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关键经济领域 – 旅游 NKEAs – Tourism

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关键经济领域 – 旅游 NKEAs – Tourism

  1. 1. < Insert your preferred National Key Economic Area picture / photos > Tourism Dr Sarinder Kumari Director, NKEA Tourism
  2. 2. NKEA Overview Incremental GNI (2020) RM billion Oil, Gas & Energy 131 Palm Oil & Rubber 125 Financial Services 121 Wholesale & Retail 108 Tourism 67 Business Services 59 E&E 53 CCI 36 Healthcare 35 Education 34 Agriculture 29 Greater KL/KV 1 392 1 Other NKEA GNI impact that directly contributes to Greater KL/KV’s GNI 1
  3. 3. Tourism is projected to be the 5th highestcontributing sector in MalaysiaThe AMBITION: To grow the sector 3x by2020 Inbound tourism receipts (2004-10) Receipts (RM Bn) 100.0 +12% 53.3 56.5 46.1 49.6 50.0 36.3 29.7 32.0 0.0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Tourism with Gross National Income of RM37.4 billion in 2011 2
  4. 4. Key strategic focus on enhancing yield per visitor Tourist 3x 168 53 receipts (RM Billion) RM1 billon / week RM3 billion / week # arrivals 1.5x 36 24 (Million) Spend / YIELD 2x 4,675 arrival 2,260 (RM) Global #13 Top 10 ranking In receipts In receipts 2009 2020 3
  5. 5. To achieve this growth ambition, we identified12 high impact projects across 5 themes 3x growth by 2020 Events, Affordable Luxury Nature Family Business Entertainment (i.e. shopping) adventure Fun Tourism and Spa & Sports 1• Duty free for wider 4• Malaysia as the 5• 1 new large 7• Target more 10 Establish Malaysia • range of goods preeminent mega Integrated Resort international as a leading bio-diversity hub events Business Tourism – rainforest & marine destination 2• BB-KLCC as discovery 6• Straits Riviera: 8• Establish dedicated premier shopping centres Increase entertainment district competitiveness in zones – enhanced live high-end cruise + 3• 3 new premium bio-diversity urban outlets sites redevelopment of 9• Spa & Sports (golf, angling) port landing area 11 Connectivity (greater focus on medium connectivity to support growth) 12 Hotels (ensuring adequate supply with better mix, better rates) Enablers (Marketing, Visa, Funding, Human Capital, Tourism Environment) 4
  6. 6. EPP 1 – Positioning Malaysia as a Duty Free Shopping Destination GNI Jobs Funding RM0.0Bn RM7.8Bn 64k jobs (0% public) • Budget 2011 announced abolishment of duties for 328 Case for change: Import Duty items • Malaysia has lower shopping spend Abolishment per visitor • Ministry of Tourism (Shopping • Driven by higher prices and limited Secretariat) to enhance consumer selection of goods awareness on duty free items • Shopping identified as key lever to raise yields RM per visitor 1,311 988 631 • Quarterly tracking of tourist Malaysia Singapore Hong Shopping spend is being carried out by Shopping as Kong Inshare of total Tourism Malaysia receipts 28% 35% 57% Spend progress (2009) • Percentage shopping spend for 2011 recorded 30% (Target:29%) Target: • Increase shopping spend to 35% of projected spend by 2020 Tourist Shopping Spend in Malaysia (RM) 1,636 631 2009 2020 Shopping asshare of total receipts 28% 35% Note : Data from Boston Consulting Group 5
  7. 7. EPP 2 - Bukit Bintang-Kuala Lumpur City Centre Shopping Precinct GNI Jobs Funding • BB-KLCC Tourism Association set up with Establishment of 30 members to date. RM50m RM1.2Bn 14k jobs (100% public) the BB-KLCC • Members comprise both private and Tourism public sector representatives, with theCase for change: Secretary General of Ministry of Tourism • Poor pedestrian connectivity limiting Association as the advisor. tourist flows within BB-KLCC area • Strict regulations (e.g. advertising boards and restricted operating hours) limit the vibrancy of this district Covered • 1.35km of covered walkways to inter- • As a result the retail revenue for this area is connect destinations between KLCC and not optimal compared to other regional districts Walkway Berjaya Times Square.Target: • Raise retail revenue per square feet from RM950 to RM3,028 by 2020 Promotion of the • Calendar of Events drawn up to coordinate RM Per Sq Feet Per Annum BB-KLCC activities amongst all building owners Shopping • Joint promotional activities targeted In especially for regional markets progress 2009 2020 Precinct 6
