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  1. 1. POLAND
  2. 2. LANGUAGEThe Polish language is a West Slavic languagegroup spoken mostly in Poland. It is writtenwith the Latin alphabet, with great use ofdigraphs and diacritics signs extras.
  3. 3. TYPICAL CUISINEPierogi(empanadilla con carne y verdura)
  4. 4. Zurek
  5. 5. Kartczy
  6. 6. CURRENCYThe Polish currency is called ZLOTY, meaning"gold". Their abbreviations are PLN bank.1 zloty equals 100 grosz (cents zloty).The coins are divided into: 1, 2 and 5 zloty and1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 groszyand banknotes: 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 zloty.The zloty bills are flagged for the blind in theleft below as follows:
  7. 7. 10 zloty - square20 zloty - Circle50 zloty - Rhombus100 zloty - cross200 zloty - triangle
  8. 8. RELIGIONPoland has no official religion, but the majority of thepopulation belongs to the Roman Catholic Church.Approximately more than 90% of Poles are RomanCatholics. Yet 58% of the total population activelypractice their religious beliefs. The rest of thepopulation belongs to the Orthodox Church (about509,500) are Catholic Greeks (123,000), JehovahsWitnesses (about 122 757) and are Lutherans-Augsburg (approximately
  9. 9. 87,300). Other Christian denominationsinclude Baptists, Church of Christ, the OldCatholic Church of the Mariavites, theMethodists, the New Apostolic Church,Pentecostals, Polish Catholics, Lutherans andReformed Seventh-day Adventists. There areabout 5,200 members of the Muslim ReligiousUnion and approximately 5,100 Hare Krishnas.Over 60% of Poles go to church regularly.
  10. 10. In the country the four branches of Catholicism areArmenian, Byzantine-Ukrainian neo-Uniate andRoman Catholics. Roman Catholics represent themajority and in 1998 exceeded 25 million(approximately 28,000 parishes and 9,990 priests). InPoland there are 138 registered churches andspiritual associations. Pope John Paul II was Polish, sothe influence of Catholicism and its popularity shouldnot be surprising. It is a fact that the
  11. 11. Catholic Church has been politically importantin the history of Poland. Some Poles foundrefuge in churches during the years ofcommunist government repression. Althoughpredominantly Roman Catholic Poland is theabode of other spiritual groups such as RussianOrthodox and Protestant respective
  12. 12. The flag of Poland is made of two horizontal stripes ofequal size. The top stripe is white and the lower red.It has a 5:8 proportions.There is a version with the national emblem, the flagState, which is used abroad as diplomatic flag and isalso the flag of the merchant marine.The colors of the flag of Poland come from nationalemblem: the white represents the White Eagle andthe red color of the field of the shield. Its origins dateback to the
  13. 13. thirteenth century, when the white eagle wasset on a red surface by the princes of the Piastdynasty. The white and red are two of the pan-Slavic colors began to appear on shields,banners and cavalry scripts, going to appear inthe military flags.Recovered independence is officially flag ofPoland from August 1, 1919
  14. 14. Geographical LocationPoland is in the center of the Europeancontinent. Poland, officially the Republic ofPoland, is a country in Central Europe,Which borders the northern Baltic Sea andRussia, on the east by Lithuania, Belarusand Ukraine; on the south by the CzechRepublic and Slovakia, and to the west byGermany. Poland occupies the 9th place inEurope.
  15. 15. Summary of Your TripPrice of Tickets: € 313.83MarchFriday, 31-May-13Malaga (AGP) 09:10Varsovia (WAW) 19:05Company: LOT polish airlinesReturnSaturday, 8-Jun-13Varsovia (WAW) 19:45Málaga (AGP) 12:35Company: Swiss international airlines
  16. 16. Information about the bus•Price: 400€BUS ESTANDAR location: 14011 Córdoba Antiquity: 9 yearsNumber of Seats: 55 seatsFeatures: Trip Features:March :Leave: Baena                             Arrive: Aeropuerto de Málaga Leave time: 5:00                        Arrive time: 7:30 Return :Leave: Málaga                          Arrive: BaenaLeave time: 14:00                     Arrive time: 16:30 Company: Aucorsa  Daily price per person:0,90€ (including gasoline)
  18. 18. First day• At 9:10 we left the Malaga airport and arrivedat the airport varsovia at 19:05• We arrived at the hotel and the rest of the day
  19. 19. SECOND DAY• sandy beaches located on the coast of theBaltic Sea
  20. 20. third dayCZESTOCHOWA• Among the picturesque lies Czestochowa Jurassicrocks of Krakow-Czestochowa Upland, topped withthe ruins of medieval castles. But for the majority ofPoles, Czestochowa is Associated With The JasnaGora Monastery and the icon of the Black Madonna,credited With many miracles. The sanctuary isfamous as one of the worlds greatest places ofpilgrimage, but its imposing architecture Also luresmany tourists
  21. 21. fourth dayMalbork• The Teutonic Order was founded around the year1190 in Palestine to crusade against the Muslims andpagans. In the early 14th century the TeutonicKnights Their Capital moved from Venice to Malborkon the Nogat River, que is now in northern Poland.The most significant trace of the Their Presence inthe town is the imposing red brick castle from 1274on the river bank, and it is the largest Gothic fortressin Europe.
  22. 22. fifth dayOswiecim• The modest provincial town of Oswiecim isbetter Known by its German name"Auschwitz", and was witness to an enormousevil Caused by humankind. Around 1.5 millionpeople perished in the largest Naziextermination camp of the Second WorldWar. A gruesome exposition in the formercamp makes the visitors rethink Their basichuman values, humanity and dignity: such as.
  23. 23. sixth dayLOS TATRA• It is the highest mountain in the Alps and theCaucasus. Its peaks, always covered with snow, itssteep slopes, picturesque valleys and numerouslagoons, these are all factors that create the uniquecharm of this site. Varied ski routes attract fans tothe sport, while lovers of mountain hiking trailsavailable which together have about 250 km. Wealso recommend a visit to Zakopane, Podhalestourist capital, where still alive mountain folklore.
  24. 24. seventh dayVARSOVIA• After WWII the capital has been virtually completelyrebuilt. In the center of Warsaw have built manyskyscrapers and other construction plans, but thePalace of Culture and Science, the memory of Stalinstime, the building still stands out from thearchitectural point of view. In this modern city canalso make a trip to the past, visiting the Old Town,the Royal Route, the Chopin Museum, some oldpalaces and the old Jewish ghetto
  25. 25. Eight day• the last day we left the airport in Warsaw andcame to Malaga and the bus picks us up andtakes us to Baena