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Challenging CHINA

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Challenging CHINA

  1. 1. What can one person, ever hope to achieve ? 有什么可以一个人有希望达到什么目的?
  2. 2. China’s Garden Art 中国的园林艺术 Is it at risk ? 它是受风险?
  3. 3. On the world stage ? 在世界舞台上?
  4. 4. Commercialism 商业化? Cultural forgetfulness 文化健忘 Materialism 唯物主义? Selfish Greed 自私贪婪
  5. 5. 外国人 foreigner 单独 alone 不是商业 not commercial 只是出于爱 just out of love
  6. 6. A silly foreigner, born with an insatiable appetite, for the preservation of China’s Garden Art . 一个愚蠢的外国人,天生有一种永不满足的胃口, 为中国园林艺术的保存。
  7. 7. Yes China, what right does he have thinking Chinese people might warm to him; because he says he cares about what is rightfully yours, to protect, to plunder or to preserve?
  8. 8. 是中国,什么权利他有思考 的中国人可能会喜欢他; 因为他说他在乎,什么是你 的右键,保护,掠夺或保存?
  9. 9. Yet, if I do not, who will ? 然而,如果我不这样做,谁的呢?