  8. 8. EPP 3 – Establishing Premium Outlets in Malaysia GNI Jobs Funding • Johor Premium Outlets was RM0.9Bn 1.5k jobs RM0.4Bn Establishment of officiated on 11 Dec 2011 by YAB (0% public) Johor Premium Prime Minister of Malaysia. Phase Case for change: Outlets I consists of 80 outlets (Phase II • Currently no premium outlets in will feature 60 outlets) South East Asia • Potential for Malaysia to take the lead ahead of its nearest Progress of Outlet • Sepang Outlets: Target to identify competitors In Center in Sepang investors by December 2012. progress Target: • Establish 3 outlets by 2020 – Iskandar Malaysia (to cater to tourist arrivals into Iskandar) New Premium • Facilitate investors to set up outlet – Sepang (to cater for transit Outlets centers in Malaysia In progress passengers, Klang Valley visitors) – Penang (to cater to tourist arrivals in the North) Penang Sepang Launching of Johor Premium Outlets by Iskandar YAB Prime Minister 7
  9. 9. EPP 4 – Establishing Malaysia as a Global Biodiversity Hub GNI Jobs Funding • Board chaired by the Secretaries General RM1.5Bn 3k jobs RM0.9Bn MMBH of the Ministry of Natural Resources and (33% public) Interim Environment and the Ministry of Tourism Board with members from the public and private Case for change: sectors including NGOs has been set up. • Malaysia has ranked 12th in biodiversity index1 • High potential to increase tourism receipts Rainforest given Malaysia’s Unique biodiversity offering • Feasibility Study on the proposed RDC has Discovery been completed. Steps are being In Progress Price difference between packages in Malaysia Center (RDC) undertaken towards implementation. vs. Galapagos and add-on inclusions RM 10,000 +51% 9,280 • Aquaria KLCC has been identified as the 5,000 4,080 Marine MDC. In Progress Discovery • Additional Rainforest and Bio Diversity 0 Center Display at new Renovated Extension of Mabul Galapagos (MDC) Aquaria KLCC being set up with expected • Currently faces negative perception on completion by September 2012. conservation and in danger of losing its biodiversity if actions not taken. Target: Establishing Malaysia as one of the worlds premium ecotourism destination • Promotions and marketing of iconic sites/ species 1Based on Malaysia – Second National Communication Report to UNFCCC 8
  10. 10. EPP 4 – Establishing Malaysia as a Global Biodiversity Hub • 100% completion for the following live sites: • Mulu Park – New 1 km Botanical Boardwalk • Tioman – 2 New Pontoons and existing Facilities upgraded for Live Site Upgrades wheelchair access In Progress • Royal Belum – 14 new floating jetties for key sites • Taman Negara, Kinabalu Park & Kuala Gandah site upgrades are ongoing Mulu Royal Belum Kinabalu Park K. Gandah Taman Negara Tioman RDC Marine Sites Completed Terrestrial Sites In Progress Johor MDC 9
  11. 11. EPP 5 – Developing an Eco-Nature Integrated Resort in Sabah GNI Jobs Funding RM0.7Bn 11k jobs RM6.7Bn • New RM4.9 Million Restaurant is (7% public) now operationalCase for change: Construction • The Resort Residences have been • Strong demand from target IR markets Progress approved for development and (i.e. Indonesia, China, India) construction will commence by • However, our competitors have taken mid 2012 the lead in tapping into this demand – Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines • Approval process ongoing forTarget: development and building plans • 1 new IR development in Kota Kinabalu for construction In based on the eco-nature concept Project progress • Initial implementation will focus – Green showpiece Implementation on golf and waterfront – River & Rainforest Safari development, and resort and – Nature lodges beachfront residences – Discovery Cove – Mangrove Centre – Branded Theme Park 10
  12. 12. EPP 6 – Creating a Straits Riviera • “Formulation of a Cruise & Ferry GNI Jobs Funding Integrated Seaport Infrastructure RM1.8Bn 9.7k jobs RM2.7Bn Blueprint for Malaysia” has been (11% public) Cruise completedCase for change Infrastructure • The Blueprint evaluated the Blueprint impediments and also the suitability of • The cruise market is growing twice as the existing infrastructure to make fast as overall tourism Malaysia an international Cruise • However, Malaysia has not capitalized Destination on this: – Only 1 out of 4 stops by Carnival Cruise (a major global cruise • Kota Kinabalu – Currently being operator) involves Malaysia developed by Suria CapitalTarget: Primary Port • Penang – Land issues are being In progress • Grow cruise passenger throughput by Developments addressed more than 3x by 2020 • Klang – To address accessibility and port facilities Cruise passages going through Malaysia, but not stopping in Malaysia Shanghai UK Italy & France Hong Kong MiamiHawaii Dubai Cochin Singapore Mexico Sydney 11
