets making it a personal favourite when it comes tostoring links, creating content and ideation. - Cherylann SmithSherrin Davie and Fred Roed also use Google docs for effective planning.“Google analytics helps to track the user journey, thus givinginsights to a more focused brand and social media strategy.”- Melissa Griesel
  9. 9. TOP FREE Social Media Tools Report 201311Page“Technically not a “free” tool, but a freemium tool (I use the free version), Hootsuite ismy go to solution for browser based social graph content and community management.Unfortunately I found their iOS apps less sexy, so landed up paying for my choices there.”Mike StopforthHootSuite is a social media managementsystem for businesses and organizationsto collaboratively execute campaignsacross multiple social networks from onesecure, web-based dashboard. Launchmarketing campaigns, identify andgrow audiences, and distribute targetedmessages using HootSuite’s uniquesocial media dashboard.Zahira Kharsany“Highly valuable. Cerebra currently used the paid for version, but on a personal level, thefreemium rocks. I can schedule updates, have a plugin to share from various websites, tracklists and conversations. A really great tool as well that incorporates various social platforms. “Aki Anastasiou“My social tools are TweetDeck and Hootsuite. The issue that I have is that thereis so many different social media portals that at times I struggle to update allsimultaneously.So for example not many incorporate with Google+ and I usingGoogle+ quite a bit more now than say I did a year ago.”“This is my go-to solution for managing multiple social media accounts with ease andsimplicity. It also seems to pick up mentions of my name that Twitter’s connect tabdoesn’t show” Mike WronksiAlso used by Sherin Davie“Personally each brand is different so their Facebook and Twitter needs vary too.While its great to get insights from Facebook and schedule content with Hootsuite,there are more programs available now that can help you drill down into the insightsrelevant to your brand and target market.” Melissa Griesel
  10. 10. TOP FREE Social Media Tools Report 201312PageI use this on the day of events to trackthe 24 hours of a hashtag at an event. Itis the only tool that gives me reach.Jodene Shaer“A tool I useconsistently in order toensure all accountsI deal with are free ofinactive or fake users”Jodene ShaerDave AlvesA live-tweet wall tool for events andconferences.
  11. 11. TOP FREE Social Media Tools Report 201313Page“I also use Netvibes to keep tabs of all my feeds and get analytics on my social networks.I love Netvibes because it gives me everything on one page and I can customise it.”Aki AnastasiouAn infographic and presentation tool for non-designers. Nice for the basic stuff, but ifyou want to the full capability to custom make designs, you’ll have to pay for it. Thebasic presentation stuff is pretty cool if you’re wanting simply that, basic.Dave AlvesNodeXL is a powerful and easy-to-use interactive network visualisation and analysistool that leverages the widely available MS Excel application as the platform forrepresenting generic graph data, performing advanced network analysis and visualexploration of networks“I’ve found NodeXL extremely useful for quickly visualizing small networks of social mediainfluencers and seeing how they are connected - Mike Wronski
  12. 12. TOP FREE Social Media Tools Report 201314PageCool little app that allows you toread later. Currently use this a lot, assometimes, you need to just make timeto read some of the great resources outthere. Its a bookmark facility that canbe attached to various social accounts,allowing how to read later. Also can emaillinks to yourself.Zahira KharsanyRapidMiner is unquestionably the world-leading open-source system for data mining.It is available as a stand-alone application fordata analysis and as a data mining engine forthe integration into own products. Thousandsof applications of RapidMiner in more than 40countries give their users a competitive edge.Allows you to track the number ofretweets your tweet has received. Thisis a great way to learn which of yourcontent the community is enjoying andsharing the most. Clients also love tohear about the sharability of their brandand content.I have used RapidMiner to analyzelarge volumes of data very quickly in ahighly visual and streamlined mannerMike WronskiGemma Wilke
  13. 13. “Great analytics tool for Twitter. Freemium version is restricted to 2 accounts and sometools are unavailable but the basics are still great. Time to tweet, who my followers areand who I should be targeting.”Zahira KharsanyTOP FREE Social Media Tools Report 201315Page“Although not endorsed by Facebook, Socialbakers is a great tool interms of best practice info, stats on country or brand industry usageacross the social networks. They incorporate stats and trends forFacebook, Youtube, Twitter, G+” Sheena Gates“Check on categories that are growing before I present info”Garth RhodaSocial mention is a search engine for real time search on news, blogs, images andvideo. Sherrin Davie has found this tool useful.
