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  1. 1. HUNGARY
  2. 2. Localization• Hungary has two major rivers Danube and Tisza, which divide the countryinto three regions.Hungary is in the east of Austria and Slovenia and westof Romania and Ukraine, in Europe is in a central position.
  3. 3. Flight to Hungary• Hours: output Madrid on 19/10/2013 at 7:15 Flight FR8368 arrival to Budapest at10:35 with a cost of 54.99 euros. Return serious 26/10/2013 day with Hungarianairport departure at 11:05 and arriving in Madrid at 14:25 with a cost of 36.99euros.
  4. 4. Information about the visit
  5. 5. Language• Language:The Hungarian or Hungarian is a languageof the Uralic language family. It is spoken in Hungaryand in parts of Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Serbia,Croatia, Austria and Slovenia.
  6. 6. Gastronomy• Debrecen (Debrecen) sausages•Kabernossi (Debreziner ahumado)
  7. 7. • Korhelyleves (goulash soup with sauerkraut)•Pörkölt - Boneless beef broth with paprika and other spices.
  8. 8. Places of interest
  9. 9. Guided tour of Budapest (25 E)• After passing by the hotel pick you begin the tour at the Chain Bridge,from which the Pest side will travel north passing in front of St. StephensBasilica and Parliament. Cross the Danube on Margaret Bridge and reachthe Castle District.• On the hill of Buda will stop to visit the Fishermens Bastion and MatthiasChurch.• Continuing the tour will come to the top of Gellert Hill and we will stopnext to the Citadel. From this point you can admire the grandeur ofBudapest and take the best pictures.• Back on the Pest side, pass the Central Market, the National Museum, theEast Station, the Puskás Stadium and reach the Heroes Square in the citypark. After a walk through the square continue along Andrássy Avenue,pass by the Opera House and back to the center, where the tour ends.
  10. 10. • Parliament Budapest
  11. 11. • Fishermens Bastion
  12. 12. • Budapest view from the Citadel
  13. 13. • Heroes Square
  14. 14. General Information• languageThe Magyars, the official Hungarian language is one of the Finno-Ugriclanguages written in Roman characters and languages influenced​​ ​​by Turkish, Slavic, German, Latin and French. Many inhabitants alsospeak German, English, and since World War II, many understandRussian.• religionHungary is traditionally a Catholic country with a minority professingProtestantism. About two thirds of the population is Catholic andnearly a quarter are Protestant mainstream Protestantdenominations are Calvinist Hungarian Reformed Church and theLutheran Church in Hungary. In 1991, the Jewish communitynumbered approximately 100,000 members.• currencyThe currency is the forint (which is divided into 100 fillér; 112.34 forintsamounted to U.S. $ 1 in 1995).
  15. 15. • Geographical LocationRepublic located in Central Europe, bordered on the north by Slovakia to thenortheast with Ukraine, to the east with Romania, to the south by Serbia(part of the Federation of Serbia and Montenegro), Croatia and Slovenia,and to the west by Austria.Major CitiesBudapest is the largest city, with a population of 1,992,343 inhabitants(estimate for 1993), is the capital and also the cultural and economic centerof the country. Among his numerous industries, notably shipbuilding andmetalworking. Other large cities (with population estimated for 1991) are:Debrecen (215.032 inhabitants), the commercial center of a largeagricultural region; Miskolc (193 194 inhabitants), where we find iron andsteel industries, and other metallurgical sector, Szeged (176 907inhabitants), an embarkation center for agricultural products of the GreatHungarian Plain, also known for its chemical and synthetic fabrics, andPécs (170 283 inhabitants) has small manufacturing industries.
  16. 16. Planning
  17. 17. • Five days accommodation will be made at the hotel TrendyDeluxe Apartments.• The guided tour will take place in four days.1. The first day of Budapest parliament visit.(Km:7km)2. The second day we visit the Fishermens Bastion.(Km:4,5km)3. The third day excursion to the square of heroes.(8km)4. And the fourth, and last, we have the pleasure of enjoying the sights ofBudapest from the Citadel.5. The rest of the money will be spent on entertainment last day.
  18. 18. HOTEL• Trendy Deluxe Apartments• 2 rooms (2 peoples)• 5 Days
  19. 19. Location.
  20. 20. Interior of the hotel and its fantasticviews.
  21. 21. This was our visit to Hungary, has been veryimpressive.