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Subversion Clients for the Mac - svnX

Part of a demo and discussion of various client applications/interfaces for subversion, a centralized version control system.

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Subversion Clients for the Mac - svnX

  1. 1. Subversion Clients for the Mac - svnX Ben MacNeill
  2. 2. You need a Repository • If you are using a subversion desktop client, this is probably someone else's problem • I'm using • Commercial options: (both offer basic free plans) • •
  3. 3. Mac Subversion Clients • Versions - • Cornerstone - • svnX - en/community/subversion/svnx/features/
  4. 4. svnX • Was the only one for a long time • Free • Mac OS X 10.4 + • Just google quot;svnxquot; it's the top hit
  5. 5. Add a Repository • Open the Repositories windows • Add a new location (click the + button) • Give a name, add the path
  6. 6. Check out a Working Copy • Open a repository list window • select the repository you want to check out • click quot;svn checkoutquot; and pick a local destination • svnX creates a reference in the Working Copies window
  7. 7. Make a change in your Working Copy • Make a change and save it • Open your Working Copies list • Select the working copy you edited • See what's different • View the diff in Textmate
  8. 8. Other basic actions • adding a file • removing a file
  9. 9. Committing • Committing adds your local changes back to the shared repository • Select the files you want to commit • add a message • click quot;commitquot;
  10. 10. That's all! Now you are working with a safety net.