  13. 13. EPP 7 – Targeting More International Events GNI Jobs Funding Securing of • Government has provided a subvention fund RM0.4Bn 8k jobs RM0.5Bn (100% public) International to help secure and bid for international events. Events by the • To date, 10 events have been secured forCase for change: International 2011-2013 (targeting 70,000 spectators and • Malaysia, as compared to its spend of RM 67.5 million). Events Unit (IEU) neighbouring countries is not a major destination for major events. Most events held are small scaled. • Steps underway to streamline processes, No. of Events hosted in 2010 Guidelines for provide more clarity and enhance the International Guidelines for Foreign Artistes by the Central Malaysia Singapore Australia Events Agency for Application for Filming and In 95 234 742 Performance by Foreign Artiste (PUSPAL) progress • Stringent requirements on international performances • With repackaging efforts via clustering, results were as follows:Target: • Number of spectators - • Increase number of international events Repackaging of • F1 2012 : 119,960 (14% increase from and foreign visitors to these events F1 & MotoGP 2011) Total Spectators of Malaysia Events (‘000) • MotoGP 2011: 67,112 (8% increase from 242 2010) 3.5x +514k Foreign 70 929 Local 587 2009 2020 %Foreign 11% 21% spectators 12
  14. 14. EPP 8 – Establishing Dedicated Entertainment Zones GNI Jobs Funding RM0.3Bn • Zouk Club established as a DEZ in RM0.7Bn 5.6k jobs (0% public) Kuala Lumpur with an increase in Designation of patron numbers of 22% in 2011Case for change: compared to 2010 DEZ • Stringent regulations for the entertainment industry and in the • Several venues in Gentings have operation of nightspots: been designated as DEZs in 2012 – Restricted operating hours – Restrictions on international artistes • Due to overzealous moral policing, there are significant obstacles and Further • Efforts underway with Local challenges faced Identification of Authorities to identify suitable suitable locations in Selangor, Pahang andTarget: locations for DEZ Kota Kinabalu. In Progress • Double the number of patrons in entertainment zones # Annual Visitors (Mil People) 10.7 2.2 5.1 +5.7 8.5 2009 2020 New zone Existing zones 13
  15. 15. EPP 9a – Developing and Regulating the Local Spa Industry • National Spa Council set up with GNI Jobs Establish representatives from both public and private sectors and chaired by the Secretary General RM0.4Bn 3.5k jobs National Spa of the Ministry of Tourism Council • To date, 142 spas in Malaysia have been rated with 65 spas given 4 to 5-star ratingCase for change: • Spa Industry has experienced high growth in last 5 years • Ministry of Tourism is currently working with • However, shortage of local Intake of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) to get skilled workers and training foreign MOHA’s endorsement on initiatives aimed at In progressively reducing the dependency on progress facilities to create talent pool therapists foreign spa therapists in Malaysia. • Spa Industry is currently unregulated • 2 Centers of Excellence (COEs) have been Establish- established to train and develop localTarget therapists • Allow hiring of foreign skilled ment of In • The spa training courses are being reviewed spa therapists till 2013. Centers of to enhance the quality of training. These progress • Establish 3 Centers of Excellence Excellence courses will be jointly subsidized by the Government and prospective employers to train and develop local skilled spa therapists. • Establish the National Spa Council to regulate the spa industry 14