  14. 14. “Tagboard tracks hashtags across allmajor platforms (Twitter, Instagram,Vine, G+) so you can see where thetags are being used. You can createyour own tagboard, giving you anaggregated look at all activity, whichyou can then share along the line.Sadly, the tool doesn’t allow youactually extract material in terms of.xls or .xml docs, but from a displayperspective, it’s a very cool tool.”TOP FREE Social Media Tools Report 201316PageJodene ShaerIs a great tool to use for live eventcoverage reporting. It tracks your tweetsthat have been retweeted and wherelinks have been shared.Angus Robinsonexplains that communitymanagement in isolation islike flying a plane without aflight plan. “Reporting andanalysis helps you establishand maintain highlyengaged communities thatcan start influencing thebrand’s message.”
  15. 15. TOP FREE Social Media Tools Report 201317Page“For multiple account management no tool comes close to Tweetdeck in my opinion.I use the Chrome plug-in for this so it’s open in my browser all day.” Sheena Gates“I find that Tweetdeck is the key thing for me is scheduling content. I find the Tweetdeckdoes a good job in this regard.” Aki Anastasiou“Can’t live without it based on how much we engage with the Twitter platform. It allowsus to manage multiple accounts, run searches on relevant phrases for clients, delvedeeper into individual profiles in this space, and keep a watchful eye on what competitorbrands are involved with” Mike Sharman“Tweetreach shows you a snapshot of your handle’sperformance during the day. I like that it highlightsthe biggest contributors to the conversations aroundyour brand. It also offers great visuals in the wayof graphs and ratios.”Gemma Wilke“ The beauty about Tweetdeck is being able to tweet from my phone, directly engagingwith the communities while on the go and seamlessly, basic insights like the frequencyof daily tweets, favorites and retweets make it a nice overview at a glance for the brandmanagement.” Melissa Griesel
  16. 16. TOP FREE Social Media Tools Report 201318Page“This is a great tool to give me a quickglance at Twitter accounts in numbers.What the growth of an account is likeday by day or monthly; how manyretweets or mentions over a periodand the best feature is that it allowsfor competitor analysis as well. I’vesince opted for a premium account tohandle multiple Twitter profiles, but thefree version is pretty good too.”Sheena Gates“Now has a paid for option to get morein-depth graphs and stats. It does,however, track and graph the numberof new followers and the numberof tweets you push live on any day.This is great for reporting on a crisis andpointing out an increase in conversationsaround certain content on specific days.You are also able to adjust thedate range.”Gemma Wilke“Great free tool to track growth on Twitteraccounts. Also track competitor accounts againstyour own.”Zahira Kharsany
  17. 17. TOP FREE Social Media Tools Report 201319PageYouTube insights – with the newlayout, we have access to great insightsand graphs. It tracks performance,engagement, demographics. Thisallows us to get a better feel of who ourcommunity is and what they like to watch.It allows and gives us insights into morecreative options rather than the “talkinghead” videos.Gemma WilkeVideo content has become morerelevant, and more brands are settingup YouTube channels. Monitoringyour views and engagements are justas important, than for any other socialnetwork. Knowing which videos aremostly viewed and shared will guide newcontent creation. Remember to monitorthe comments and join the conversationyour community is having. Check whichdevices your video’s are being viewed on,and optimise for mobile as it continuesto dominate how we consume content.YouTube is a great place to build a brand,and to be social and YouTube insightsshould be top of mind.Cherylann Smith
  18. 18. TOP FREE Social Media Tools Report 201320Page“Basically a way ofcreating what I like to call;“quick memes”. Anotherimage-generation toolthat enables you to createshareable, poster-stylepieces of content.”Dave AlvesMike StopforthThere are many options here(Flipbard and Pulse) but this ismy favourite.Zite is a free personalized reader for theiPad, iPhone and Android Phone thatautomatically learns user preferencesand gets smarter with time.WOOBOX is a Facebook brand pageapp service that provides a host of freeand paid apps, ranging from Instagramtabs to competition solutions. If youmanage Facebook pages and wantto add apps of all kinds, this is a greatresource. Dave AlvesGreat free resource. Allows me tobreakdown models and plot a route. Mindmapping never got this easy.Zahira
