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Brief information about IA prototyping tool.

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  1. 1. Information Architecture Prototyping Tool What? Why? When? No more invisible design process Works well when workshop with clients IA design tends to be judged only by finished dealing with: site structure documents. But without knowing - High level IA brainstorming the background of requirements, itʼs not easy - Content classification to understand the design ideas. With Site-it!, it - UX flow discussion. become easier to bring your project members into discussion and it leads to good Who? understandings. Site-it!™ is a set of stickies on Every project member, especially which 7 types of web page Keep discussion from getting into too - Information Architect template are printed. specific - User Experience Designer This 7 types were carefully As typical page templates are printed - Interaction Designer extracted, practicing card sorting so beforehand, Site-it! enables people to stay that it could express most of typical focus on IA and UX flow without web pages. misunderstanding. Concent, Inc. | Tokyo Japan
  2. 2. 7 types of web page template Sample Portal Type Top/Category Top List Type List List w/ Thumbnail Thumbnail Article Type Text Text w/ Picture How to get Site-it! ? Site-it! is not sold yet in retail store /online store. Please contact us and then we will tell you how to get it. Interactive Type Concent, Inc. ( Form Tokyo, Japan