  16. 16. EPP 9b – Golf Tourism Formation of • MGTA was officially launched by on 15 Mar 2011 GNI Jobs Malaysia Golf • MGTA comprises representatives from both private Tourism RM0.3Bn 2k jobs and public sectors, and aims to develop and promote Association golf tourism (MGTA)Case for change: • Develop and implement initiatives and packages to • Currently sports boost number of golfers coming to Malaysia promoted only as large • 25 export ready golf courses audited in 2011. scale one-off events Nationwide Golf • 14 golf courses targeted in 2012. In progress rather than continuous Tourism Program • MGTA Member Golf Courses currently utilize the Golf push and promotion for Traveller™ software (courtesy of the International sports tourism especially Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO)) to track the number of golf tourists in Malaysia. in high yield sports e.g. golf • Malaysia held the first ever Asian Golf Tourism Convention in April 2012 attracting 200 international Promotions andTarget: specialized golf buyer / supplier delegates. marketing of Golf In • To promote Malaysia as a • Tourism Malaysia and MGTA to plan clustering events Tourism around major golf tournaments in Malaysia and progress key golf destination and promote golf overseas to enhance high end golf tourism by repackaging product offerings. 15
  17. 17. EPP 10 – Establishing Malaysia as a Leading Business Tourism Destination GNI Jobs Funding • Government approved Subvention Funding for Business Events. RM0.8Bn Provision of RM3.9Bn 16.7k jobs (100% public) Subvention • Criteria, rules and guidelines for subvention funding are available on the MalaysiaCase for change: Funding Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) In 2009, Business Tourism accounts for only 5% of website ( arrivals and 19% of receipts in Malaysia. This sector has high potential: •High tourist spend (in RM) 7,418 Bid & Secure • As of Q1 2012, MyCEB Board of Subvention Business Tourism International approved 76 events, attracting 134,368 2,250 with ~3x average Business delegates, generating RM1.1 billion since tourist spend 2011. Leisure tourist MICE Conferences •High potential for repeat visits (% of MICE visitors) 60 Business Tourism visitors bring their 25 • MyCEB has signed MoUs for 3 shell sites: spouses and ~60% • Central Market (Aug 2011) of them return as Shell Sites for In • Thean Hou Temple (Aug 2011) progress tourists With accompanying Return visit Events & • Putrajaya Maritime Center (Feb 2012) persons Functions • Efforts underway to identify more shell sites in •High ROI on Government investment (Ratio per RM invested) Malaysia (e.g. Penang, Johor) 111:1 111:1 Typical 111x return per RM investment by government Singapore ThailandTarget: • Dedicate 2 to 3 shell sites to host Business Tourism Events • Allocate adequate subvention funding through MyCEB 16
  18. 18. EPP 11 – Enhancing Connectivity GNI Jobs Funding Liberalize Air • Government has liberalized the air RM84Bn RM3.3Bn 13k jobs (1% public) Rights Allocation rights policy which removes restrictions Policy on routes for national carriers.Case for change: • Malaysia ‘s arrivals skewed towards short- haul due to connectivity gap versus peers • Medium haul segment has high yields and • Increase flight frequencies and air presents the largest tourism potential Increase rights to 6 Priority Medium Haul InTarget: Countries progress • Enhance connectivity to 10 priority cities: (Shanghai, Beijing, Mumbai, Delhi, Sydney, Connectivity to • China, India, Australia Melbourne, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Taipei) Medium Haul • South Korea, Taiwan, Japan% Arrivals mix (2009) Countries • G2G Bilateral Negotiations with 100 7 19 countries 15 36 43 78 36 38 28 0 Malaysia Singapore Thailand Long haul Medium haul Short haul 17
  19. 19. EPP 12 – Hotels GNI Jobs Funding • Incentives for refurbishment RM38.8Bn and new hotels have been RM5.5Bn 64k jobs (0% public) adjusted to encourage Incentives for investment in 4- and 5-starCase for change: building and hotels. • There is a need to improve the quality and mix of refurbishment • Incentives include eligibility of hotels to cater for the projected increase in 100 % foreign or locally-owned of hotels arrival of high yield tourists. 4- and 5-star hotels for • The low average room rates in Malaysia has also Investment Tax Allowance and created a negative cycle : Pioneer Status. Malaysia unable to Low rates Lower salaries/ compete wages • 15 hotels are being monitored for completion in 2012 Lower returns Quality staff 4- and 5-Star • These new hotels are located in & thus poached to Hotels the Klang Valley, Melaka, investments other markets Kuching, Kuantan, Ipoh, Johor In by investors Bahru and Sabah progress Service levels declineTarget: • Ensure adequate supply with better mix and quality of hotels:  15% of new hotel rooms to be of 5-star rating.  Improve quality and service levels of hotels (particularly 5-star hotels) 18
  20. 20. Thank You