  19. 19. ConclusionAlthough social media adoption is prevalent and most social media conversations happen on a handful ofplatforms, the disparity of tools and technologies used in social campaigns is rather large. This is perhapsunsurprising, since it points to the fact that no single tool satisfies all social media use cases, and differentpeople have different preferences based on their unique expertise and experience with specific tool sets.This report illustrates the most popular tools used by these social media influencers and strategists, but thedisparity of usage between the tools unveils an important notion: the logical expertise and the creative mind ofthe person using the tool is far more important than the tool itself. Another insight is that each person surveyeduses a unique combination of tools that synergize well with the specific work that they do.Social media monitoring for the purposes of reputation management and customer service are the two mostcommon uses of community management tools. It is also imperative to use social media monitoring tools tocatch potential negative comments and reviews that may need to be escalated. This is absolutely necessaryfor any online community.Social communities are made up of people and observing their engagement,and evaluating social communitiesallows us to examine influence, engagement and build brand equity. The value of monitoring reaches furtherthan just listening. By analyzing social buzz and conversations on social networks, blogs, websites and withincommunities, observing the content that people are sharing, you will be able to answer a number of practicalquestion, for example: What improvements can I make to my next campaign? What topics should I cover in mycontent marketing? Knowing the answers to these and other questions will help drive your content strategy,drive engagement and lead integrated brand experiences.- Mike Wronski & Cherylann SmithTOP FREE Social Media Tools Report 201321Page
  20. 20. Cherylann Smith  head of digital at Global MouseIs a digital strategist and social media enthusiast. She holdsan Honours Degree in Psychology with particular focus onhuman development and behaviour. Today her marketinginterests are centered on the behavioural adaptation ofconsumers to digital technology and how this is changingthe dynamics of brand and consumer interaction. Sheunderstands the importance of measurement as an integralpart of business strategy and drives all aspects of onlinerelationship management for her clients.Follow me on Twitter @mylifescapeEmail me at Wronski  managing director at FusewareIs a technologist, digital consultant and MD of Fuseware - acompany specializing in social media monitoring and analysis.Holding an honours degree in engineering, Mike’s experienceinvolves working with corporate brands on various digitalprojects and online measurement. Mike is highly passionateabout the use of technology for driving business innovationand productivity, and sees social media as a fundamental shiftin the way people and brands communicate.Follow me on Twitter @mikewronskiEmail me at mike@fusware.netwritten and compiled by:TOP FREE Social Media Tools Report 201322Page
  21. 21. Thank youIf you would like to talk to us furtherabout strategy, community management,online reputation or just to share ideas tomake better business decisions, pleasefeel free to contact us:Mike FusewareFuseware offers social media monitoringand analytics services that provide real-time consumer insight and feedbackthat can be utilized in marketing, publicrelations, product development, marketresearch and business strategy.Fuseware also provides comprehensivesocial media reports, detailing audiencedemographics, conversations and theinfluencers behind social media contentfor South Africa’s best brands.About Global MouseGlobal Mouse is an integrated fullservice communications agency anddelivers full brand strategy and creativesolutions to our clients, creatingexceptional experiences between brandsand consumers. Global Mouse tellsstories that create memorable brandexperiences. Getting the basics right isthe foundation for true integration andcreativity. We love what we do and wecan do it for you.Open ResearchThis independent Social Media Toolsreport was 100% funded by Fusewareand Global Mouse. As a collaborationwe publish data, analysis and insightsinto digital marketing, media andmonitoring. This report is publishedunder the principle of Open Researchand is intended to advance the industryat no cost. This report is intended foryou to read, utilize, and share withothers; if you do so, please provideattribution to Fuseware andGlobal Mouse.DisclaimerAlthough the information and data used in this report have been produced and processed from sources believed to be reliable, no warranty expressed or implied is made regarding the completeness, accuracy, adequacy or use of theinformation. The authors and contributors of the information shall have no liability for errors or omissions contained herein or for interpretations thereof. Reference herein to any specific product or vendor by trade name, trademark orotherwise does not constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation or favoring by the authors or contributors and shall not be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes. The opinions expressed herein are subject tochange without notice.