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Proposed Devolution Model for District Committee's

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  1. 1. Devolution Huddersfield District Committee
  2. 2. A new way of working • Kirklees Council has to change the way it delivers services to respond to reductions in public spending. This means:- – Individuals and communities are supported to do more to help themselves. – District Committees working with partners and the community to make the most of the resources that are available locally. – Resources and services are aligned to respond to local needs.
  3. 3. Current position
  4. 4. From April 2015 – a new role for District Committees • Enhanced role in influencing council wide planning • Enhanced community engagement and involvement • Making recommendations to Cabinet on prioritising services and assets in their district • Influencing how services and resources are better aligned to local needs
  5. 5. Proposed approach Three tiers of devolution Consultation Prioritisation Influence delivery
  6. 6. District Assessment - consider all these things and propose how services are structured Services Councillor knowledge Ward plans Community intelligence Community capacity and skills Assets District Plan – Plan of Place Underpinned by Councillor led community engagement and Council strategies
  7. 7. Financial Resources • Existing District Committee revenue budget. Committee decides how this will be spent • 10% of New Homes Bonus. Proposals to cabinet
  8. 8. Working at a local level • Opportunities to work flexibly i.e. across ward boundaries and create new partnerships. • Piloting approaches to new ways of working
  9. 9. Next Steps • Consultation on proposals - October to December 2014 • Council to consider the outcome of the consultation and agree a way forward - December 2014 • Council agree budget - February 2015 • District Committees presented with information to provide the basis for the Plan of Place - March 2015 onwards • District Committees begin process of influencing service delivery - May 2015 • District Committees to present Plan of Place to Cabinet - Summer 2015
  10. 10. Consultation Questions • What do you think about the devolution approach that is being proposed? • What do you see as: – The opportunities of the proposed approach? – The challenges and how they might be overcome?